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Showing posts with label Candidate Experiance. Show all posts

Sunday, February 4, 2018

============= UST Global Interview Samples ===============

Image result for UST Global• Technical Interview : C++, C (Basics, Codes and definations), Java (Recent technologies used by companies), Data Structures, Operating Systems

• HR Interview

Thursday, August 3, 2017

#Terralogic Placement Papers & Patterns : Must follow

Total 4 Rounds. 
Technical Discussion

Aptitude- 60 questions - 60 mins (C,Linux,Numbers,profit n loss,work time distance etc..)

Programming- Total 5 programs (C,Perl,Java,Python) - First one is compulsory and have to pick any two from 2-5.

Suggestion- Correctly write the first program.It is very very important.(no execution, only pen n paper)

Interview Questions
-Merge sort
-file write-exit
-2nd largest number in array without sorting
-string related programs

Monday, July 17, 2017

#IBM Test Pattern for the Year 2016-17

1) First Round -Online Test

The IBM test First round duration is for 36 minutes with the questions split into 2 sections

a) Number Series -18 questions and 2.15 minutes for each question.
b) Quantitative Ability -18 questions and 2.15 minutes for each question.

2) Second Round -Online Test

The IBM test Second round duration is for 20 minutes with the questions split into 1 section

a) Verbal Ability- 22 questions in 20 minutes

3) Third Round –Group Discussion

4) Fourth Round –Technical and HR Round

1) Quantitative Aptitude

-Time and work
-Time and distance
-Ratio and Proportion
-Permutation and Combination
-Profit &Loss
-Simple &Compound Interest
2) English Comprehensive

-Active voice and Passive voice(3 -4)
-Email writing rules, Business Emails, Business Letters (concentrate on Salutations) , Memos
-Usage of Punctuations (3-4mainly on Semicolon, Colon, Coma)
-Grammatically Correct usages (1-2 )

Saturday, April 22, 2017

#Mindtree_Placement_papers through eLitmus

#MindTree Placement papers : Conducted through eLitmus.

Shared by placed guy..
#Capgemini interview experience.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Image result for Cast SoftwareCast_Software Placement Papers

Monday, March 27, 2017

This is in regard of my today's interview experience in Vmoksha Technologies for Embedded Trainee profile @HSR Layout, Agara, Bengaluru

This recruitment drive was purely for Embedded Systems domain, which was CLEARLY mentioned in d job postings. Despite of which many candidates came to attend just by seeing 3 keywords in JD, namely #Java #C #C++; ignoring other important skill requirements. Even d recruiter told us very clearly that they must have read the JD carefully n then shown up there, as a result, he told them to LEAVE...They were really frustrated at this. But whom to blame??? So, it's my suggestion to fellow job seekers out there that please read d JD seriously, understand it, then decide whether your capable enough to go or not...because by doing so lame thing u r wasting your precious time only & then afterwards badmouthing about the company saying "They should mention it clearly..etc...etc...etc.."

Now, coming to some important points about this company. Please read it carefully, so that from next time no fresher will b in dilemma just like me, as I was today.

(1). The reporting time was 10:00 AM. After 10:30, they won't allow any one. So always be on time, they're not gonna listen to any of your excuses.
(2). There will be Three rounds, namely :

  • Online written Test of Embedded Technical, 
  • F2F Technical interview, 
  • System programming

(3). They've very strict T&Cs which they'll announce before starting #first round. Once u agree on their T&Cs and attend at-least 1st round, you can't quit in between before completion of all rounds, neither you can reject their offer if u are selected. Failing in which, otherwise, they'll take strict actions against u.
(4). During your system programming round, you've to fill all your necessary details in their database which is directly connected to the #NASSCOM, which means your details will b registered with NASSCOM & your #selection, #rejection or, #blacklisted (in case u r selected but u won't join) status of the interview will b reflected there.
(5). There's a bond period for 2 years which will b legal bond through jurisdiction & u can only break the bond if u go to court to file a case.
(6). Training duration will be of #6 months during which they will assign you to live projects right from day 1, most probably with the #IOT team & will pay u a stipend of #Rs5000/month. After training your employment will b made permanent based on your assessments & performance during training. Salary will b hiked to #Rs1.8 lacs/annum, based on your rating on a scale of 5.
(7). They'll keep your #original documents for 1 year (or may be 2, as I won't exactly remember the same).
After all this sh*t, they'll tell u to take 10 mins time to think n discuss with your friends, family & well-wishers, before starting round 1. If not interested, then they can leave before round 1. So guys n girls who are aspiring to make a career in Embedded Systems domain, plz understand these things about this company & then go for interview.
This is one of the worst & most strictly limited T&Cs I've ever heard from a start-up company. For more info, refer to Google & Glassdoor reviews.

Thanx for reading such a long post but I felt it important to convey, as many people tend to take wrong decisions in such scenarios. So think wisely before u act...

Best of luck

Thursday, March 23, 2017

#Aptean_Placement papers and Patterns : Must follow | Shared by placed guy

Interview Details – I applied trough Freshersworld, Initial rounds were in a college.

Total Number of Rounds = 5

Round 1: Aptitude You have to be quick, online exam for 22 mins and 50 questions to be solved.

Round 2: Technical Written 24 questions to be done in 90 mins. Those 24 questions covers almost of 12 core subjects of Computers.

Round 3: Tech F2F (almost after 1 month) @ Company office. Since the profile is for Testing(QA) all the stuff related to testing was asked. Prefer indiabix.com for preparation.

Round 4: Techno-Managerial F2F Same as the previous round but in depth. Cover your basics well and be good on them.

Round 5: HR Completely HR, no tech at all, positive and confident attitude will make you in.

Interview Question :-

Round 1: Not that tough yet time is gold in this round. 640 members wrote only 180+ cleared.

Round 2: OS, CN, DBMS, Threading, C & Java code snippets, DAA, Algorithms, Data Structures, Expecting outputs and error of some code or algorithms. After a 8 days they announced results and the website only 59 members cleared.

Round 3: Be careful with what you mention on resume, first they will ask all about ur resume, acads, projects, achievements. Then testing questions comes, blackbox, whitebox, models, methods, CMMI levels, diif tools. Be confident and tell what ever you know related to questions.

Round 4: Try to impress, be confident, show them you got some stuff in you, and convey what ever you know, good positive attitude.

Round 5: Be cool and positive and talk to them confidently.
Shared by another placed guys.

Interview Details – 

1st round: #online aptitude - was very easy, basic questions on percentage and general arithmatic. Had verbal and loigcal questions. 22 mins 50 questions answered all. cleared

2nd round: technical written, 24 questions, one and a half hour. Had code snippets, data structures questions on queue, stack, bfs, dfs, tree traversal, binary search, quicksort. waiting for the results!

Interview Question – technical round had one question on cache memory.
Shared by another placed Guys

Interview Details – There are five rounds..

1-Online Aptitude - There are average aptitude question but you need to be quick because time is less.
There are 45- 50 question and time is 30 min.

2-Written Technical - There are 24 question in this round and time for this round is 1 hour 30 min. Average question from O.S., Database and networking ,all details about the question is already there you only have to calculate the answer(No need of much more Knowledge on these subject).

3-Technical Interview - In this round they will ask from c, java and other basic subjects and this round will be little tough and time duration for this round is 1 hour and 30 min.

4-Techno-Managerial Interview - In this round they will ask about you and give you a single program to make in any language and ask you for improving it. Time duration for this round is about 1 hour.

5-HR Interview - positive attitude is enough to clear this round.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

#IBM interview experience 

Date - 24th Jan ( First round ) 

4th Feb TR+HR Bangalore location

It was a referral drive

First round was on 24th Jan at Jain university 

My batch timing was 11 am

But due to management problem I could give my test at 5 pm

There were 4 sections in first round 
1. Number series ( 18 questions 2.15 min for each question) 
Just go through previous question papers and m4maths
Try to solve in mind as much as you can bcoz we have only 2.15 min for each question

2. Aptitude ( 18 questions 2.15 min for each question) 
Focus on following topics
Profit n loss
Ratio and proportion
Pipes and cistern
Problems on ages , train
Time and distance
Time and work
First go through previous question papers and try to solve it
Solve all aptitude section from CraackMNC and go through indiabix to understand concepts of other topics

3. English assessment test 
It was the easiest section in first round
All questions were repeated except few questions
Go through previous question papers and verify each and every question on Internet

4. Java coding 
Only one program we have to do in 45 min
It was a easy one
For reference go through Bjs material
Mine was to convert in lower case
After that I got the first round result on 31st Jan. Few got on that day itself.

I went on 4th Feb for second round ( TR + HR ) at Manyata tech park

There were 5 panel to take our interview 
If you can clear first round then easily you can clear HR too
Just speak with confidence and don't lie ( if you want to lie then speak it confidently. Don't take a pause while speaking )

Mention only those things in resume which you know perfectly
HR was very good, friendly, experience person and smart also
Me : May I come in sir ?
HR : Yes, Come in
Me : Good morning sir
HR : Good afternoon
Me : I repeated, it's morning sir
He checked my resume
HR : so you are basically from Maharashtra, then why do you came here ?
Me : told
HR : Cross questions on my previous answer
Me : told
HR : Do you know Mr. ___ , he is working in the IBM
Me : no sir, I don't know him
HR : asked me about my project
Me : told
HR : 7-8 more questions on project
( like who was the main in project ?, who choose this project, working, who was the external ?, from which college he came, his name ? )
Me : told
HR : What do know about IBM ?
Me : While telling the answer he stopped me in the middle and asked some cross questions
( he wanted to check whether I know the correct info or not )
HR : so you bi hearted this answer
Me : no sir ( somehow I managed that answer )
HR : What you will do in the IBM ?
Me : told
HR : cross question on my previous answer
Me : told
HR : In which area do you want to work in technical field ?
Me : told
HR : Cross question on previous answer
Me : told
HR : how do you feel when you will enter in the IBM at first day ? How do you control that emotions ? What you will do on that day ?
Me : told
HR : What do you like to do ?
Me : told, I like to write poems
( As I had mentioned in my resume in a hobby section )
HR : In which language
Me : Marathi, Hindi
HR : He asked me to say one poem which I wrote
Me : told
HR : Do you have any question?
Me : I asked a question
( always ask a question if they give a change to ask )
HR : told me the answer
HR : ok you can go now
Me : thank you sir, nice to meet you, have a nice day ( with smile )

And finally yesterday I got offer later

Thanks to all CrackMNC team

Thank you soooo much for your efforts Divas Nikhra and all other admins and CrackMNC members who are really doing great work

I hope this info will be helpful to you all in your preparation

Saturday, March 4, 2017

SnapWiz interview experience

The first round was an online assessment on "glider.ai"
Problems: a person is standing at his home and he has to go to two shops s1 and s2, distance from home to s1, home to s2 and s1 to s2 is given. find out the minimum distance that person has to travel to get items from both shops and return home.

The second round was an on-paper exam where I wrote the program of anagram and arithmetic progression which was shared earlier in this group by someone(thanks embedded).

The third round was face to face technical. I was nervous as I was sure that I will not be hired. Negative things were clouding my mind and I wasn't even able to answer any question correctly, still, I don't know why but he gave me a chance.
1. find all a,b,c,d<1000 where a^3+b^3=c^3+d^3
2. sort array[2,5,98,67,45,86,32] to [2,32,86,98,5,45,67] even sorted first odd afterwards
3. You have array [3,5,11,43,32] shift it 2 times you get [11,43,32,3,5] now shift it n(eg:16754) times
4. sorting's comparison method

The fourth round was with VP Mr. Samba Potla.
1.tell me more about your project. explain it
2. write a MySQL query-subqueries intermediate level
3. display whether [3,8,4,9,44,12] contains sum of subsequent elements equal to 13 in at least one condition or not
*in above question 4+9 is 13; if sum would have given 21 then 8+4+9 is their so display true
*you can only use single loop
4. find count of search string in a given string
eg: dogertdogdorget contains dog two times only

I wasn't able to answer MySQL query and single loop as I was not thinking straight and was stressed. He asked me to prepare javascript for next round from w3schools as the post was of javascript and MongoDB.
he gave me 3 days to prepare. I prepared well.

I gave javascript round 3 days later. it was really basic. I got 9 out of 10. He said that I was through and he will let me know by mail. I thought he was saying that you can leave for the day, but HR(Ms. Priyadarshini Rudresh)'s reply came and she asked me to come for next round.

I gave the final face to face interview to Mr. Jitesh and he asked me about myself.
1. how to create a singleton class
2. when class loads?
3.Create a method that can shift an array element.
eg:[2,4,6,7,8] to [4,6,7,2,8] //array[0] to array[3]
[3,4,5,6,7] to [3,5,4,6,7] //shift arr[2] to arr[1]

He asked me to wait for few minutes. After few minutes Priya came and offered me this job. I joined the company as of 01-03-17.

People are really nice here. Nice environment. Open office culture. Free lunch. Good colleagues. and No Sir policy.

All the Best and Thank you CrackMNC.com for always supporting and Proving the job opportunity.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017


Here I am sharing my experience with Tech M that was held on 18th Feb in CIT Bangalore.
There were 3 rounds -
  • 1. Aptitude & Story
  • 2. Technical
  • 3. HR
Round 1 :- Aptitude & Story

there will b some sections Quant(11 Questions),Non-verbal reasoning(5 ques),Verbal reasoning(21 ques),Comprehension(3-4 ques),logical reasoning(11-14 ques),
U need to clear all the sections .
if u'll clear the apti then u will b redirected to the story writing page,
here u need to write an imaginary story based on the image shown on ur screen.
here u need to remember one thing tht don't make any grammatical error and spell mistake except this u can do anything with ur story ...sounds funny but its true,there is no need to write a sensible story. HR can ask u about ur story till then u can think good and sensible story.

Round 2 :- Technical

This was the most easy n best technical interview of my life,he asked me about my project (m frm ECE) i told him,he was very polite and decent person so i felt very comfortable and confident . I asked me 2 more ques to make JAVA program on print a name and sum of 2 nos . Then he sent me for HR round.

Round 3 :- HR

I faced a worst HR interview of my lyf. He asked me about me,my family back ground n goals . I told him everything. Then he asked me about my passion and its implementation in my lyf. I told him.
then he said he was nt convinced......And some more conversation .
Then he told me to leave fr the day, cz results will b declare by mail.

Guys b confident and positive.

Hope this will help u.

Friday, February 17, 2017

#ACCENTURE Online test papers and Pattern through AMCAT !

Note :- IF you people got call latter based on AMCAT test then there will be only 2 rounds :
1 technical and 1 hr !! Some time GD also happening so be prepared !!

If you got directly without amcat test then first round will be amcat online test then same 1 technical and 1 hr !!

For Technical just be prepared from your resume...Go through your college projects, College subject your Hobbies .........!! That's it!!

@ALL 2016 batch people for Accenture must prepare well from your communication skill your interpersonal skill ! Go through your resume each and every content ..they will not ask much que from technical side so Just prepare well from whatever you know...go through your college projects , college subjects !
be creative in interview ...!!
1) Written Test:
2) Sections - 60 Ques, 60 Mins.

Section 1:
(20 questions): Verbal (Refer barron's GRE) - 5 questions on reading comprehensions (i.e passage reading), 5 questions on sentence completion, 5 synonyms, 5 antonyms.
Section 2:
(20 questions): Aptitude (refer R.S. Aggarwal) - Just refer these chapters (profit & loss, percentage, time & work, time & distance, allegation & mixtures, ratio & proportion, average, simplification (Question number - 76 to 95). That's enough!
Section 3:
(20 questions) - Logical reasoning(10 question) and analytical reasoning questions(10 question) - (for analytical refer barron's GRE).
(Note: Hi guys/gals!!! for all the above ques(i.e. verbal, aptitude and reasoning), you can refer newly arrived monthly magazine COMPETITION WORLD - available in majestic.
They announced the results of first round after 40 minutes or so. I cleared the aptitude round without any much of pain, once you have cleared the Apti round 80% of job is done somehow.

Well all students were divided into groups of four and sent to give personal interview. So after 1 hour of waiting my name was called out. I entered the room, a man in his mid 40's was seated doing some of his paperwork.
He asked me to get seated.
Q1 - Tell me about yourself?
Ans - Told with confidence (believe me first impression is the last impression)
Q2 - So why Accenture?
Ans - Told all I knew about Accenture (do some pre research about the company)
Q3 - Why should I hire you?
Q4 - Who is your inspiration?
Ans - My dad (with a smile).
Q5 - Tell me about your family?
Q6 - Tell me something about Operating Systems?
Q7 - Tell me about trouble shooting?
And I gave all answers with a bright smile and confidence. The results were given after 15-20 minutes of waiting and I was selected.
Another interview exp :- Technical + HR Interview :

We were divided into group of 5 members and Interview panel consists of 2 persons (Tech+HR). Lets Jump into the interview part.
Introduction: Tell me about yourself and blah blah ! (Basic question asked in Any Company Interview)
Extempore Round (The topics are randomly selected by HR so be confident on what you say. This round is to check your communication skills and confidence level. So once you start with something try to add some valuable points into your content. Approximate time (10 Mins) 2 mins for each candidate. Our Topic was “What are the challenges India Facing Today”
Questions Asked : (Please refer previous placement papers for more questions)
C & C++ Difference
Basic OOPs concepts
Final Year Project
Some Basic Programs
Why you want to join Accenture
Some general questions apart from your stream & Resume
Luckily we all batch mates have cleared this round and selected for Accenture. I dont know the exact figure but I guess around 400+ candidates were selected out of 3k candidates. All the best !

Success Mantra: “Time goes by, But journey never ends, Just keep going, Don’t stop, Don’t give up, And one day you will get success”

Wednesday, February 15, 2017


Hello Guys..
I joined this CrackMNC about a month back unaware of the fact that CrackMNC will actually play a vital role in my success.
Today I received my confirmation from IBM and proudly I am an IBMer now.. A big THANK YOU to CrackMNC.com ,all the admins are doing a fabulous job for its visitors. CrackMNC Team is doing a fabulous ground work and giving a launch pad for all its members. A special mention to Divas Nikhra. Bhaiya .. You have been my guiding lamp. The thing what you said me once remained in my mind ie. "One needs to work smartly rather than hardly and job milne k liye 2months bhi kafi hai ".
I wanted to prove it, since this was my very first Interview and fortunately I cracked it . Bhaiyu because of you I could get this opportunity to attend the IBM drive and I am grateful .
Coming to my interview experience .. I hope my experience will help many job seekers who are about to attend the upcoming IBM drives.
I attended the Mangalore drive on 8th Feb. It was a 2 days process. The first day was the online test. The pattern for the same is : Series section (18ques. per ques 2min 15secs), Quant section(18ques. per ques 2min 15secs), Business communication section(22ques in 20mins) and the Java coding (1program in 45-60mins).

1) For series
I solved the 100 ques which were posted recently in this group by one of the member. That is enough to crack this round. One can refer CrackMNC site Aptitude section too. you can find 5-6 ques repeated.Solving 100-150 ques will give u confidence to solve any series thrown at u. I would suggest you guys to look for the series on the screen rather than writing down the same on the paper n then solving it.
2) For the quant section please download the IBM material available in this group and solve the previous yr papers. The ques will be repeated or will hve the same pattrn with some data chnged. Apti is very easy and scoring. Just manage the time properly.
3) For english section the previous yr papers are more than sufficient. 95%of the ques are repeated 4) For the coding round I had prepared only the 5 programs which were asked in the previous drives bt in Mangalore drive all new ques were asked . I would advise you guys not to give up looking at the ques please try n try, use some logic and u can easily crack this. One has to write only the logic which will be hardly of 4-5 lines and has to pass two given test cases.
My program was :

WAP to convert the alternate characters of the string to upper case . The first letter of the string has to be Capital.
I/P:We are the worlD
O/P: We ArE tHe WoRlD

I/P: this is some code
O/P: ThIs Is SoMe CoDe

Other programs were :
1)WAP to convert the string into Camel case.
2) Wap to convert the string into Sentence case.
3)Wap to find a desired char in the string and print its ASCII value
Be perfect with String methods . Please look for the programs which are posted in CrackMNC recently . Prepare those well..
# Focus more on series and apti because the cut off for these sections is really high . Only 10-15% of the strength could clear this round . This is observed in every drive. Only 43 people were selected. We did with our docs verification and biometrisc the same day. Next day was TR+HR. Once you clear the first round you are 95% an IBMer..

Next day, I was the first one from off campus candidates to go for the HR.Key to crack this round is your confidence and fluency in speaking. Prepare your project and resume well . Do some HR ques . Give a good intro . Because" First Impression is the last impression" . Keep a smile on ur face throughout ur interview.

Me: Good Morning Sir !
HR: Good Morning. Have a seat.
He made me wait as he was checking my details in the portal. The HR was really cool though aged between 40-45. He was friendly .After about 5 mins he turned towards me.
HR: So you stay at Bangalore ? I would like to know more about you .
Me: Gave my intro and spoke about why I wanna work at IBM . He was happy to know my aim because he gave a big smile in response as I started talking about IBM.
HR: So do you want to explain me any of your projects?
ME: Explained my academic project.
HR: what was ur role in the project? Did u make use of Database? How did u work on Notifications and GCM? Was it a team project? On what basis did u distribute the work? Ques about internship? What did you do in this span of 9 months? Any ques for me ?
I answered all the ques confidently and did ask him few ques(do ask ques it shows ur alacrity towards this opportunity) . My interview went well .Just be confident in your every ans and keep a smile on ur face. Basically they check ur command over the language.
HR: Thank you  He sent me to the Board room for further doc verification.. N finally today i received the confirmation.

#NOTE : if you miss to submit 3 ques in time you will be locked out of the test. So please keep an eye on the time. No Negative marking so attempt all the ques . If you are not sure about a ques, make an educated guess try ur luck n move on... Most imp smart preparation and just one opportunity is enough to turn u from a job seeker to a job holder.
Hope this will help people out here n sorry for the long post. Thank You CrackMNC Team. Finally I am an IBMer now.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

#Interview_Experience Of #ACUVATE_SOFTWARE_PVT_LTD - By Ujjawal Choudhary 

I am going to share my own interview experience with you guys it may helps you for tomorrow walk-in at acuvate software pvt.ltd.

There are 4 rounds:

1>GD some topics is :creativity, Women vs Men, Which one is Your favourite player (Rohit Sharma or Virat Kohli), Government job Vs Private Job etc.

Read about company because he will ask you about company in GD.

2>Aptitude Test (There are 4 section)

  • i)Verbal(10 questions).
  • ii)Quantitative(5 questions).
  • iii)SQL(10 questions).
  • iv)c#(10 questions).

cut off mark =17(it can be very).

3>1st Round of Technical interview questions (i am sharing my own experience)
1. Tell me about your self.
2. Explain yourself in one word.
3. what version of .net framework is used by you in your project.
4. On which language you build your project.both front-end and back-end.
5. How to connect your project to Database,write connection.
6. What is Data Adapter,How to fill Data in data adapter.
7. What is primary key,can we make any table with two primary key if no then why?
8. What is join and how many types of join.
9. WAQ to select top 5 salary earner.
10.Some query on join.
no. of question answered by me = 7
Got selected.

4>Managerial round
1.Tell me about your self.
2.Tell me more about your project.
3.How to create your project table. write query.
4.what is inheritance?
5.what is your future ambition.
no of question answered=all

Tuesday, February 7, 2017


Hello guys,first of all I would like to thanx whole CrackMNC Team for such an immense support that a job seeker seek's for.One thing I would like to tell is that it's not after how much time you get placed, But its all about whether u got placed or not. So be always hopeful.

As you all might be knowing the pattern of IBM . 18 series, 18 Aptitude, 22 English and 1 coding Round.
For preparation of all this sections you can refer to the all the Candidate Experienced and Placement Papers of CrackMNC.com only.A lot of question you can encounter same and for English and Coding it will be exactly same. Further you can just refer to m4maths. Just concentrate on this Round,especially on the Aptitude and series because if you cracked it, means you are 90% in.

They take just 1 round after it that is managerial round.I m putting the questions that thy asked.

1)Introduce your self
2)what was your role in your project
3)which database you used in your project and its version
4)what all operations you know to perform on a table(just the operations)
5)one puzzle related to a bridge i.e 4 persons are there with only 1 torch.At a time max 2 people can go through the bridge(min can be 1 also).'A' takes 1 min ,'B' takes 2 min,'C' takes 5 min and 'D' takes 10 min.So find out the min time that all the 4 will be on the other side
6)suppose you work here and your TL wants you to put some specific code in the project but you have more better code than him than who's code will you put in the project.
7)why IBM and Why Should I hire U
8)Suppose you are having a very tight schedule(even food also you are having at your desk only) and in your team 2 persons are not doing the work properly and you have to complete the work by the weekend than how will u help them to complete the work
9)Do u have any question to ask

After that I had my bio-metric and yesterday I got the EOI.

For 2 persons they took the interview in Hindi only but it totally depends on them and your luck.

#Note: The blocking period of the people who have cleared the 1st round (series,apti ...) is of 3 months and those who have not cleared it is of 1 year.

Hope this exp will help u All..


All the Best

Monday, February 6, 2017

#PAYTM_EXPERIENCE :  (Shared by a Placed candidate)

Post- operations executive

There were total 5 Rounds which are as follows :

First Round : Written- Aptitude (20 Questions) including analytical reasoning and quant.

Second Round :  GD

Third Round :  Personal Interview 1 ;- 
In this round they will check your logical skills and decision taking capabilities, They will give you puzzles to solve and also few ques from your resume.

Fourth Round : Personal Interview 2 :- 
This will be same as above with few different questions with different recruiter.

Fifth Round : - Final round-  In which they will discuss with you about company profile, salary, joining date etc

All the Best

#Tech_Mahindra Placement papers and patterns

Prepare well :- Its One day Process so prepare well for all round

Tech Mahindra  Criteria : 10th - 60% , 12th - 70% , Final degree - 60% 

Selection Procedure:

  • 1) Online Test
  • 2) Essay Writing 
  • 3) Technical Round
  • 4) HR Round.

1. Online Test :-
which consists of 130 questions and the duration is 80 minutes. There is no negative marking and sectional time limit.
English is very easy and can be cracked by anyone who has a good vocabulary. Time management is necessary for quants section. After submitting the paper the result will be displayed whether we are selected or not.
#Online test consist of two parts- Aptitude & English - NO NEGATIVE marking.

Aptitude consists of 3 parts comprising of 70 questions (time management needed here)
  • 1. Non verbal reasoning(35 questions)
  • 2. Verbal reasoning(20 questions)
  • 3.Quantitative (15 questions)

RS Aggarwal is sufficient for aptitude but try to do fast and so all questions as there is no negative marking.

Second part is English it has 8 sections and 100 questions.
  • 1. Tenses(10 questions)
  • 2. Articles(10 questions)
  • 3. Verbiage (synonymms 10 questions)
  • 4. Confusing words (similar sound words typ principle/principal etc 10 questions)
  • 5. Reading comprehension(10 questions very easy 1)
  • 6. Subject verb agreement(20 questions do this from cat material or simmilar)
  • 7. Prepositions(20 questions easy one)
  • 8. (y)Articles (10 questions)
Each section has different cut of may b 60% in English and 70% in Aptitude which can be increased or decreased by Tech Mahindra. [I am not sure about this thing]
2. Second Round : Essay writing

we had to ensure that there are no grammatical and spelling mistakes. We should not use SMS language. My topic is
"Participation of youth in politics"
3. Third Round : TR Round which is very simple and whether it is non CSE or CSE all we have to do is to gain grip over fundamentals.
In TR, he asked me,
Tell me about yourself?
What are data structures?
Tell me about queues?
Write a code for inheritance in Java?
What are joins in DBMS?
Write a code for swapping two arrays?

Situational question:

If you are a project leader and your team member has absconded, how will you handle the situation.
After this he asked me to wait outside and I was selected for the HR round.
4. Fourth Round :- HR round
is simplest round of all and be careful don't bring false resume as they will ask questions regarding the resume.
He asked me the following questions,
What is your name?
Where are you from?
Where did you travel lastly and what did you like there?
What is your alternative other than engineering?
Tell me about this company?
Do you have any questions for me?

Be prepared to ask at least one question. Be careful while answering questions and use proper communication skills. Finally 24 got selected including me. Hope my review helps you.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

#Siemens Placement papers & Patterns : Must follow all patterns

Eligibility criteria:
B.E./B. Tech /ME/M.Tech / MCA : 70% & above (Mandatory)

Year of Pass out: 2015 /2016 only

Department: IS/CS/ EC/EEE/IT

Looking for Immediate Joinee
Interview Process:
  • Written Test (Logical, Vocabulary & Numerical Test)
  • Technical & Management discussion
  • HR discussion

+++++++++++++ Placement papers +++++++++++++++++++

Written test:
The written test consists of 2 sections
Siemens Interview Process
1) Technical 2) Aptitude
In written test (Technical) majority of the questions are on C++, that too they concentrate much on theoretical concepts than programming questions.
In aptitude section the questions are not that much difficult, and the questions are mainly based on Time and work, ages, Time and distance, ratios, ages..
Guys Its strongly recommend you to please go through aptitude because any company's written test you people will find aptitude section for sure.. so please spend some time for aptitude..
Some of them who are very strong in programming and technical will not qualify in written exam due to sectional cut off..

Technical Interview:
In my technical interview questions are asked mainly about C programming questions which are mentioned in my resume..
Programs like largest among array of numbers(easy)..Much focus on pointers and some concepts related to data structures.
Some puzzles were asked and some some questions like "what is the angle between hours hand and minute hand at 3:15.." ans is 7.5 deg..
Questions are asked on project and mini project.. so please be prepared with your project which you have done in your B.tech along with C,C++,linux,tcp-ip

HR Interview:
HR Interview was conducted. HR Interview was a combination of HR round and managerial round.. Many questions were asked in hr interview.. like
Tell brief introduction about yourself,
Questions about the activities during studies,
About Project, some puzzles, reasoning questions. some general questions like "If you are present in that situation what will you do at that time"..
The total interview was done based on the things which are mentioned in the individual Resume...

Saturday, February 4, 2017

#Just_for_your_Info : CTS interview process for ITIS profile

Guys ...IF your interview is in CTS office then there will only two rounds :

Technical + HR

IF its in some college then first round will be Amcat online test ! After clearing this next round will be in CTS office.
As profile is for ITIS profile so don't mention any technical / programming skill in your resume or add only few with basic keyword.

Technical round : Must prepare well from networking related questions like OSI layer, IP addressing n all ..google it or check CrackMNC interview question section

Must concentrate on your communication skill,

CTS interviewer always check good communication with networking skill for this profile !

HR Round : GO through commonly asked HR question, go through company detail, profile details !

ALL the Best

1) Aptitude round:

  • -> Cocubes conducted this process.
  • -> 16 questions from quantitative aptitude.
  • -> 16 questions from logical reasoning.
  • -> Total time allotted for combined both 50 minutes.
  • -> No negative marking but "sectional cutoff is here".

1. Make 13 questions from both sections accurate.
2. Many people told they have made all correct but still they were not selected. I made 26 accurate.
2) Essay writing:

  • -> My topic was online shopping.
  • -> Word limit 240.
  • -> Time half an hour.


  • 1. Make the essay in around 240 words.
  • 2. Give a space after full stop and also capitalize the next word after full stop.
  • 3. Give a space after comma.
  • 4. Never write any spelling wrong. Double check that.
  • 5. It is main criteria to eliminate.

Result came out of 350 students from our college only 42 were selected. I too was selected for next round.

3) Technical round: (My stream CSE)

  • -> 5 panels were there.
  • -> Panel 2 and 3 were asking HR questions in tech round too (It's luck).
  • -> My panel was panel 4.

1. Introduction.

2. Asked about my projects.
- What was that about.
- How I hosted the website?
- Why PHP?
- Why bootstrap?
- Any other language through it could have been made?

3. To write two programs.
a) String reversal.
b) To search duplicate characters in a string.

4. Language used for android and IOS?
He was happy and recommended me to HR. But strange thing was that everyone was given a chance to go through HR round.

4) HR round:
He was a very cool person.

  • 1) Intro.
  • 2) Why should I hire you?
  • 3) Strength and weakness.
  • 4) Topology and its type?
  • 5) Tell few search engines name.
  • 6) 5 GK questions. I was able to give 2 answer correct.

1) Keep smiling.
2) Be confident.
3) Practice all the questions before.

Things needed for placements:-
1) Good communication skills. (Improve by reading newspaper and by youtube tutorials)
2) Good knowledge of C (basic programs), Java (basics), Data Structures (minimum-> sorting and linked lists) and (DBMS or networking or software Engineering).
3) Luck and have faith in god.

Results came 19 out of 42 selected. I am one of them. Sharing this for all you lovely people here.

Remember never lose hope. After each and every failure try to improve yourself. Focus why were you rejected by last company. Remove those errors. Be optimistic and keep working. Be strong after each and every rejection. One day will come when you will be a winner.

Best of Luck friends and brothers

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