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Showing posts with label Tips for fresher job seekers. Show all posts

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

How to identify a FAKE offer letter???

Watch and share this video to spread awareness about the fraudulent job offers and applications. 

Video Sponsored and Powered by HCL Technologies.

#Just_for_Your_Help : About Less % ,Year Gap and Old batch passout year problem.

Keep in Mind this. You people will face problem just for getting first job! later on after getting experience no one gonna ask why you have less % or year gap or older batch n all!

#No doubt you should match companies criteria but here in IT industry not all companies asking good criteria..! Many companies hiring based on your skill your knowledge! For Service based MNC's you should match criteria like Accenture, IBM, Wipro, Tech M, TCS, CTS, CGI, Capgemini, Siemes
Just don't think about these 10-15 companies..because apart from these MNC's many other good product based, start-ups, CMM level 3 companies present who's ready to hire you based on your skill ! IF these Companies asking some minimum criteria then Just make it in your resume and apply!
Now next question you people gonna ask. I am rejected in HR or final rounds in so on so companies just because of less criteria! SO people Don't tell anything to HR or other people. Just clear all rounds of such companies and then let us know before going for any document verification. We will suggest you based on Company!

#Work Hard for creating any kind of IT job opportunity. Simply sitting ideal just because of not having any good criteria not gonna help you at all !

#Motivate yourself ..Improve on your poor area's !

#Guys getting a job is for one-time. But if you are getting job based on your proper Skill then TRUST me you gonna survive longer n longer in IT firms!

#Our Team missing to share all job opportunities info...So just do R & D By own and keep contacting, keep creating opportunities!

#Leave about frustration, tension, problem ...Motivate yourself and Move towards your Goal!

All the Best

Thursday, December 29, 2016

As year is going to end soon and I can understand your plight being another Jobless once.

These are small tips which can help you to increase your chances of getting more calls and crack interviews.

√ Don't hesitate in attending drives although you'r not eligible for that.(Some companies are very strict ,but for some companies it’s piece of cake,gradually you will come to know these things. Anyway you don't have anything to loose right ,many times confessing in HR round works perfectly fine.
Just don't try in IBM , tech m , wipro ,cts, infosys,
After selection just ping me on my fb https://facebook.com/divasnikhra for further advice.

√ Keep multiple resume with you ,if you’re rejected by one interview panel then if possible try to sit in second one.(for more guidance ping me)

√ Spread your contacts as much as you can this is going to help you in getting genuine calls. Visit companies, talk to employee, take thr phone number or mail id. Remember one thing the more you sweat in practice,less you bleed in war.

Startups list


√ Here is one interesting way to answer in technical rounds :- It is common observation that interviewer picks up the technical term from your answer itself for his next question.Trap the interviewer ,while answering vomit the technical term which you had mastered already & keep doing this repeatedly and believe me it work like charm.
For example: What is new features in HTML5?
SO you might know many thing but not confident about each features so tell interviews like canvas, semantics and all. Now interviewer second question would be canvas for sure.

√ s a fresher you don't have real projects and your college project is the one from which interviewer is going to ask max questions.
If you have prepared your final year project and basics of technology then you’re done. Don’t be nervous, stay confident not overconfident. If you’re rejected just check where you’re lacking and prepare those parts. But, if you have prepared your final year project and technology basics, I don’t think you need to attend even second Interview.
As 90% of us simply copy paste our college project and don’t have much practical knowledge so in that case replace your college project with the technology you are comfortable with because in college you might not have much idea about technologies but after 5 or 6 months of struggle you must be good in something tech like java or testing or .net.
Scenario: There are 2 guys’ names A and B. Both went for interview. A knows Java very well but his college project is in .net . Now, Interviewer asked many Java questions and Mr. A answered very well but when interviewer started asking college project then Mr. A didn’t answered well so all his knowledge goes into vein.
B knows .net very well but his college project is in Java. While building resume Mr. B changed his project to some .net so that both his technology and project should be in sync. Now interviewer started asking question from .net and as his project was in .net as well, interview went very well and Mr. B got selected.
Summary: Be in sync, your project and your technology should be in sync, simply download any random project from google and replace it in case not matching.

√ Reach early for the interviews probability of getting selected is high during starting time than in the end.

√ HRs see a freshers as a fresh clay, which could be molded to suit the company environment. Show them you are that, rather than a hard seasoned pot. Keep your options open, like working hours, location etc. unless absolute necessary. Understand that, it is important to kick start your career, rather than looking for comforts.

√ No interviewer really cares about your family history. Seriously, delete that part from your answer to "tell me about yourself".

√Talk about how you acquired a particular talent, rather than telling the interviewer that you're good at x,y and z.
For example, instead of telling him that you're great at photoshop, give him a story of how you became a photoshopper. Build a story around it. Such as, "Early on from my childhood, I was fascinated by colors. I had a gift of looking at simple mono-colored items and make it radiant using paint. This trait in me got me several accolades in my school. With more exposure in my college, I was introduced to photoshop and the result is in front of you :)". All these ideas convey to the interviewer that you're not just blindly running in the rat race but you have a yearning to learn stuff.
Make a story around your answers which could help to engage interviewer more.

√ Some candidates think, this is language skill. Sorry to disappoint, but communication is not always about language. It’s neither about your American accent nor Shakespearean English. Of course you need the basic skill to talk in English, but nothing more.
The three key elements of good communication are
Listen – Actively listen to what the interviewer is asking. DO NOT interrupt the question or answer before question is complete.
Absorb – Understand the meaning and context of the question. If you do not, don’t hesitate to ask. Remember, no question is stupid.

Tip: Some candidates, who are not comfortable asking “Can you please repeat?” or “Can you please elaborate?”, can do this an alternate way. Explain the question back to interviewer as you understand & get confirmation. E.g. Q: “What are your outside interests?” You: “So you asking about any of my hobbies and interests other than in academics... right?”
Answer clear and loud– Once you get the question, answer in clear words, short and to the point and of course loud. Murmuring under your breath is often frustrating for the interviewer.

√ Dress conservatively for the interview. Select your clothes the night before. Make sure your clothes and shoes are in impeccable condition. This preparation not only makes an excellent first impression, it also boosts your confidence.

√ Read daily. Period.

√ Do something that scares you. Get out from your comfort zone, set bigger goals, and do it. You’re reading this right now because someone else once thought that the personal computer was possible.

√ Stop blaming. Start telling yourself this: “I’m responsible for everything that happens to me.” And stop pushing the responsibility to someone else. Think about how you can deliver more value to your employer if you think you’re not being appreciated.

√Take small steps. Rome, The Great Wall of China and Batman all weren't built in a day. Fun fact, The Great Wall of China's first section (a very small chunk of it) took over 20 years to build. As we've seen it today, it took over 2,000 years to build, rebuild and expand the wall. You don't become a martial arts expert, intelligent in the sciences and fearless over night. You take the small steps you can to build habits and develop a snowball effect of improvement.
For example: If you are not good in apti, start working on small small problems and that will give you confidence and then move to hard problems.

√ Don't quit. Even if we are not getting selected, someone else is getting a job from that drive. Be happy for the joy their father and mother will feel. You'll feel positive by thinking this way.”
I was among top 15 among 1000s of people at a drive of one company. They hired only 2 people. Now, what was my fault??

√ Keep reminding yourself that it is a matter of time that you get a job. Brush up your fundamentals, do some projects on your own, work on your communication skills, feel positive, do positive self talk and don't hurt yourself.

√ Life is a mirror. Smile. If you wake up every day angry, or depressed, or sad, and keep waiting for life to fix it for you, it’s never going to happen. You get back what you offer the world.
Hope new year fulfill your dream and get you placed in your dream company.

Best of luck

Cheers for life

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

#just_for_your_info :- About f2f technical interviews !

Being as job seeker's ...for any f2f round first Take a deep breath for minimum 10 minute and ASK yourself what all you know !

#Then look around your resume whatever skill you have mentioned in your resume !
#Apart from check the JOB description ..For Fresher rare company share job details..but if you guy's feeling my job profile just opposite of job description THEN start looking on that !

#yar ...........Technical f2f rounds purely depend on interviewer mood ....! suggested here 10000 times ! IF you are perfect job seekers THEN just be prepared well from your skill your resume perfectly !
Doesn't mean yesterday one interviewer asked java but my profile is in testing or something else means they going to ask java only !
First try to expose yourself technically ..so interviewer gonna ask relevant questions !
Many people here asking i cleared written round tell me what all next question gonna ask in technical
Mere bhai ..just google it .........search top 100 c or java or testing or .net or any other skill question and start preparing yourself !
Jitna aata hai bindass answer karo ! No one gonna eat you :3
This post is all about how you guys feel comfortable yourself for next round !

IF you know ABC then just learn and prepare well from ABC ..you don't need to think about XYZ skill !

#Be a genuine job seeker's and try to expose your ABC knowledge perfectly ! Rest other you can learn basics at-least !
Interviewer are also human ...you can't read each interviewer mind like kon kya question karega ....Ho sakta hai koi tumko technical que b na karega but gonna select !

#End of ...Just be prepared well from your resume each n every content ......!
yar interviewer are normal human being like yours ....extra things is they have some experience and they in need some creative and exploring guys who can handle organisation with some creative and extra talent !
be creative in interviews ..If selected then its really good ..else learn from rejection and start improving on your mistakes !
IT me koi bura ya galat nai sochta until n unless your proper effort!

Accept the rejection and Move away for your destination .! Aaj ek company ne reject kia ho skta hai kal tum kahi aur select ho jao !

#COOL .......Improve yourself guys ! mai bs experience share kar skta hu tumko personally trained nai kar skta jab tak tum apne aap me improve na kar pao

Monday, December 5, 2016

While sending resume to someone please keep this in mind

Email Subject Line : Fresher_Btech(IT)_2011_70%_Certified in Testing( based on your skill)

Email Body OR say Cover letter :-

The Human Resource Department

With Regards,
I am xyz applying for the job post of software engineer. As I am a quick learner and an innovative person, I can quickly adapt new technology thereby enhancing my skills and capabilities and I am best suitable for this job opportunity.
Kindly find my resume for additional information.
I will be highly obliged if you offer me this post. Please let me know about it at my contact +91-1234567890 .Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to speaking with you about
this employment opportunity.

Yours’ Sincerely,
(Your Name)

Note: Attach your resume with this mail

Sunday, December 4, 2016

#Approaches to Apply in Start-ups companies !!

First of keep in mind .> For start-up companies your technical knowledge going to play key role !! here No matter what % or what all poor or good criteria you have #Just your interpersonal skill your Technical skill gonna Help you More !!

#Also as I observe in IT industry , start-up or other product based companies giving more companies compare to service based companies ! So leave this now...First concentrate for getting job!

Approaches to apply :-
1. Visit some IT Parks, Note down all Companies names which you never heard !! In IT parks apart from Accenture , TCS and few MNCs many more good start-up , mid-level companies present !
So try to note down all companies Name first !

2. In Bangalore many places like Kormangala, indira Nagar, HSR layout , HAL you will get many good start-ups companies ! Try to visit these places, visit companies and try to talk with HR people about job opportunity !
Damn sure you will get some out-put !

3. Explore IT companies, all start-ups -MNC's name in google , go through companies careers link, check some job opportunity Info ! If you are getting some info then try to arrange contact number that you will get through company website or google it !

4. After getting contact number try to explore same Company HR names in Linked-In ! through Linked-in you will get HR name, suggesting this because its good to call companies and transfer your call to respective contact person !!

5. SO call on number interact with respective HR's , ask about job opportunity for fresher or exp or your skill related opening! If you already knw some opening then request them you are applying for particular job!
Try to request nicely like I got know to opening in your company and my profile is matching with your requirement. So please refer my candidature for this opportunity n all !!
#you guys are expert but still suggesting, request in proper and professional manner so HR's people will show interest !

6. Another approach :- Try to Contact with Companies Employee's, !! #No matter personally you know or not.......Just try to get job opportunity info and request to refer !
Try to increase your professional networks guys !!
Can't suggest more now..........but try to analyse these kind of small small approach ...........It will help you to find more job opportunity !!

#Still if you people having any query regarding this then u can ask here !!

#eLitmus_Test :- Tricks and Tips : 2016 batch people Must follow !!

Follow all papers too :- 


Data sufficiency:
If you are confident that you understand the problem but find yourself struggling with proving or disproving (1) and (2), it's probably E.
Data Sufficiency is a challenge that is unique to the GMAT. You won't find a Data Sufficiency problem anywhere else in the world, but if you want a respectable score on the Quantitative part of the test, you'll need to spend a lot of time getting comfortable with the Data Sufficiency question type.
The Data Sufficiency Format
If you're a complete novice, it's necessary to familiarize yourself with the basic format. Here's what a Data Sufficiency item looks like:
If x is positive, is x a prime number?
(1) x is odd.
(2) x < 8
There are three important components to any DS question:
Information given in the question. Here, we know that x is positive. That will never change. (There isn't always information given in the question.)
The question itself. We want to know whether x is prime.
The statements.
(1) and (2) give us information that may or may not allow us to answer the question.
The Process
Evaluate each statement on its own. If there is information given in the question, keep that in mind as well.
First, look at (1). Using (1) alone, we know that x is positive, and that it is odd. Is that enough information to answer the question? If x is a positive odd number, it could be prime: for instance, if x = 3.
However, it might not be prime: for instance, if x = 9. Thus, we say that statement (1) is insufficient.
Next, look at (2) alone. The tricky part is that you have to temporarily forget what you learned in (1). (It may sound easy, but I absolutely guarantee you that you'll make this mistake at least once, and probably many more times than that.)
Again, we're also considering information given in the question. Here, then, we know that x is positive, and that it is less than 8. If x is greater than 0 and less than 8, is it prime? Again, we don't know. It could be 3, which is prime, but it could be 4, which is not. Further, we don't know that x is an integer, which opens up the possibility that x is, say, 2.5. So, statement (2) is insufficient.
Putting the Statements Together
If both statements are insufficient on their own, we must consider both of them together. Here, we have all of the information available to us: x is positive, it is odd, and it is less than 8. The only possible values for x are 1, 3, 5, and 7.
Still, however, we don't have enough information. While 3, 5, and 7 are prime, 1 is not a prime. The statements, when taken together, are still insufficient.
The Choices
One thing that makes Data Sufficiency more manageable is that the choices never change: They are the same on every single DS item. Here they are:
(A) Statement (1) ALONE is sufficient, but statement (2) alone is not sufficient.
(B) Statement (2) ALONE is sufficient, but statement (1) alone is not sufficient.
(C) BOTH statements TOGETHER are sufficient, but NEITHER statement ALONE is sufficient.
(D) EACH statement ALONE is sufficient.
(E) Statements (1) and (2) TOGETHER are NOT sufficient.
(I wrote more about the choices, and some additional tricks you can use to navigate them, in this article.
In the question we just worked through, the correct choice was (E).
Data Sufficiency Strategies :-
I've written a few other articles on Data Sufficiency, but to keep things short, here are some pieces of advice to start with:
Don't calculate except when necessary. You only need to know whether the statements are sufficient, not what the value of x is.
Simplify everything. Often, the questions are needlessly complex, but if you spend a few seconds looking for what you really need to know, you can make the question much simpler.
Don't pick numbers as your default strategy. (See: The Perils of Picking Numbers.)
When you're starting out, Data Sufficiency can seem very daunting, but keep practicing. By the time you take the test, you should be handling DS questions faster than Problem Solving items (because you don't have to calculate), and the format will be second nature.

Data Sufficiency Tips:
Be very familiar with the answer choices. No excuses: On Data Sufficiency, they’re always the same! Know in the blink of an eye what choice C is. On test day, if you find that Statement 1 is insufficient, be able to cross out choices A and D without hesitation.
Get in the habit of writing down what you absolutely need in order to find certain quantities. Each statement alone will be sufficient if both of the statements on their own contain all the information necessary to answer the question. The statements will be sufficient together if they contain every piece of necessary information between them. Take the area of a parallelogram, for example. Do you need to know every side length to determine the area? If you have every side length, can you find the area?
Train yourself not to look at the statements together. Statement 2 may tell you that x is negative, but that fact has no bearing on Statement 1 when viewed by itself. Explore all the possibilities offered by each statement individually. If you’ve scrutinized Statement 1 and found it sufficient, be equally merciless when it comes to Statement 2. Don’t let it off the hook just because it doesn’t contradict Statement 1.
Remember that important information is often buried in the prompt. Don’t pay so much attention to the statements that you forget the rest of the question. Often, half the information that you need is in the set-up.
Know when it’s actually necessary to solve single-variable equations. If the question asks for the value of x and you whittle the problem down to an equation like 305x = 2(500) – 10205, don’t waste your time solving for x! It’s only important to know that you COULD solve if you wanted to. Remember, all linear one-variable equations have a unique solution, but quadratic equations—equations with an x^2 term—can have zero, one, or two solutions.

Quick Tips for Data Interpretation :-
In gleaning data from a chart, graph or table, it's remarkably easy to inadvertently grab your data from the wrong graph, bar, line, etc. This is the #1 cause of incorrect responses in CAT Data Interpretation. To avoid this blunder, point your finger/pencil to the data you want; put your finger/pencil directly against the question paper and keep it there until you're sure you're looking at the right part of the right chart or graph.
Check to see if the question asks for an approximation. If so, you can safely estimate numbers by rounding off.

1. When rounding off fractions, round the numerator and denominator in the same direction (either up or down); otherwise you'll distort the value of the fraction.
2. Don't confuse percentages with raw numbers. Always ask yourself which type of number the chart or graph is providing, and which type the question is asking for.
3. It's okay to rely on visual approximations when it comes to reading bar graphs and line charts. The test-makers are not out to test your eyesight. So if two or more answer choices come very, very close to your solution, rest assured that you needn't estimate values more precisely.
Take 15-30 seconds right up front to assimilate and make sense of the chart, graph, or table and be sure to read all the information around it. Get a sense for what the variables are and how they relate to one another, before you tackle the questions.
Data may be represented in a number of complex forms, and hence solving Data Interpretation problems becomes far more difficult. There is no fixed format for solving such problems, and each has to be tackled in its own distinct way. Thus, to answer such questions correctly, it is essential to practice all types of Data Interpretation exercises a number of times, so as to be familiar with all the data presentation types. Yet, there are some primary guidelines that can always be followed:

Tips on Solving DATA INTERPRETATION Problems:
a) Read the data very carefully, as the smallest detail may change the meaning of the question completely. Similarly, the instructions have to be understood carefully to prevent wasting time in calculating data that is not required, and also to find out exactly what is the answer that is sought.
b) Try to understand the data provided carefully, before jumping to answer the questions. The questions are designed to be deceptive, and proper understanding of the requirements is a must. If the Data Interpretation is of the Combined variety or if there are more than one data table/charts/graphs, try to understand the relation between the given tables. For Example, one table may talk about absolute sales figures, while the other table may talk of sales as a percentage of production. Hence, any question on excess production or Goods in stock, will require data from both tables.
c) Be very careful of the units used in the tables, and the units in which the answers (options) are provided. A mistake in the units may yield an entirely different answer. Also be careful of whether the answer is required in decimal or percentage. Such errors are common and easily avoidable.

Reading comprehension:
GMAT Reading comprehension is a part of the verbal section. You will find very less guidance material on the internet or in the books. We know that you need some guidance on Reading Comprehension and so after filtering the whole internet and the verbal books and the experiences of the top scorers we are able to find TOP 10 GMAT READING COMPREHENSION TIPS AND STRATEGIES.
Here is a list of Top 10 Reading Comprehension Tips and Strategies and Pointers that should be remembered when dealing with the GMAT Reading Comprehension:
1. Read between the Paragraphs
GMAT examiners are smart people, they know that you are nervous, you are in an alien environment and you can easily fool. Now think how can you be fooled, simple giving you simple GMAT Reading Comprehension and to read but tricking you in the questions and answer choices. Mostly it has been seen that whenever GMAT gives you a simple RC you have 90% inference base questions. The questions are simple and looks that you have seen the answer and you will find he lines in the choices that you have just read in the passage. Sadly, you have chosen the wrong answer.
Remember: Read between the line of the passage and never mark the choice that repeats the line in the passage. Inference base question always need a new evidence to answer the question.
2. Read for Author’s Main Idea and Primary Purpose
GMAT Reading Comprehension may be tough and may be simple. The only thing to remember is the Author’s Main Idea and Primary Purpose. Without the Author’s Main Idea and Primary Purpose you may not be able to answer any question. The faster you are able to get Author’s Main Idea and Primary Purpose the faster you will solve the RC questions correctly. Author’s Main Idea and Primary Purpose is generally found in the last paragraph.
3. Create a thought flowchart by writing down the Main Idea and Primary purpose after each paragraph.
Moving to the next point, to make it easier to find the Main Idea and Primary purpose of the passage always use the scratch paper to write down the Main Idea and Primary purpose of each and every paragraph. This would help you know each paragraph purpose and the contribution towards the whole comprehension. Some time the idea changes in a single paragraph and you might miss those points and mark wrong choices. So write down about each paragraph
4. The Main Idea of the passage is the repeated idea in each of the Main ideas (of the paragraphs)
How to find you have chosen the right Main idea. If you have carefully followed the last point than you can very easily find the correct main idea of the whole passage. This is how you will find the main idea. The Main Idea will repeat itself in most of the paragraphs. Follow the steps and you RC life will be easy.
5. The primary purpose is mostly the Primary purpose of the concluding paragraph.
If you have been careful you will find that have discussed this point before this also. GMAT examiners are smart. Know Why? They know that you will be stuffed till the end if the passage so they put the Primary purpose in the end. That’s why you should be alert and write down Primary purpose and main idea of each paragraph.
6. Classify the passages
Always classify the passages. Generally GMAT Reading comprehension can be classified in three main categories. Want to know the three main categories? Here they are:
1.Explanatory (Mostly Science passages, explain one theory/phenomenon in detail)
2.Comparative (two or more point of views on a theory/topic. Doesn’t go in much detail)
3.Argumentative (Subjective, opinionated. Mostly social science / business topics. Pros and cons of a topic with author’s views on them)
7. Paraphrase the text to simplify (especially Questions and choices).
GMAT is a test of English, no need to remind you that but the thing to keep in mind is the Paraphrase of the text. The better you understand what you are dealing with the higher the GMAT score. Sometime GMAT ask you simple question but camouflage it with difficult word and complex situations. Paraphrase the text and answer the question easily.
8. Don’t over read. Skip examples, dates, lengthy names, any details which can be referred in case something is asked explicitly.
Read the passage carefully but don’t waste your time remembering the data or understanding the complex English. Simply skim the passage and only remember the details that you need to know. Don’t try to remember that are explicitly stated in the passage. You can get that detail when needed. Remember the details that are not stated and are implicitly stated in the passage.
9. Don’t go for choices which hold true only for one part of the author’s argument.
Famous GMAT trick and the GMAT examiner are often lucky enough to fool you. Simply you are given the statement that is either explicitly stated in the passage or refer only the part of the argument to be true. Always remember if the question is divided in two parts than the answer choice should also support both the parts
10. Don’t go for choices which exaggerate the author’s conclusion.
Sometime in GMAT Reading Comprehension the questions asked are about the author. Don’t use your own knowledge about the subject or don’t answer based on the sentiments. Only use the information mention in the passage. Don’t answer the question because .it holds true in the real world. Leave your real world outside the examination room. Answer only through the passage and don’t use your brain too much.
Reading comprehension:
1.Reading the questions, skip the first one or get its' content.
2.After reading a question, return to the paragraph.At this time, you will use scanning and skimming skills ,try to locate where the answer is .Normally, the answers will following one by one so you can save a little time.
3. After completing all the answers, you return back to the first one.Because the first answer is usually a general question.So after you answer the others , you will easy to finish this one.
The Reading Comprehension question type on the GMAT requires you to read passages that are up to 350 words long (about a page) and answer a small number of questions about them. The verbal section of the GMAT is 75 minutes long, during which time you are likely to see between 3 and 5 reading passages, each with 3-4 questions each. In rare cases, a passage will have only 2 questions attached.
Because the GMAT is an adaptive test, there is no guarantee about how many RC questions any given test-taker will see on the exam. The passage appears on the left side of the screen, with a scroll bar if it runs more than one screen. The questions appear one by one, on the right side of the screen. Thus, the passage is always visible to test-takers while working on questions. GMAT passages may be about the physical or biological sciences, social science, the humanities (history, art, archaeology), or business topics, such as economic models, marketing strategies, or human resource theories. If you are ready to test your knowledge check out the sample Reading Comprehension questions here.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Wipro Interview tips and tricks for all the job-seekers those who are going to attend the Wipro Drive soon.Let me discuss all Wipro Interview tips with you so that you will feel easy with Wipro Interview process.

About Company : Western India Palm Refined Oils Limited commonly called as wipro is an Indian Multinational Company providing IT Services,Information management Services,Business outcome services and Business process services. Wipro having headquarters in Bangalore,Karnataka. Wipro Limited was founded in 1945 by Mohamed Premji in Mumbai. Intially Wipro started for manufacture of Vegetables and Oils in Mumbai.Later In 1980 wipro started their business in IT industry. Wipro is a US$7.735 billion company which is having 173,863+ employees across the world(almost 54+ countries).Wipro was ranked 755th in the Forbes Global 2000 List.In India wirpo has been ranked as #3 for IT(Software services)firms and 29th rank in the fortune India 500 list as of on 2015. Wipro having 1000+ active global clients and 150+ Fortune 500 clients as of on 2016.

Wipro Offices Across India: Bangalore(Karnataka),Kolkata(West Bengal), Bhubaneswar(Odisha), Mysore(Karnataka),Chennai(Tamilanadu),Cochin(Kerala),Chandigarh(Panjab&Haryana),Hyderabad(Telangana),Visakhapatnam(AP),Vijayawada(AP),Coimbatore(Tamilanadu),Guwahati(Assam),Delhi,Gurgaon(Haryana),Noida,Rajasthan,Pune,Mumbai,Ahmedabad,Baroda.

Wipro Services : Analytics,Applications,Business-Outcome-Services(BOD),Business Process services(BPS) ,Cloud services, Consulting services,Digital services,Eco-energy,Information Management Services,Infrastructure Services, Internet Of Things,Managed Services,Mobility Services,Open Source services as well as Product Engineering Services(PES).

Employee Voice At Wipro:
  • valuable training for 3 months which is to balance IT background and Non-IT background guys.
  • you will get good theoretical and practical knowledge at the end of the 3 months training in particular domain.
  • Scope to learn the technologies.
  • There will be good recolonization for your performance.
  • Providing Cab facilities at all the times to make sure employees safety.
  • Good Environment working with supportive colleagues and managers.
As a fresher some time you won’t get a project after immediate completion of training, you will be in bench for some time.If you are in bench for long time you may get call from higher officials and asked you to search project.less hikes for freshers.Lot of internal assessments which can never help you.

Qualification Criteria:
  • Degree : BE/BTech/ME/MTech/MSc
  • Percentage criteria :
    • 10th Standard – 50%
    • 12th Standard – 60%
    • Graduation(UG) – 65%
    • Post-Graduation(PG) -65%
  • Backlogs are not allowed
  • Should be having full time degree from any recognized university by Govt of India
On-Campus Package:In Project Readiness Program(PRP)/training, 15,000 per month stipend given to employee. Then it will increase in between 3 LPA. to 3.13 LPA for B.E/B.Tech/MSc and for M.E. /M. Tech – 3.3 LPA- 3.5 LPA, Service agreement is for 2 years for freshers.

Off-Campus Package:Almost Off-Campus package also same as On-Campus package.

Wipro Selection Process:

  • Online Written Test.
  • Technical Round.
  • HR interview.

Note : Each and every round is an elimination round.
some times they will asked you to write an essay after online test before going to Technical round, In interview they will review that essay and ask questions regarding what you written in an essay.This may lead to rejection also, so don’t neglect this, define with your simple English in a meaningful way.

Wipro online exam pattern :
Wipro online test will be conducted by AMCAT. Online Exam will be consisting of English , Quantitative, Reasoning, and Computer programming sections.

Section-1 : English

25 questions , 25 minutes
2 Reading Comprehensive will be there having 4 questions for each RC
Remaining Questions will come from antonyms,synonyms,Subject-Verb Agreement,Tenses and Articles,Prepositions and Conjunctions,Sentence arrangement,Spotting errors.

Section-2 : Quantitative
16 questions , 16 minutes
Questions will come from Divisibility,HCF and LCM,Number systems, decimal fractions,Simple and Compound Interest,Time, Speed and Distance,Logarithms,Permutation and Combinations,Probability,Profit and Loss,questions on Powers.

Section-3 : Logical Reasoning

14 questions, 14 minutes
Questions will come from Coding-Decoding,Directions,Blood relations,Selection decision tables,Puzzles,Seating arrangement,Number series,Analogy,pattern recognition,Logical word sequence,Data sufficiency,syllogisms.

Section-4 : Computer programming

14 questions, 17 minutes
Questions will come from Data Types,Iteration,Recursion,Decision Procedure, functions and scope,Data Structures
Arrays,Trees, Graphs,Stacks, Queues, Hash-tables, Heaps,Searching and Sorting,Complexity of algorithms and Linked Lists,OOPs principles Inheritance,Polymorphism,Abstraction,Encapsulation ,,

Things to know to clear online Exam :
As I mentioned above it will be of 4 sections having different sectional timings.Time won’t carry from one section to another section and one most thing to remember is you won’t go back to previous question once you proceeded to next question.no negative marking will be there.Be aware of all the topics which i mentioned above and you will be having simple questions only, here time management will place a crucial role.so if you are not able to solve the current question choose any one appropriate option and proceed to next question.If you keep on spending much time for complex questions, you may not be see the easy questions at the end this may happens lack of time management.Remember one thing at the end of section you will be having easiest questions.Clearing Wipro Online exam is simply I can say luck because here questions will come by one from the server, some times there will be a chance to get all easy questions. After completing one section you will be having 1 to 2 min break before proceeding to further round. Be relax and get ready for another section.If you want continue immediately to next section also you can continue by skipping that time.Overall the questions from all section will be easy to solve only but managing time to cover the all questions is important.

How to clear Wipro Technical Round ?:
After clearing online exam as i mentioned above next round will be technical,sometimes they may asked to write essay before technical round on some trending topics like Swachh Bharat,Make in India,Unity in Diversity.Coming to technical interview as usual first question will be tell me about your self?,Describe in your simple words about you.meanwhile Interviewer will glance on your Resume and ask you tell about your final year project, if any internships mentioned in Resume.They will check what programming languages you mentioned there.If you are Non-IT background they will ask you simple questions on C language like define pointer,structure,arrays.They may asked you to write basic C programs on primary number,Fibonacci series,Armstrong number,palindrome,Reverse the string etc and core side projects they will ask.If you are from IT Background,your interview will be little bit depth compare to Non-IT guys.They will mainly focus about your programming skills.Regarding project they will ask you many questions,what technologies you used and why and all.They will ask you database side questions from SQL.Be prepare about your project clearly,remember that they will cover all technologies you used for your project.So be Tharo with project and technologies you used for project.you must be confident enough with your answers that’s it.

How to clear Wipro HR Round ?:
If you come to Hr round,your chances to get job almost high.Your attitude and confident is important here.They will check how you are responding to them,how confident enough you are.They will ask you some basic questions like,Are you able to relocate anywhere,Are you able to work in shifts etc.Please don’t say no.Here HR’s will tell about company bond period and all just listen to them.Surely they will ask you one question at the end,Do you have any question to ask me?,So be prepare with at least one question to ask them or you can refer our SAP-Labs-Interview.
Wipro Official Careers Page : Click Here

All the very best & Good luck for Wipro Interview

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

#Just_Beware :- About CTS off-campus fake google doc stating hiring 2014 , 2015, 2016 n all !

#Guys : There is no such opening in CTS....#humble request Don't submit this form ! some Spammers simply created for misusing your details !


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Image result for infosys logoShare this & help your friends

INFOSYS Freshers : Step By Step GUIDE 

Hello Friends,
I'm providing some important info regarding the Infosys below here.
Please go through it carefully, and i think this will be some what helpful for u all.

Many are Sending Queries Regarding Infosys Call Letter, Exam Pattern, Interview Pattern, How to Apply for Infosys….and so on….

I'll give Explanations to all these Questions each in separate Mails. Plz go through them which will be helpful to all of you at present and also in your coming future.

Regarding Applying to Infosys:
Infosys is giving Notifications regularly these days and many people are applying to it. Some are getting Call Letters immediately and some are not getting and some are getting after a short span of time. So, no need to worry about how many times to apply to Infosys. We can't do any thing regarding this issue, and have to wait for the Call Letter.

Regarding Call Letter of Infosys:
The Main thing about the Call Letter is "Call Letter will be sent to BULK Folder of One's Mail". Some body are Emptying their Bulk Folder and in a dilemma that whether they got the Call Letter or not. No need to Worry if you also do in the same way. You will get Call Letter to the Permanent Address mentioned in the Resume applied to Infosys, and also get a group of SMS's from Infosys HRD if you have a mobile also and mentioned that no. in your Resume.
Don't Delete these things. If you have any one of the above, they will allow you to the exam.
The Next main Thing is we can't decide who are getting the Call Letters and basing on which criteria they are getting the Call Letters. But, one thing is sure that, if your academic % from 10th are above 65 - 70, then you will get the Call Letter surely, though not now some other time. No need to worry about it, why bcoz they are about to conduct some more exams in the coming days. So, don't worry much abt this matter and start preparation for the examination.
E-mail id is: careers@infosys.com
Regarding the Things to be Taken to the Exam:
-- We've to take the Call Letter sent by the Infosys to the Exam. If Call Letter is not came through mail or through post, and if you got only SMS from the Infosys HRD, don't worry about this. You will be allowed into the Exam if you show the SMS to them. So, don't delete the SMS from the cell.
-- We've to take any Identification proof of our self, like College ID, Electoral ID, Bank Credit / Debit Card which consists of our photo on it, etc., Be careful, they won't accept any Bus / Railway passes, Institute ID Cards.
-- We've to take Two Passport size photographs of us to the Exam.
-- Be sure to take the Xerox copies of the marks list to enter the marks into the Application form given by them to be filled up by us before commencing the exam. If you are not having the marks lists also no problem, but you have to enter the Total marks scored in 10th, Inter, Degree, Pg, and Total Max.
Marks and the overall % calculated as - (Total Marks Obtained in All Sems / Years) / (Total Max Marks of all Sems / Years). Be sure to enter the % based on this calculation only.
Regarding Filling the Application Form:
They will ask to Fill an Application Form before the commencement of the Examination which consists of 4 pages and regarding our personal details, like
  • - Date, Place of Birth
  • - Blood Group
  • - Allergies
  • - Last Major illness / Surgery with specific date
  • - Eye Vision
  • - Parent's Details
  • - Passport Details (If not having, no problem)
  • - Educational Details along with % (from SSC to PG)
  • - Languages Known
  • - Previous Working Details (If Experienced)
  • - Two Reference's Addresses & Details like Email, Ph no. (can give our HOD's or lecturers Details) for the Verification purpose
  • - Two Infosys employees details (if known any body)
  • - Whether appeared for Infosys or Progeon (Sister concern of Infosys) previously
  • - Educational Achievements like Scholarships, prizes
  • - Extra curricula Activities & Achievements
  • - Etc., and some more details I think so.
So, be careful to know about all the above details before going to the Exam itself. Otherwise, they will not consider our Application I think so.

Regarding the Exam Pattern:
The Exam is for 1 1/2 Hours, in which 1 Hour is given for 10 Puzzles to solve, and the Remaining 1/2 an Hour is given to answer 45 Simple English Grammar Questions.
There's no Need to Worry about the English. It'll be Quite Easy.

Regarding Puzzles & English:
The Puzzles is of 50 Marks, and i came to know that we have to score above 35 to get qualified in the test. They will take the Puzzles Question Paper after the completion of 1 Hour. So, if there are any unsolved puzzles, you can note them in the rough paper which they will give you to make the rough work, and can try to solve them during the English Section, as all are saying that English section will be very easy and will be completed within a short time.
Prepare all the previous Placement Papers questions and also go through GRE Barrons for some types of puzzles, and Shakuntala Devi Two Books. "Puzzles Insight" by Y.R.K. Mahesh is also a good one.
It consists of all Generalized Answers for all types of Puzzles which can be implemented very easily.
Be Careful in Solving the Puzzles and presenting the Answers to them in the given Place. Be Sure you are providing the Answer to the specific Question only in the Allotted Place. Some Questions may be typical a little bit, but don't skip them, as some times they may carry more weightage than other questions, not regarding marks. They will check who tried to solve those questions and selecting those candidates. I don't got answer to one question, and came to know that the persons who tried to solve that question got selected in the written test. So, don't leave any question though you don't know it and don't got answer also.
Some times, they are asking two essays and asking to write an essay among them. I think its optional.
If you got selected in the written test, then that's all. You can be confirmed that you got selected for Infosys. 99% of the people got selected in the written test got selected in the Interviews also. The remaining 1% those who not selected are because of their communication skills. That's all.

Regarding Interview:
The Interview is of Purely HR Based. There will be Two Persons. One Younger and One Elder. Younger One make to keep us cool, where as Elder one fire the Questions on us, that too HR Questions.
The Questions are as Follows : -
Tell me About Yourself.
What are Ur Strengths and Weakness.
Explain Ur Project in Claymen Words and Do U Tested it or not
Why do you want to join in Infosys? What do u know about us?
Why should we hire you?
What can u do for us if you are Selected?
What are your strengths and Weakness?
What's the time you faced a lot of trouble in your life and how you solved it?
And some more questions like this,
And questions based on your Interests and Hobbies……………..
They stress mainly on your hobbies, so be careful in answering to those questions.
Also, they will ask some two to three, or some are asking upto 5-6 puzzles. There's no need to solve them all at the spot itself. It's enough if you explain how you will solve those puzzles. That's all. They will check how you are trying to solve those problems and your way of approach to solve them.
They will ask u whether u have any questions. Be prepare well for this, and ask some worthy related questions. Don't try to ask the info regarding infosys, as they expect you to be prepared for it. Ask some questions regarding training or abt the responsibilities you have to play if u are selected, like that. There's a lot of questions to be asked in this regard.
Try to prepare some worthy questions and try to ask them.
Ok naa. That's all. They will say that u'll be informed within 3 weeks. But, sometimes it may take upto 2-3 months also. In the mean while, they will enquire all the details provided by you in the application and in the resume are correct or not. So, be careful in providing the exact and correct information to them at any stage.
Never give up at any stage. Just check your mails, most importantly, "BULK" mails, as the mails sent by them are going into "Bulk" Folder, weekly twice. You can get mail from them at any time, mentioning that you have been selected and get ready to join in the company.
In the mean while, you can go through your daily routine. Don't think much about the mail sent by them. They'll sent the mail whenever they think you are worthy to be selected and got cleared all the info regarding you. That's all.

All the Best for You.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Resumes & Cover Letters

The average recruiter spends six seconds scanning a resume. What do you want your target audience’s key takeaway to be in that brief time?
Your resume is a marketing tool designed to communicate relevant experience and accomplishments to your target audience. A resume is not a biography.
Tailor your resume for different audiences, and highlight the information most relevant to that audience.

Resume Guidelines

  • Header: Includes your name, email (use Stanford GSB alumni email), and phone number. You do not need a street address. Repeat your name on the header or footer of page 2.
  • Summary: Communicates your core brand and competencies. Define what’s unique and relevant to your target role. It often includes your years of experience and bullet points of your key accomplishments or skills. Limit the summary to 4 lines plus bullet points.
  • Experience: Highlights work experience in reverse chronological order. If career changing, consider organizing bullet points under functional categories. If your company is well known, then no company description is required. If it is not well known, add a one-line description after the company name.
  • Additional Work Experience: Any experience older than 10 years should be listed in another section titled “Additional Work Experience.” In this section, each job should list only the employer and the job title.
  • Education: Follows “Experience” section because we recommend that experienced professionals lead with their professional story. If you are over 50, consider omitting graduation dates.
  • Additional: Highlights languages, relevant skills, volunteer work, and/or interests.


  • Maximum of two pages. Remember to put your name and email on the second page of the resume, in case the pages get separated.
  • Left-hand justified as U.S. recruiters scan from left to right.
  • Use bold font to highlight either your company or your title, whichever will be more impactful to your audience.
  • For each job, average 4 bullet points of no more than 2.5 lines each.
  • Minimum 0.70 margins. White space helps people scan.
  • Avoid additional formatting like lines, graphics, and italics — unless they help readability.
  • Use an easy-to-read font such as Calibri or Arial.


  • For each job, include size and scope, revenue or budget managed, and number of people on your team.
  • Bullets should focus on results and measureable impacts you’ve had, as well as unique contributions.
  • Be as quantitative as possible: revenue growth, money saved, market share growth, etc.
  • Use strong action verbs.
  • Make the most interesting fact at the beginning of the bullet; it will entice the reader to read the rest. 

Cover Letter Guidelines

Your cover letter communicates your interest, qualifications, fit, and value to a prospective employer. In other words: Why do you want me? And, why do I want you? Keep it brief and simple.

Why You Want Me

  • Talk about why you are a match for the job.
  • Highlight relevant skills and experiences as well as demonstrated passion for the sector.
  • Bullet the highlights (no more than 4) for easier reading.

Why I Want You

  • Express clearly why you are drawn to this company and role.
  • Communicate your enthusiasm.
  • Show your interest by working in your knowledge of the company and industry and its products, services, customers, and recent news.

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SAP Labs Interview Tips for the freshers as well as experienced candidates,I’m gonna describe each and every possibility to be placed in the SAP Labs.So do not skip any line in this article,If you do then you are going to miss some SAP Labs Interview Tips which are helpful in your SAP Labs Interview.

About Company: SAP Labs is a well known product based software company.Basically it’s an German multinational software corporation and it will make enterprise software to manage the business operations as well as customer relations.SAP Labs is founded in 1972-year by Dietmar-Hopp with 4 more people.The companies headquarters are present in Walldorf,Germany.SAP Labs is serving the customers and clients across the globe.The key-people behind the company is Hasso Plattner(Chairman of the Company) and Bill McDermott(CEO of the Company).SAP have regional offices in 130+ countries and The company have 293,500 customers in 190+ countries across the world.The total employees working in SAP is 76,986 as of on 2015.SAP is the 3rd largest software and programming company in the world as of on 2016 and the company is operates in 6 geographic regions including Europe,China,US,Canada and etc.The SAP company will be more focus on 25 industries and 6 industry sectors such as process industries,discrete industries and many more.SAP Labs have an R&D locations which will develop and research as well as improve the SAP core products and the main 4 SAP Labs are located in Germany,India,China and US.

SAP Labs Offices Across India: SAP Labs offices are located in   Bangalore(Karnataka),Gurgaon(Haryana),and the third location is Pune(Maharashtra).

SAP Labs Services and Products: Enterprise Software services and The products are CRM,ERP,PLM(Product Life-cycle Management) SCM(Supply Chain Management),SRM(Supplier Relationship Management),Business Solutions,Industry Solutions,Platform and Frameworks.

Employee Voice At SAP Labs:

Pros & Benefits:
  • Flexible working hours for the employees,You can come and leave at anytime as long as you finish your work.
  • Company will allow to work from home once a week as a policy.You can get more also with your manager permission
  • Employees who are working for the company continuously for 5-yrs or if you have been the employee for more than 2-year then you are eligible to take the 2-years Sabbatical leave(leave for entrepreneurship or start-up).
  • Free food for the employees Breakfast,Lunch,and dinner,Non-veg is thrice a week
  • Free shuttle services to the all employees
  • In-case of death of an employee,their family members can entitled to financial benefit from the company.Employees also can request for financial help for very high medical expenses.
  • Maternity policy also applicable to the women as 6-months paid leaves and Men get 3-weeks of Paternity leave
  • Employee can receive voucher worth 5000 per each new born/adopted child in their family
    On Employee Birthday he will receive 2000 worth voucher from amazon or you can donate to the charities also
  • For Wedding employees will get 5000 worth voucher
  • We can see that Challenging work environment in the company and everyone around you are some of the best minds of the industry as a competitive person so you will felt motivated.
Cons: Oops Most of the company employees said that “No cons,we have been enjoying at SAP Labs for many years”.

Qualification Criteria:
  • Candidate must be have good academic records from 10th class on-wards.
  • Degree: B.E/B.Tech/MCA/M.Tech completed candidates
  • Good Communication and Technical skills

On-Campus Package: Around 6 LPA for the freshers

Off-Campus Package: Same as On-Campus package
SAP Labs do hire freshers from off-campus as well as on-campus and through referral drive also.Now a days they are hiring through some consultancy,the SAP Labs Interview is involved in few stages,I’m gonna discuss each and every step of SAP Labs and we will try to explore tips also in our today’s article.SAP Labs is a product based company,it will be doing innovation on their own products and some times service base company also may seek the help of SAP company.Even though ABAP is always been kind of legend in SAP kingdom,Till to now SAP has been released many products and variety of technologies.which have changed the way users and clients/customers.We can say that SAP HANA.SAP Fiori-UX/UI5 is some popular technologies in SAP.Freshers will have many opportunities and areas to choose their work and career in SAP.At SAP you will definitely have enough work and you won’t be idle for more time.One more interest thing is you can change your team after 2-years.Now a days many were doing SAP course so i would like to explore the career opportunity after completion of SAP Certification,If there is one opening means approximately hundreds of people will be in queue for the opportunity,So i’m not regretting to do the course,
you can do the course but my suggestion is if you are good enough at financial background just go ahead with SAP Certification,it will be helpful to get the job with SAP. One more thing is it’s all about individual interest one who pursue the career in SAP.In SAP we have many modules and areas you should have to pick right module which will suits to your skills.Most of the time SAP will be preferred the candidates who did the certification from reputed institutes or organizations.

SAP Labs Selection Process:
  • Online Test
  • Technical-Round-1
  • Technical-Round-2
  • Managerial Round
  • HR Interview

How to Clear SAP Labs Online Test:  I already discussed in our previous Tech-Manhindra-Interview post that,If we clear the Written exam then we have many chances to select for the company.Coming to SAP Labs online test  this test is conducted by mettl.com and the test is divided into following sections
  • Psychometric Test
  • Aptitude (Quantitative/Logical) Test
  • Technical Aptitude Test
  • Design Aptitude Test
  • Coding Test
The total duration of the test is for 105 minutes and there is no particular order to attempt the sections.You can move in between the different sections and questions at any-point of time.
You have an option to change your marked answers also.

Psychometric Section: In Psychometric section you have 10-minutes of time.You have to complete this section before going to further section.In this section you may get several questions to test your personal/behavioral skills they may ask the same question more than once in a tricky manner,So be-careful because if you end up giving different answers to the same question means your likelihood of getting through may decrease drastically so before going to answer the question first read the question twice then put an answer.This test is only to check the candidate personality and behavior so  you need not to prepare well for this,you just need common-sense while answering the questions

Aptitude Section: In this section most of the time they are not focus on normal questions they we are find in quantitative aptitude books such as time&work and number system,profit&loss problems.They will give the questions like logical reasoning dominates,In one word we can say that puzzle type questions with basic aptitude.There are little to no quantitative aptitude questions.So prepare puzzle type aptitude questions and do not neglect the quantitative also but try to more focus on seating arrangements,coding/decoding puzzle type questions.

Technical Section: In technical-section you may get 5-10 questions,few questions will be objective and one or two questions had a code which we supposed to debug it.You can easily answer the technical section objective questions which are from software engineering/C aptitude/OOP/Data Structures.Coming to debug program we had an option to view the programming languages such as C,C++,Java,C# and we have to select the programming language and we need to debug the problem given.Most of the candidates said that it’s simple C programming questions and DBMS questions.So my suggestion is to prepare well with basic programming skills and DBMS concepts as well as go through the OS and Computer-Networks because they may put few questions from these subjects as well.

Design Section: This section is pretty simple,they will give you an image and asking the questions related to an image,such as how many different human faces do you see in the given sample picture etc.So need not to worry about this round,with basic common-sense you can put the right answer.If you want to practice questions on this section then google it.

Coding Section: In coding round you will get 2 questions.You have choice to attempt these questions in C,C++,Java or C# programming language.You will have some questions as Find the GCD ?String Palindrome,Swapping without using Temp Variable? like that, Attend the coding section first because this section have more weighting than other.If you clear the programs then you can do some aptitude as well to clear the online test.If you are strong at quantitative then do all the questions and come back to the coding section.But you must be strong in Coding or Quantitative to clear the test.
Note: Be clear with the basic programming and DBMS concepts as well as aptitude to clear an Online test of SAP Labs Interview.

Technical-Rounds: Online shortlisted candidates will call for an technical interview.In technical round they will focus on Core Java,DBMS and Data Structure questions.Make sure to know each and everything that you have mentioned in your resume and in technical they may ask some puzzles also so be prepare to face the puzzles and some general questions related to concepts of inheritance,classes,objects.The questions are not difficult and not easy also they will observe the confidence and eye-contact while you answer the questions.Just practice FAQ’s of JAVA and DBMS concepts and some basic programming questions to clear SAP Labs Interview.

Managerial Round: In this section you may expect tricky questions such as “Why should Our company hire you and Tell me your unique skills ?”, “If you get 2 offers from two various companies,Whom should you prefer ? “,”How can you handle multiple projects at a time ?” like that
tricky questions you may expect in this section.Need not to worry about this section because i hope you are good at replying these type of questions.Just practice few Interview questions before going to an SAP Labs Interview.

HR Round: As i discussed in Tech-Mahindra-Interview same questions you may expect in HR round of SAP Labs,such as “Tell me about yourself”,Hobbies,if you mentioned anything related to presentations they may ask you about that.So just answer the questions which they asked, do not smart to answer innovative especially in SAP Labs Interview HR round.

Important Note: Never say SAP to anyone who is taking the interviews,Always say that ‘S’ ‘A’ ‘P’ to them because they are very particular about this thing,they may reject you also.
Note: I shared some experience based on on-campus/Off-campus so make sure to read all the above sections and be prepare well for SAP Labs Interview.
Official Job & Updates Of SAP Labs: Click Here

All the very best & Good luck for SAP Labs Interview
Tech Mahindra Interview tips and tricks for all the job-seekers those who are going to attend the Tech Mahindra Interview soon.Let me discuss all Tech Mahindra Interview tips with you so that you will feel easy with Tech Mahindra Interview process.

About Company: Tech Mahindra is an Indian multinational provider of IT,Networking technologies solutions,as well as BPO to the telecommunications industry.Tech Mahindra was founded in 1986 by Anand Mahindra.It’s headquarters are present in Pune(Maharashtra),India. Tech Mahindra is a part of Mahindra Group.Techmahindra is a 4.30$Billions company which is having 105000+ employees across the world(almost 51+ countries).TechM is providing services to the customers including fortune 500 companies. TechM is one of the Fab 50 company in the Asia.In India TechM has been ranked as #5 for IT(Software services)firms and 111 rank in the fortune India 500 list as of on 2012.TechM have 800+ active clients across the globe as of on 2016. TechM is merged with Mahindra Satyam on 2012.

Tech-Mahindra Offices Across India:  Ahmadabad, Bangalore(Karnataka), Bhubaneswar, Chandigarh, Chennai(Tamilnadu), Gurgaon(Haryana), Hyderabad(AP), Kolkata, Mumbai(Maharasthra), Noida(UP),Nagpur, Pune(Maharasthra) and Visakhapatnam(AP)

Tech-Mahindra Services: Data Center(DC),End-User-Computing and Networks-Security(NS) and IT-Infrastructure-Operation-Management as well as Infrastructure-Consulting-Services

Employee Voice At TechM:

Tech Mahindra is really fun to start as fresher,We Had lot of good time in training.In working environment we will get Exciting,Motivating and good team dynamics,good culture as well as good company values.Seniors are very helping nature,and development environment is very good at TechM and one more thing we will get good work life balance and good benefits to the full time employees.In techM everyone given chance to apply for H1B lottery and those whose name comes in lottery will able to go US.TechM have Excellent Infrastructure.People are very nice in working environment.

In TechM employee growth becomes limited after few years,Company will take lots of initiatives decisions but the problem is they are not able to implement fully, can not reap benefits of these initiatives if you are ask for release, you will have to sacrifice the year’s appraisal and finally hike is less as compare to other companies.everything will be depends on projects what you get. Very less exposure to freshers in Techm. Less visibility. In techM i find more people try to compete with people instead of the work.

Qualification Criteria:
  • Candidates from BE/BTech/ME/MTech/MCA/MBA/BSC/BCA
  • Percentage should be 60% and above through-out your academic back-ground
  • Between the courses more than 1 year gap is not entertained
On-Campus Package:In training/the first 6 months of probation period, it will be 2.47 LPA. Then it will increase in between 3.07 LPA. to 3.25 LPA. Tech-mahindra bond is for 2 years for freshers.

Off-Campus Package:Almost Off-Campus package also same as On-Campus package.
Most of the Selected Candidates said that it’s really easy to crack the Tech-Mahindra Interview process campus placement, just candidate must have to be good in time management as well as good in problem solving skills and communication skills.Candidates has to more concentrate on accuracy and time. Candidate has to solve more number of questions in given time. TechM questions are not tough as you expected they are just basic questions.As i said earlier in the Capgemini-Interview process,Only practice is the mantra behind to crack any company exam.I’m recommend you to first look at some previous question papers of Techm and understand the topics from which questions are appear in the exam(You need not to be worry i will discuss which topics you have to concentrate more for written exam).Once you get a basic idea from the previous papers then you can start preparing those topics intensively and the difficulty of the problems in each topics should be like a crescendo and helpful to you.

Tech Mahindra Interview Process:
  • Online Written Test
  • Essay Writing
  • Technical Round
  • HR interview
How to Clear Tech-Mahindra Online Written Test? :
170 questions, 80 minutes(it may vary according to the company decision). You must has to keep your mind and time in proper way to think.Written exam is the most precious for the job-hunters and I am not afriad anyone here mentioning it as elimination Round, I am just trying to convey that written test where half of the students get eliminated in all the companies because it’s a easy task to pick the few candidates for their needs. TechM written test has 2 rounds(as per 2015-16 pattern) am discussing with you it may change according to the year also.Written Test which consist of Quantitative Aptitude, Logical questions and English Grammar questions and the essay writing round. mostly the Quantitative Aptitude sections questions will be focus on Ratio&Proportions,Partnerships,Percentages, Time&Work, Speed&Distance, as well as from Probability so you can refer RS Agarwal book to practice the QA questions.Next the Logical section questions will be from Analogy,Directions& Distance,Blood Relations,and Seating Arrangements,Ranking and Sequences questions.Keep your focus on solving both questions equally because sectional cut-off may matter.
Important Note: Only English is enough to crack the Techm Written because frequently they will ask 80 question from English portion which are from Antonym,synonym,prepositions,article,sentence-corrections,jumbled paragraph,50 questions from quantitative round and reasoning,This 50 questions are easy to solve even no need to prepare expert level,Rs Agarval book is enough. Just remember that make your typing speed good and accurate because after clearing the online exam you have write an English essay without making an error in 2 paragraphs.

How to clear Tech Mahindra English Essay ?:
So guys points to remember while writing the essay writing,they will use a computerized software for an essay writing round, So please do follow the very little things to clear it,The test is very much similar to MS-Word correction scheme. So don’t be smart to use difficulty words just try avoiding misspelling the dictionary words.Guys remember and follow the below mentioned kind of ending and starting a sentence- in the essay round Hi, I am JobGot . I love to be working in Jobgot. observe the space I included after I terminating the first sentence. The most important thing is decreases the count of grammatical errors in the essay.The duration of essay is 10 minutes so just try writing a minimum of 200–250 words.

Keep This Also in Mind while writing Essay:
  • Keep your thoughts clear and use simple words
  • Make sure to avoid Grammatical mistakes.
  • Please Don’t make things complex.

How to clear Tech Mahidra Technical Round ?:
As i discussed in Capgemini-Interview Process same is applicable to TechM also,Technical interview in TechM is not so much tough to clear, You just need some basic ideas of your branch.
go through some puzzles and if you are problem solver then the puzzle just take a bit time to solve,
don’t argue that you are a very good programmer in-front of interviewer, they will ask you some programming questions/data structures and basics of C language,You can expect straight forward questions like finding the palindrome number/Armstrong number/Sorting and etc.in Data structures they will ask simple linked lists questions such as insertion,deletion and etc. practice few questions that’s enough, Have the idea about binary tree, and you may expect some questions from searching and sorting.Most of the time they will ask you about your academic projects and internship you have done and mentioned in your resume.Guys just be confident and work well with things you mentioned in the resume. answer the questions quickly and fluently. Don’t be aggressive with answers act a bit zombie if you are not sure about the answer.and if you don’t know the answer exactly then just say that I’m unable to recollect the answer or you can say that you don’t know the answers and don not try bluffing the Technical Interviewer.

How to Face Tech-Mahindra HR Round ?:
Earlier as i discussed in Capgemini-Interview same as here they will ask about yourself and hobbies and some tricky questions.Do not be smart with HR because they may catch you at point of time just answer obediently and make sure to get good impression with the HR person.

Once You selected The following hierarchy will be followed by the company :
  • U1- fresher, Associate software engineer
  • U2- after one year since the date of joining you will promote to Software engineer
  • U3- it takes another 2–5 years senior software engineer.
  • U4 – Tech Lead
  • P1A- Project Manager for Technical
  • P1B – Project Manager for Management
  • P2A – Program Manager for Technical
  • P2B – Program Manager for Management
Note: Company reserves the right to make changes in the written exam but in 2016 some on-campus experiences i shared with you.
Note: Guys if you are good at communication skills and better academics in college and high schools then it will play an advantage in your interview.if you don’t have good academics, still you can make it through by your confidence and skills in the Tech Mahindra Interview.So my tip is to stay confident and be calm and composed throughout your the Tech Mahindra Interview.
Tech-Mahindra Official Careers Page: Click Here

All The Very Best For Tech Mahindra Interview

Thursday, November 24, 2016

#JUST_FOR_your_Motivation : About GOOD & Bad Academic % people !!

1. Don't show any attitude here guys !! If you have 70% or 80% and all GOOD......!!Anyhow you need to get JOB here by cracking all interview process only by own effort.......and for that you need to prepare well for interview..!!
Don't think if you having good % means you know everything ......!! Upto College level its Ok ....U were topper n all ..............BUT here in IT industry for cracking each and every round you need to show your talent !!

2. Less % people : It's ok its your past mistakes !! Now you can't go back and re-attempts your academic right ? So think about your future with your present skill .......!
If you people really want to get a job then work for improving your all skill including technical skill..so you can attend & Clear interviews by showing own skill rather then just showing good % !
Try 1000 interviews.........TRUST me 1 company will hire you based on your talent for sure..........!! And after getting job after getting experience no one going to ask about your % .!!

3. problem is : higher % people thinking they known everything ...and less % people thinking i have less % so what is the use of preparing .!!
#AHH>.................FRESHER's .......KOI YAHA BORN Talented nai hai .!!
SO DON't compare yourself with anyone ....#YOU_are here to change your life .!!
YAR.........Search JOB for 1 year or 2 year......But KEEP on learning from your mistakes ....#ONE day you will have 4-5 offer based on your talent for sure.!!
#PEOPLE_Please Change your Poor mentality and Negative thinking ..!!

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Capgemini Interview tips for the job-seekers please go through it and do not miss any single line make sure to use this tips to crack the Capgemini Interview Process.

About Company: Capgemini is a one of the most famous and fastest growing IT company in the world. Basically Capgemini is an French Multinational management Consulting corporation company. Capgemini’s headquarters are in Paris,France. Capgemini is world largest consulting technology as well as outsourcing companies.The CEO of Capgemini is Paul Hermelin since from Dec 2001.The total employee of Capgemini are approximately 180,000+ in almost 40+ countries.Recently Capgemini acquired IGate global solutions.The main operations of Capgemini will be in North and SA(South America) and Northern Europe and Asia Pacific as well as Southern Europe .Capgemini is serving world-wide those services are Consulting,Technology and Outsourcing as well as Local Professional Services.

Company Services : Consulting,Technology and Outsourcing,Management and etc these are the main services of Capgemini.

Employee Voice At Capgemini:

Pros: I can proudly say that,we can learn good technical stuff in Capgemini. Company is providing nice work culture,we can feel more job security in CG, no politics in work environment,we can found many technical peoples in our premises,CG is having good Infra, peoples care you more if your good at technical, some time good appraisal CG is having nice cafeteria,CG is good option for freshers because freshers training is awesome to learn more to earn more, enjoy GYM & other indoor sports.

Cons: For Promotions in Cg,need to wait at least for 3/4-years. In CG on site opportunity is depends on the projects you are involving in. Appraisals are also not up-to the mark.

Qualification Criteria:
  • 60% throughout academics(Class X , XII and Graduation).
  • Education gap should be not more than one 1-year(You have to check before applying).

On-Campus Package: 1st 6-months 2.4 Lac/Year(Probationary period) and later it goes to 3.03 Lac/Year.

Off-Campus Package:Off campus candidates will get a package of 2.4LPA and it remains for a year till next increment to 3.05LPA.
Yeah i know most of the candidates are waiting for the tips to crack an Capgemini  Interview,I strongly believe in swami Vivekananda’s words they are “when we are learning we have to learn like a servant than automatically we will be fit as master” So before learning Capgemini Interview tips first we must has to concentrate on Company profile.Once our profile is matching with the company services then we can apply some tips and tricks to crack the IT companies.

Capgmeini Interview Process:-
  • Online Aptitude Test
  • Online Written English-Test(Essay)
  • Technical Round
  • HR
How to crack CG online Aptitude Test:
Before going to fight with your enemies first you must has to enter in to the battle-field so guys work hard for what you want because it your’s desire thing won’t come to you without a fight or hard-work. You have to strong and know that you can do anything if you put your mind on it and fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight but finally never stop fighting and never give up Totally 32 Questions,Duration is 50minutes. Coming to capgemini online aptitude test,Most of the candidates are failing to clear the written exam of CG and IT companies are following 60:100 formula,It means that they are terminating 60 Candidates out of 100 candidates.So carefully follow my instruction to clear an online-apti-round.Do not blindly read all the aptitude questions in every book.just follow me that’s enough to clear an Written in CG

Capgemini online aptitude test is conducted by Cocubes : Cocubes is an hiring platform for the most IT companies,CG is also conducting exam with the help of Cocubes. So go to google and explore some sample papers of cocubes for CG company.Definitely you will get comfortable with those.

Now concentrate on Sections of written
  • 16-Questions from Quantitative Aptitude(QA).
  • 16-Questions from Reasoning.(LR)
Topics to Cover for Quantitative Sections: This is the most dangerous section for the candidates so to make it easy concentrate on specified topics and the section consist the questions that are based on the topics such as puzzles, graphs, charts, tables,profit loss, time speed, time work, ratio proportions and etc.we can say that, the section’s difficulty level varies from moderate to difficult.So practice more questions from specified topics and give less time for another topics. Practice as many questions as you feel to comfortable.Most of selected candidates are suggested that RS.Agarwal book is enough to practice the quantitative section.
Topics to Cover for Logical-Reasoning: This section checks the reasoning skills of the candidates.It consists of the questions from age,syllogisms,blood-relations,directions,and some tricky questions and etc topics.Refer Rs.Agarwal reasoning book to understand the LR questions.This section is totally depends on your mind so feel comfortable do concentrate the questions with all your mind.Never give a chance to enter the unknown thoughts because Logical section you will feel multiple answers for the question.So cool and be with your mind in the exam.Definitely you will tick most correct answers. Practices also matter,give some time to practice the LR questions also but Quantitative-apti is most important than LR.
Note: Its important to every one to clear this test with sectional cut-off to attend the for further rounds.No negative marking for the written test.

*Note: Company reserves the right to make changes in the written exam but in 2016 some on-campus experiences i shared with you.

How to Crack an Essay Writing In Capgemini :
Essay in English-Duration-30min: Do not worry more about essay writing in English because you need some basic English skills to clear this round. I’m gonna tell you one example please do follow in the exam.CG given me write about Google,hmm so first take one rough paper and write that ” What,Why,Pros,Cons” this four will tell you about your essay,Now start writing the essay do not forget to keep in mind your topic theme.What is Google? write that google is a search engine and it’s providing many features to the users blah,blah like that you have to write at-least 80 words about google,Next one Why google ? Now assume your topic theme and write like google is for the solutions of all the problems,it’s been giving instant ideas blah,blah write 80 words about it,Next coming to Pros write at-least 4 Pros and Coming to Cons write 2 or 2+ Cons in your essay. Now do not end up with that words write one more thing because it’s play a key role in your selection its conclusion,write how to get benefited with the topic and how to get overcome its Cons.That’s it but make sure to follow specified order and essay should be more-than 300+ words.

How to Clear an Technical Round in Capgemini:
if you cleared the above two rounds means you are almost 90% confirm your place in IT companies because MNC companies are hiring for future purpose they won’t check in-depth of technical skills in the candidates so do not worry about TR round in MNC and do not neglect also. First of all make sure to have an idea about your academic project and prepare well with the S/W life cycle methodologies.What are the project functionalities and what software/tools you were used in your projects and what is your role in your project.Just have some clear idea
about your project after that,Basics of C,Java questions with the examples.Technical interview may ask you about “what is inheritance ?” you are not suppose to tell only the definition of it explain him with the one sample example if possible relate your definition with the real-world entities because if your relating with your answers with real-world entities then they are more chances to clear an TR round.Most of the candidates are saying that “I don’t know programming then how to clear TR” don’t worry about all programming just practice some FAQ of programming questions that’s enough to clear an TR round.Most of the time Capgemini recruiters show the interest to ask about your academic projects.So work on your project detailed to crack an Capgemini Interview Process.

How to Clear HR round in Capgmini:
Successfully if you were clear the above 3 rounds means you are one step far for your dream job with capgemini. Coming to HR round most of the candidates are complain that i don’t have English speaking skills i never spoke with anyone in English then how can i clear the HR round like that but guys believe me just one question will give you a job in HR round it’s “Tell me about yourself” please i’m suggesting you to write one brief introduction about yourself on the paper and practice an many times as you feel comfortable.Only one question will declare your future so do not neglect on this question because you must has to start with this question,Tell the answer loudly and clearly by maintain eye-contact with the HR person because first impression is the best impression for your further questions also.If you are good at telling stories you can chit chat with the HR person if not just answer his/her questions and do not speak unknown things because if you accidentally told something means you must has to explain those things also so be-careful with HR person answer their question with smartness.I hope you will practice the specified question twice in a day to clear Capgemini Interview process

Conclusion: Concentrate on written exam because if you are unable to clear an written-exam then you can’t taste the other rounds of an Capgemini Interview.

Note: Just reference our article and make sure to practice some previous Capgemini Interview sample papers/questions  which are available in google before going to attend the Capgemini Interview.

Official Capgemini Jobs-Updates-Visit: Click Here

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