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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Just for Your info : About F2F technical interviews

#just_for_your_info :- About f2f technical interviews !

Being as job seeker's ...for any f2f round first Take a deep breath for minimum 10 minute and ASK yourself what all you know !

#Then look around your resume whatever skill you have mentioned in your resume !
#Apart from check the JOB description ..For Fresher rare company share job details..but if you guy's feeling my job profile just opposite of job description THEN start looking on that !

#yar ...........Technical f2f rounds purely depend on interviewer mood ....! suggested here 10000 times ! IF you are perfect job seekers THEN just be prepared well from your skill your resume perfectly !
Doesn't mean yesterday one interviewer asked java but my profile is in testing or something else means they going to ask java only !
First try to expose yourself technically ..so interviewer gonna ask relevant questions !
Many people here asking i cleared written round tell me what all next question gonna ask in technical
Mere bhai ..just google it .........search top 100 c or java or testing or .net or any other skill question and start preparing yourself !
Jitna aata hai bindass answer karo ! No one gonna eat you :3
This post is all about how you guys feel comfortable yourself for next round !

IF you know ABC then just learn and prepare well from ABC ..you don't need to think about XYZ skill !

#Be a genuine job seeker's and try to expose your ABC knowledge perfectly ! Rest other you can learn basics at-least !
Interviewer are also human ...you can't read each interviewer mind like kon kya question karega ....Ho sakta hai koi tumko technical que b na karega but gonna select !

#End of ...Just be prepared well from your resume each n every content ......!
yar interviewer are normal human being like yours ....extra things is they have some experience and they in need some creative and exploring guys who can handle organisation with some creative and extra talent !
be creative in interviews ..If selected then its really good ..else learn from rejection and start improving on your mistakes !
IT me koi bura ya galat nai sochta until n unless your proper effort!

Accept the rejection and Move away for your destination .! Aaj ek company ne reject kia ho skta hai kal tum kahi aur select ho jao !

#COOL .......Improve yourself guys ! mai bs experience share kar skta hu tumko personally trained nai kar skta jab tak tum apne aap me improve na kar pao

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