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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Huawei latest drive Candidate Experience

Hello friends,
Today I attended interview at Huawei Bangalore. He asked me 4-5 puzzle questions and 4-5 C++ questions.

Questions are:

  • 1. How to fill a 9 litre bottle using two bottles of 8 ltr and 5 ltr?
  • 2. 25 horses, 5 tracks. How many races is required to find top 3 horses?
  • 3. C++ diamond problem.
  • 4. Display nth node from last of a single linked list. Only logic.
  • 5. Find out if the no is a power of 2 or not.(hint:bitwise)
  • 6. Delete a node from linked list. That node is only given. No head is given. Node means both data and next value.
  • 7. Virtual stuffs from OOP (vtable, vpointer)
  • 8. Inheritance
That's all.

Thank you

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