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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

JuMacho Tech Private Limited Placement papers or Candidate Experience

Today I attended an interview at JuMacho Tech Private Limited. I want to share my experience.

1st Round:
They will provide you question paper consisting of 2 questions related to test cases and one question related to the calculation of an error % and one question related to percentage concept.
Test Cases related questions are

1) Suppose there are 3 fields in which you have to enter the value of the 3 sides of the TRIANGLE and when you will click on the OK button,based on the sides of the triangle a pop up message will display which will tell that given triangle is a SCALENE triangle or ISOSCELES or EQUILATERAL.
So, we have to write the test cases related to that.

2) Write the test cases for X+Y=20.Where X and Y are the integers.

2nd Round: 
In this they will give you the registration page of their own company consisting of 10-15 fields. We have to write the test cases for that.

3rd round:
In this one person will ask questions like introduce yourself and some questions related to your final project.
(The way you answer the questions, the next question is from that question itself).

4th Round:
This round is with manager.
(He told me that actually we want a person who have done automation, so you said you can leave for the day).

Overall the company is good for those who have less % and want to work in startup.
So ThAtS AlL!!

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