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Saturday, February 4, 2017

Image result for TriumphsysHiring Software Engineer in Test for Banglore

Triumphsys is having opening for Associate Engineer for Bangalore location

Experience: 3 to 4yrs

Job Location: Bangalore

Note: This Drive is Exclusive for CrackMNC users only Check Below how you will get entry in the venue

Skills Required:
  • understand the test automation requirements (manual test cases), test automation architecture and implement to deliver high quality automated test cases, which are easy to maintain
  • Adhere to software development process and coding guidelines
  • Develop stubs
  • Participate in the code reviews of the test automation code

Required Skill Sets:
  • Very good knowledge of C#, Object Orientation and Design Patterns
  • Good knowledge of SDLC
  • Good communication skills in English (written and oral)
How to Apply:

If you are interested in the below openings, kindly send your updated to CV to poojat@triumphsys.com with the Job Title as Subject i.e., Applying for Associate Engineer | Posted on CrackMNC.com
And Mention below details in mail body
1) Current location:
2) Total Experience:
3) Current CTC:
4) Expected CTC:
5) Notice Period:
6) Passport number
7) Passport date of expiry (DD/MM/YY):

Please share this mail with your friends or colleagues looking for a change

Pooja Thakur

Website: www.triumphsys.com

Cell: 8451044270

#WALKIN_ALERT:  Broadridge Financial Hiring MBA / BCOM Finance Freshers !

Walkin Interview on 6th February from 3 PM

#Note :- Its very good company guys ! Must attend !

Note: This Drive is Exclusive for CrackMNC users only Check Below how you will get entry in the venue

Candidate Specification:
  • Fresher B.COM/BBA/BBM/MBA/M.COM Graduates (2016 Batch) 
  • Must have effective written and oral communication skills
  • Flexible to work in night shift
  • Should have basic Knowledge of MS office, Excel and Word
  • Available to join immediately
Note: The below candidates need not apply
B.Tech + MBA

Prospective candidates can Walk-in for an Interview Discussion on 6th Feb 2017 at 3:00 PM

Documents Need to be carry on the Drive:
  • One government ID Proof
  • Printout of this job posting page of CrackMNC for the gate entry
  • 2 Copies of your Resume and mention CrackMNC.com on top of your resume for reference. 
Interview Venue : - Broadridge Financial Solutions India Pvt Ltd
DivyaSree NR Enclave, Beside TESCO office
Plot No 1, EPIP Industrial Area,
Whitefield, Bangalore

IBM Series questions with Answers:

1. 39,41,25,26,27,38,40,24,25,26,____ Answer:26
2. 4,2,4,8,6,8,16,____ Answer:14
3. 4,11,66,74,370,379,____ Answer:1516
4. 3,8,12,48,29,____ Answer:144
5. 4608,2304,576,288,72,____ Answer:36
6. 11,13,17,19,23,29,31,37,41,____ Answer:43
7. 0.8,1.8,3.6,3.6,4.6,9.2,9.2,10.2,____ Answer:20.4
8. 0,1,2,0.5,2,2,2,2,4,3,2,____ Answer:3.5
9. 1,3,3,2,8,10,3,4,12,4,8,____ Answer:12
10. 7,-14,-4,15,-30,-20,-21,-42,___ Answer:52
11. 3.2,4.2,4.7,2.7,6.2,1.2,7.7,-0.3,9.2,-1.8,___ Answer:10.7
12. 1/2,5/4,2,11/4,7/2,___ Answer:17/4
13. 2,9,5,49,11,169,____ Answer:17
14. 9,3,24,4,9,3,36,6,9,3,30,____ Answer:5
15. 2,12,30,56,90,____ Answer:132
16. 2,9,30,105,_____,2195 Answer:436
17. 2,5,9,1,5,10,3,8,____ Answer:14
18. 8,7,11,12,14,17,17,22,___ Answer:20
19. 33,8,4,46,21,____ Answer:17
20. 2,6,5,11,26,17,____ Answer:38
21. 1,46,163,388,757,_____ Answer:1306
22. 6,8,10,8,15,17,12,16,___ Answer:20
23. 11,8,17,14,23,24,31,32,___Answer:41
24. 1/4,1/4,1/2,3/2,6,____ Answer:30
25. 4.2,7.2,11.4,6.1,9.1,15.2,3.8,6.8,___ Answer:10.6
26. 5/6,1/3,1/2,1/2,2/8,1/4,5/6,1/6,2/3,1/2,1/3,____ Answer:1/6
27. 24,42,1/2,2,65,56,1 1/5,5/6,73,37,___ Answer:2 1/3
28. 2,1,2,3,2,9,9,0,1,1,9,____ Answer:1
29. 40,39,37,33,26,15,____ Answer:-1
30. 6,18,21,8,11,33,2,6,9,5,8,24,7,21,___ Answer:24
31. 9,15,26/3,29/2,25/3,14,8,27/2,23/3,___ Answer:13
32. 38,36,76,35,114,34,____ Answer:152
33. 4,4,5,6,8,11,16,24,_____ Answer:37
34. 10,12,-36,-7,-5,15,19,21,___Answer:-63
35. 9,3,6,21,9,12,33,15,18,____ Answer:45
36. 18,13,16,33,112,____ Answer:535
37. 4,3,8,4,24,13,60,____ Answer: 38
38. 42,12,40,2,62,____ Answer:13
39. 124,62,60,30,28,14,___ Answer:12
40. 8,8,10,18,44,124,____ Answer:366
41. 2,3,6,13,28,___ Answer:59
42. 2,9,23,79,415,____ Answer:3103
43. 4,64,1,1,3,27,2,___ Answer:8
44. 34,4,21,59,43,3,20,66,12,2,16,___ Answer:30
45. 0,1,1,1,1,2,1,3,3,1,___ Answer:5
46. 162,98,50,___ Answer:18
47. 2,6,5,14,11,26,17,____ Answer:38
48. 2,1,2,4,8,2,16,0.5,8,3/4,___ Answer:6
49. 1,-1,2,-6,2,-2,4,-12,3,____ Answer:-3
50. 1/2,5/4,2,11/4,7/2,____ Answer:17/4
51. 3,4,12,6,1,8,8,4,5,6,30,____ Answer:15
52. 1/2,1/4,3/4,3/8,7/8,7/16,____ Answer:15/16
53. 2,7,-35,7,12,-60,5,10,_____ Answer:-50
54. 340,680,1428,3141.6,_____ Answer:7225.68
55. 7/6,3/2,1,5/6,13/6,5/2,____ Answer:2
56. 92,48,16,10,6.5,____ Answer:5.25
57. 3,6,0,18,4,5,1,20,5,1,6,____ Answer:24
58. 7.2,2.2,3.2,16,11,12,60,55,56,___ Answer:280
59. 135,486,422,224,140,541,134,431,145,596,421,124,150,_____ Answer:651
60. 52,62,42,78,89,68,49,61,39,63,76,___ Answer:53
61. 2,1/3,2/3,6,7,1/2,7/2,14,20,1/5,4,___ Answer:100
62. 3,8,2,7,7,12,12,____ Answer: 17
63. 1,11,21,1211,111221,_____ Answer:312211
64. 2^4,6,5^9,14,11^15,26,17^25,____ Answer:42
65. 9,7,7,9,13,___ Answer:19
66. 4.2,26.0,8.9,8.4,52.0,17.8,16.8,104,____ Answer:35.6
67. 12,48,96,384,768,____ Answer:3072
68. 7,4,6,3,4.5,1.5,2.25,-0.75,____ Answer:-1.125
69. 7,28,63,124,____ Answer:215
70. -16,-8,4,24,12,-6,-40,20,____ Answer:-10
71. 1,2,9,24,120,36,_____ Answer:5040
72. 3,1,13,11,31,29,____ Answer:57
73. 6,120,504,1320,_____ Answer:2730
74. 1/2,3/16,5/8,____ Answer:11/16
73. 0.00005,0.001,0.02,0.4,_____ Answer:8
74. 1,2,3,5,7,10,13,17,_____ Answer:21
75. 18,20,10,12,4,6,____ Answer:0
76. 2,4,8,2,16,0.5,8,3/4,____ Answer:6
77. 32,0.2,160,15,0.5,30,28,0.7,____ Answer:40
78. 1,3,3,2,8,10,3,4,12,4,8,____ Answer:12
79. 5/6,1/3,1/2,1/2,2/8,1/4,5/6,1/6,2/3,1/2,1/3,____ Answer:1/6
80. 3,7,10,8,4,12,0,5,5,3,2,____ Answer:5
81. 56,88,33,21,57,88,35,19,60,85,30,____ Answer:24
82. 5,1,2,8,8,1,0,9,9,2,3,____ Answer:14
83. 4,2,4,8,6,8,16,____ Answer:14
84. 9,4,16,6,36,21,441,____ Answer:421
85. 4,20,84,340,____ Answer:1364
86. 1370,1320,1070,-180,_____ Answer:-6430
87. 8,2,14,6,11,_____,14,6,18,12 Answer:9
88. 3,10,13,20,23,30,____ Answer:33
89. 18,24,5,21,27,8,17,23,4,24,30,___ Answer:11
90. 3,8,12,48,29,____ Answer:144
91. 21,22,21,22,23,22,23,24,23,24,____ Answer:25
92. 1,1/2,3/2,2,5,1/3,16/3,15,12,1/4,49/4,___ Answer:48
93. 9,3,6,21,9,12,33,15,_____ Answer:18
94. 0,1,1,2,0.5,2,2,4,2,2,4,3,7,2,____ Answer:3.5
95. 3,8,13,24,41,____ Answer:70
96. 3,4,12,6,1,8,8,4,5,6,30,_____ Answer:15
97. 2,3,10,15,26,____ Answer:35
98. 507,169,248,62,36,12,168,42,168,____ Answer:56
99. 100,98,95,90,83,____ Answer:72
100. 5,6,7,8,10,11,14,_____ Answer:15
101. 4,3,5,9,12,17,____ Answer:26
102. 3,6,11,18,___ Answer:27
103. 54,49,____,39,34 Answer:44
104. -15,-14,34,32,-42,-39,58,54,-61,____ Answer:-55
105. 18,20,22,20,28,20,_____ Answer:36
106. 4,10,8,14,12,18,_____ Answer:16
110. 2,3,5,9,17,33,65,____ Answer:129
111. 1/3,1/5,3/25,9/125,_____ Answer:27/625
112. 1,1,4,8,14,42,___ Answer:51
113. 2,12,30,56,90,_____ Answer:132
114. 15,31,63,127,255,____ Answer:511
115. 1,3,6,10,15,_____ Answer:21
116. 9,3,6,21,9,12,33,15,____ Answer:18
117. 17,19,23,29,____,37 Answer:31
118. 40,41,41,42,42,42,44,44,_____Answer:44
119. 3,8,13,24,41,_____ Answer:70
120. 165,195,255,285,345,_____ Answer:375
121. 986,7248,14832,432246,1264824,________ Answer:2122432168
122. 17,18,19,34,35,19,20,____ Answer:21
123. 10,18,15,23,20,28,_____ Answer:25
124. 4,20,35,49,62,74,_____ Answer:85
125. 2,7,36,4,14,225,6,21,_____ Answer:576
126. 1,2,3,3,5,4,7,___ Answer:5
127. 46080,3840, 384,48,8,2,____ Answer:1
128. 4,10,____,82,244,730 Answer:28
129. 95,115.5,138,_____,189 Answer:162.5
130. 7,0,1,8,5,12,9,26,3,23,2,____ Answer:28
131. 1,1,2,4,6,36,39,1521,_____ Answer:1525
132. 1.8,3,0.6,2.5,5,0.5,3.4,2,1.7,4.8,6,____ Answer:0.8
133. 9,12,4,8,12,15,5,9,3,6,2,6,6,9,____ Answer:3
134. 1,1,3,9,11,121,___ Answer:123
135. 48,46,42,38,____ Answer:34
136. 7,-35,-34,-3,15,16,4,-20,____ Answer:19
137. 18,24,5,21,27,8,17,23,4,24,30,____ Answer:11
138. 7776,625,64,9,2,____ Answer:1
139. 2,9,5,49,11,169,17,____ Answer:361
140. 3^2,27,3^4,243,_____ Answer:3^6
141. 1,2,3,6,11,20,37,68,____ Answer:125
142. 5,1,2,8,1,0,9,2,3,14,1.3,2,____ Answer:17.3
143. 2/3,5/3,19/6,31/6,23/3,32/3,85/6,____Answer:109/6
144. 1,3,3,2,8,10,3,4,12,4,8,____ Answer:12
145. 13,24,36,23,34,56,33,44,96,43,54,_____ Answer:156
146. 4,11,66,74,370,379,_____ Answer:1516
147. 5,16,22,68,28,87,34,______ Answer:106
148. 39,41,25,26,27,38,40,24,25,____ Answer:26
149. 6,3,3,9,12,5,7,35,8,6,2,____ Answer:12
150. 9,15,8 2/3,14 1/2,8 1/3,14,8,13 1/2,____ Answer:7 2/3
151. 1/3,1/2,1/4,7/3,7/2,17/4,13/3,13/2,____ Answer:33/4
152. 7,19,43,91,187,_____ Answer:379
153. 5,50,10,40,15,30,20,20,____ Answer:25
154. 3.2,4.2,4.7,2.7,6.2,1.2,7.7,-0.3,9.2,-1.8,______ Answer:10.7
155. 49,7,98,16,4,48,9,3,36,25,5,______Answer:125
156. -5,1,-11,23,29,17,-20,-14,____ Answer:-26
157. -12,6,-15,-5,28,-14,9,3,-18,_____ Answer:9
158. 0,1,2,0.5,2,2,2,2,4,3,2,____ Answer:3.5
159. 2,3,10,15,26,____ Answer:35
160. 3,11,31,69,_____ Answer:131
161. 6,18,21,8,11,33,2,6,9,5,8,24,7,21,____ Answer:24
162. 4,3,144,1.5,2,9,3.2,2,____Answer:40.96
163. 1,9,0,2,7,1,3,5,2,4,3,____ Answer:3
164. 11,17,-6,-13,24,30,-19,-26,20,____ Answer:26
165. 0.5,2,3,4.5,6.75,____Answer:8.25
166. 40,39,37,33,26,15,____Answer: -1
167. 34,4,21,59,43,3,20,66,12,2,16,____ Answer:30
168. 1/4,1/4,1/2,3/2,6,_____ Answer:30
169. .7,1.2,1.2,2.2,1.7,3.2,2.2,4.2,_____Answer:2.7
170. 2,3,5,9,17,33,____ Answer:65
171. 23,8,34,81,33,____ Answer:27
172. 56,89,33,21,57,88,35,19,60,85,39,____ Answer:15
173. 2,9,5,49,11,169,____ Answer:17
174. 35,5,7,12,14,2,7,9,42,6,7,_____ Answer:13
175. 48,24,25,7,16,8,75,15,80,40,_____ Answer: -5
176. 2.2,5.5,8,36,40.5,263.25,340,748,1714,______ Answer:7198.8
177. 1/2,16,4,15,3,56,____ Answer: 28/3
178. 22,21,34,33,45,____ Answer:44
179. 14,2,12,4,10,6,____ Answer:8
180. 3,17,29,113,241,_____ Answer:727
181. 3,6,0,18,4,5,1,20,5,1,6,____Answer: 24

#Just_for_your_Info : CTS interview process for ITIS profile

Guys ...IF your interview is in CTS office then there will only two rounds :

Technical + HR

IF its in some college then first round will be Amcat online test ! After clearing this next round will be in CTS office.
As profile is for ITIS profile so don't mention any technical / programming skill in your resume or add only few with basic keyword.

Technical round : Must prepare well from networking related questions like OSI layer, IP addressing n all ..google it or check CrackMNC interview question section

Must concentrate on your communication skill,

CTS interviewer always check good communication with networking skill for this profile !

HR Round : GO through commonly asked HR question, go through company detail, profile details !

ALL the Best

1) Aptitude round:

  • -> Cocubes conducted this process.
  • -> 16 questions from quantitative aptitude.
  • -> 16 questions from logical reasoning.
  • -> Total time allotted for combined both 50 minutes.
  • -> No negative marking but "sectional cutoff is here".

1. Make 13 questions from both sections accurate.
2. Many people told they have made all correct but still they were not selected. I made 26 accurate.
2) Essay writing:

  • -> My topic was online shopping.
  • -> Word limit 240.
  • -> Time half an hour.


  • 1. Make the essay in around 240 words.
  • 2. Give a space after full stop and also capitalize the next word after full stop.
  • 3. Give a space after comma.
  • 4. Never write any spelling wrong. Double check that.
  • 5. It is main criteria to eliminate.

Result came out of 350 students from our college only 42 were selected. I too was selected for next round.

3) Technical round: (My stream CSE)

  • -> 5 panels were there.
  • -> Panel 2 and 3 were asking HR questions in tech round too (It's luck).
  • -> My panel was panel 4.

1. Introduction.

2. Asked about my projects.
- What was that about.
- How I hosted the website?
- Why PHP?
- Why bootstrap?
- Any other language through it could have been made?

3. To write two programs.
a) String reversal.
b) To search duplicate characters in a string.

4. Language used for android and IOS?
He was happy and recommended me to HR. But strange thing was that everyone was given a chance to go through HR round.

4) HR round:
He was a very cool person.

  • 1) Intro.
  • 2) Why should I hire you?
  • 3) Strength and weakness.
  • 4) Topology and its type?
  • 5) Tell few search engines name.
  • 6) 5 GK questions. I was able to give 2 answer correct.

1) Keep smiling.
2) Be confident.
3) Practice all the questions before.

Things needed for placements:-
1) Good communication skills. (Improve by reading newspaper and by youtube tutorials)
2) Good knowledge of C (basic programs), Java (basics), Data Structures (minimum-> sorting and linked lists) and (DBMS or networking or software Engineering).
3) Luck and have faith in god.

Results came 19 out of 42 selected. I am one of them. Sharing this for all you lovely people here.

Remember never lose hope. After each and every failure try to improve yourself. Focus why were you rejected by last company. Remove those errors. Be optimistic and keep working. Be strong after each and every rejection. One day will come when you will be a winner.

Best of Luck friends and brothers

Hi All,
IBM India is visiting M.S Engineering College, Bengaluru on Wednesday, February 8th, 2017 to conduct pool campus recruitment drive for 2017 passing out students.

Reporting Time: Sharp 9:15 A.M.. in New Seminar Hall, R&D Block.

Eligibility: Any percentage with no present backlogs

Branches: B.E / M.Tech / MCA (CSE, ISE, ECE, EEE, Mechanical and Civil)

Location: Bangalore or Hyderabad

Interview process :

  • 1) Initial screening and assessment of communication skills
  • 2) Voice & Accent assessment (Telephonic or In-Person)
  • 3) Technical Interview (Telephonic or In-Person)

Documents to be carried :

  • 2 copies of resume 
  • Photocopies of marks sheets from 10th till date
  • Government issued photo ID card & college ID.

Note: Students are requested to apply using the below mentioned link on or before Monday February 6th, 2017.

Apply Here:


For details, Please contact H Madhusudhan - Placement Officer, MSEC.

Mobile: 9845120300, 9341199909.


#Pune fresher Candidates apply here

#Siemens Off Campus Drive for BE & ME 2016 Pass out Batch on 10-02-2017 at PCCOE, Nigdi Pune at 9:00am

Image result for siemens logoHi,
Greetings from CENTRAL PLACEMENT CELL of Pimpri Chinchwad college of Engineering (PCCOE), Nigdi, Pune & Pimpri Chinchwad college of Engineering & Research (PCCOE&R), Ravet, Pune!!

It gives us pleasure to inform that Siemens off campus Recruitment drive (For 1 year Internship with stipend Rs. 3.6 Lakh p.a) for BE & ME Mechanical/ CS/ IT/Production/E&TC 2016 pass out batch is scheduled on 10-02-2017 at 9:00am at Pimpri Chinchwad college of Engineering (PCCOE), Nigdi, Pune

Please find below details.

Eligibility :

Degree : BE & ME

Pass out year : 2016 (they should be having degree & there should be no back log)

Branch : Mechanical/ CS/ IT/Production/E&TC

Overall Percentage : Aggregate 60% ( 10th - 60% , 12th - 60%, Engg. Agg. 60% or ME Agg. 60%)

Selection Criteria:

  • 1. Technical Test: C & C++
  • 2. Aptitude Test
  • 3. Technical Personal Interviews
  • 4. HR Interviews for final selection

Joining: Immediately

Internship Duration: 1 year

Stipend: INR 3.6 L PA

Documents Required (Original & photocopies) :
  • 1)SSC Marksheet
  • 2)HSC Marksheet
  • 3)Graduation / Post Graduation or other mentioned degrees’ all years’ mark sheets
  • 4)Photo ID proof (Licence/College ID/Passport etc.)
  • 5)2 photographs
  • 6)Resume

All the eligible students are requested to submit the details below the signature at the bottom of this page.

Apply Here


#Bangalore Candidates Walk-Ins 

#Walkin for Software Engineer (Java) OnMobile Global Limited

#Job Profile

  • Candidate should have sound understanding of Computer Science basics with strong knowledge of Java/ J2EE. Must have good understanding of OOP Concepts, collections and multi-threading. Should have knowledge of HTTP based Web applications. Should have strong knowledge of JDBC and Database engines such as Oracle or MySQL.
  • Working knowledge of JSP, Hibernate, Servlets, Java Collections Framework, JAXB, etc.
  • Knowledge in Hibernate and Spring Framework would be a plus.
  • Working Knowledge of Javascript & JQuery would be a plus.
  • Should be able to manage a live product (with assistance from team lead). Involves regular interaction with Delivery and Operations teams.
  • Ability to grasp the big picture and high level architecture.

Interested candidates can walk-in for interview on 4th February 2017 at the below mentioned 

OnMobile Global Limited
Tower # 1 94/1 C & 94/2, Veerasandra Village
Attibele Hobli, Anekal Taluk, Electronic City Phase-1
Bangalore - 560 100

Apply Here:


Friday, February 3, 2017

#Fresher's Walkins Bangalore: 4th Feb 2017 ( GO Through all List)

#Note : Misys and CTS Drive is purely Call based. No Chance to Enter with any Edited call !
Keep checking our  FaceBook page for all latest updates :
1. Teknoturf consultancy hiring 2016 fresher for Capgemini ! 4th Feb

#Note :- You people can try here but after clearing all rounds they will ask 40k and you need to join some training program THEN basedon assessment test you will get Joining on Capgemini.
Direct Walkin on 4th February 2017 | Reporting time : 9AM sharp
Eligibility BE, BTech, 2016 pass outs - Circuit branches (Computer Science, Information Science, Information Technology, Telecommunication, Electronics, Electrical, Electronics & Communication, Instrumentation) only.
10th& Diploma/12th - Minimum 60%
Graduation (Engineering) Aggregate of 8 Semester 60%
1 year gap post Diploma/12th before commencement of Engineering degree is acceptable
Please bring photocopies of all the certificates and 2 stamp size photos
Test locations : Bangalore, Chennai & Coimbatore
Tvaksa Technologies Private Limited
Plot No.116, Shailendra Tech Park, 3rd Floor, EPIP, 3rd Stage
Whitefield, Bangalore - 560066, (Near Neil Rao Towers )
Chennai Address : Loyola-ICAM college of Engineering and Technology,[LICET]
Loyola College Campus, Nungambakkam,Chennai - 600 034
Landmark: Brownstone Apartments, Mahalingapuram
Contact: 7373065076 | 8760371995 | 7639237071
Coimbatore Address: Srikrishna College of Engineering & Technology
Kuniamuthur, Coimbatore – 641 008
Contact: 9363232288 | 8144479493 | 9543239911
Test Details
Online Aptitude Test Logical and Analytical
Online Written English Test (Passage writing)
Interview Details
Technical Interview (only those who clear aptitude test are eligible)
HR Interview (only those who clear technical interview are eligible)
The Process
1] Test / Interview by Capgemini
2] Conditional offer letter by Capgemini
3] Self-sponsored training @ Teknoturf Coimbatore
4] Clear the relevant Industry certification
5] Post training interview by Capgemini
6] Join Capgemini @ any of their offices in India
More info : http://www.teknoturfplacement.com/capgemini/mail.html
Job Highlights
Job role is Software Engineer / Analyst
Job location could be at any Capgemini office in India
No Service bond
Tvaksa Technologies Private Limited
Plot No.116, Shailendra Tech Park, 3rd Floor, EPIP, 3rd Stage
Whitefield, Bangalore - 560066, (Near Neil Rao Towers )
Contact: 9894982451 | 7845406748 | 9443291993
2. Amazon Hiring Freshers for TRMS Profile !
Walkin Interview on 4th February from 9 AM
#Criteria : @ALL Interested candidate can try!
Current Role : Transaction Risk Investigator
Walk-in dates : 30th January to 4th February, 2017.(Monday to Saturday)
Timings: 9:30AM to 12:30PM
Job Location: Bangalore
Please carry resume, passport size photograph and one Original Govt ID proof for interviews.
Additional Benefits:
Transport, Night Shift Allowance, Over Time Benefits, Sodexo meal vouchers, Performance Incentives (if applicable)
Eligibility Criteria :Transaction Risk Investigator Minimum qualification is Graduation.
Compensation range: 290000 to 390000
Bagmane Constellation Business Park Amazon Development Centre Orion Building Doddanekkundi ORR (Opp. Soul Space Arena mall) Bengaluru Karnataka 560048, India
3. Directi Internet Solutions Pvt Ltd Hiring for IT Product Support !
Walk-in interview for IT support Executive - 4th Feb'17 Saturday from 10:AM - 2:00 PM
#Note: Mainly its for 1+ Exp guys..But freshers IF u want to try then check the below job details Then you can try !
Exact criteria : 1+ Year exp !
Job Descripon IT Support Execuve :
What is the Company like?
DirectI is a 1200+ crore group of businesses, that provide mass-market Internet products, to millions ofcustomers worldwide. You will be part of the internal infrastructure management team and will be activelyinvolved in managing a heterogeneous environment of around 1500+ desktops and 100+ internal servers.
Responsibilies/Team Management Skills:
Candidate should have good knowledge of IT product.
Should possess good communication and multi task handling skills.
Drive closure of local IT user calls within the specified SLAs.
Coordinate with contractors/vendors, monitor progress of work, escalate delays, changes to the manager.
Review/Prepare Daily, Monthly and Quarterly call analysis report, Call Trend report, Hardware failure report.
Co-ordinate with Manager & Engineer's for any process, management changes or technical support changes.
Coordinate with Procurement team and ensure stock availability for daily operations .
Act as a reliable point of contact for the Service Desk team for issue escalations & non-standard service requests
Create conducive team-atmosphere by applying required motivation.
Plan and execute maintenance schedules.
Technical Skills:
Installation, configuration and Managing of Windows 7 up to Windows 10 machines.
Should have excellent troubleshooting skills on Windows Desktops OS.
Should have basics knowledge of Mac, Linux and Network
Strong hardware troubleshooting skills.
Installation, configuration & management of Servers, WiFi Router and Network devices.
Installation and Management of mail application like MS Outlook and Thunderbird.
Should have hands-on with Google Apps (Gmail, Google Docs, etc)
Monitoring of Servers and Network devices to ensure minimal downtime.
Inventory management for hardware and software's.
Backups and Profile migration for users
Co-ordination with vendors for mely resoluons on hardware related calls.
User and security access management using Acve Directory Services
Manage centralized Kaspersky Anvirus server, WSUS, WDS, File & Print services
Basic knowledge of DHCP, DNS, SCCM
Should have good knowledge of RAID
Should know how to upgrade firmware and BIOS
Directi Internet Solutions Pvt Ltd.,
BG 15, 7th Floor,
Pritech Park Annex,
Bellandur Village,
Bengaluru - 560103
Contact Person : Ranjana / ranjana.s@media.net
4. PAYTM Hiring Freshers for Operation Associate Profile !
Drive is on 4th February 2017 Time:10 am
Eligibility Criteria:
1. Degree: BE / B.Tech
2. Candidate must have degree of BE & B.Tech.
3. Students of 2015 & 2016 batch only
4. Must have good communicating skills.
Selection Process:
Written – Aptitude Test
Group Discussion
Personal Interview.
Interview Location:
No.144/533, 2nd floor, 22nd main, 150 Feet Ring Road, HSR Layout 1st Sector,, Agara, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560102
Bring a Updated Resume
5. CSS Corp hiring for L1 Network Engineer !
#Note :- AS per Criteria min 6 month required. But Freshers go through below JOB details.. If you are good on same then try your Luck !
Walkin Date : 04 Feb 17 | Time : 10:00 Am to 5:00 Pm
Experience : .0.6 to 3 Years
Location : Bangalore
Skills and Experience:
Networking basics: (Good)
Good understanding of OSI layers
Common port numbers (FTP/HTTP/HTTPS/TELNET/SSH/SNMP etc)
Technical Skill Sets:
Good understanding of OSI Model,
TCP/IP protocol suite (IP, ARP, ICMP, TCP, UDP, SNMP, FTP, TFTP).
Bridging and switching concepts, LAN technologies such as Ethernet, Gigaethernet
Experience in using packeth, wireshark, ftp/scp etc
Resource should have minimum CCNA or equivalent certification, additional certifications / certification on firewalls preferred.
Contact Person : Ranjani / Gerard Andrews
Slash Support Pvt Ltd
Unit -B(2) Ground Floor,
Voyager Building,
ITPB Bangalore SEZ
Whitefield Road,
Bangalore 560 066
6. Pwc hiring 1+ exp SAP SD, SAP MM, SAP Basis !
Interested candidates directly walkin to the below venue
on 4th Feb 2017 (Saturday) by 9:30 am
Exp required : 1+ year
We are hiring SAP SD, SAP MM, SAP Basis candidates on 4th Feb 2017 - Saturday at PWC, Bangalore Office.
Only B.Tech/BE Graduates can apply.
It is mandatory to score 60% and above in their academics, otherwise they will not be eligible.
Job Description:
Experience in SAP SD (at least one End to End implementation in Indian context) as team member or lead
India Localization (CIN) experience would be required.
Interested candidates walkin
The person should be an engineer, should have done SAP Implementation as a SAP MM consultant. Understanding of taxation is mandatory requirement.
The person should have configured CIN as part of the implementation.
The person should have good presentation and communication skills.
The person would be part of the team who would be responsible for rolling out GST
SAP Basis
Should have SAP Basis experience, should have at least 2 system installation and maintenance experience.
Should have worked across OS ( windows and UNIX) and should have experience working with major databases.
Understanding and experience of Upgrade/Installation of HANA servers would have preference
PricewaterhouseCoopers Private Limited
1st Floor, Tower D,
The Millenia 1&2, Murphy Road,
Ulsoor, Bangalore 560008
Degree: B.Tech/BE (above 60%)
Designation: Consultant/Sr. Consultant
CTC: Negotiable
Job Location: Bangalore
7. Allegis Group Hiring Freshers for HR / IT Recruiter profile!
Walk-in date; 4th Feb 2017 Time: 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM.
Qualification: Any Graduate/ Post Graduate Fresher
Experience: 0-1 Year
Work Timing: Day Shift - 9:30 Am to 6:30 Pm
Contact Person- Soundarya.Dass
Please carry your ID proof and resume .
Job Description
*0-1 year experience in any domain and interest in a career in recruiting.
*Responsible for identifying talent that meets the specific customer's requirements
*Build strong working relationships with internal stakeholders.
*Match the skill sets of the candidates to the job description provided by analyzing and screening their resumes
*Understanding & analyzing the requirement of the position based on clients specifications
*Involved in sourcing profiles through job portals, internal databases and professional networking.
*Utilize internal database to identify potential candidates
*Post job on the portals to increase the pool of candidates
*Develop creative ways to attract the right people for the available opportunities
*Conduct skills testing and reference checks
*Ability to recruit with a sense of urgency
*A strong work ethic and sense of commitment
*Good attitude and aptitude
*Good communication skills (fluency in English)
Benefits to Work with Allegis Group You can ask me more for Details
*D&I & CSR Activity
*Leader Speak
*Opportunity to work at TOP Clients office
*Internal Movement
*Opportunity for promotion and hike within a year
*Medical insurance for employee and Family members
*Mobile reimbursement
*Cultural Events
*Contest Trip
*Mentorship Program
*Huge Quarterly Incentive
* Team/ Family Outing and many More
Soundarya Dass
HR Recruiter Internal Talent Acquisition | Allegis Group, India
Email: sdass@allegisgroup.com |Direct: +91 3070 55940 |Mobile: +91 9035903574
India Office: Commerce @ Mantri, Level 3, No. 12/1 & 12/2, NS Palya, Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore- 560076
Allegis Group-Commerce @ Mantri,Level 3,
NS Palya Shopper Stop Building, Bannerghatta Road,
8. Team Lease Services hiring for HR / Recruiter profile!
Walk in interview on 4th Feb 2017 (Friday and Saturday)
Good Communication skills.
Hindi Mandatory
Any Graduate Freshers only.
Should be ready to join Immediate
We have a job opportunity to make career in HR. I have shortlisted your CV for further rounds. Please walk in to our office for next round of interviews.
Contact Person: Ashwini A R
Contact Number: 080- 33243046/8123460304
Team Lease Services Ltd
6th Floor BMTC Commercial Complex,
80Ft Road Koramangala
Bangalore 560 095
Job Details:
It is for HR back end process.
Day Shift Voice and Non Voice Support.
5 days working.
Salary 10K Stipend
Interview Rounds:
1. Aptitude Test
2. Face to Face (2 rounds)
9. IBM Hiring Freshers for Technical Support Profile !
Direct walkin on 4th February 2017 | Time: 11am- 2pm
Please carry soft copies of the below documents on a USB drive (ensure education docs scanned have all borders visible).
1. Current company's offer or appraisal letter (whichever is the latest)
2. Experience Letters from two most recent employers.
3. Last three months pay slips (with passwords, if any)
4. Updated Resume
5. A Govt. ID proof
6. Copy of your highest education mark sheets (All years/ semesters)
7. Copy of your highest education (Degree Certificate / Convocation Certificate).
Contact Person : SAM / Nisha
The dress code for the day is business formals or smart casuals.
Venue : D Block, Embassy Golf Links, Behind Dell, Koramangala, Bangalore
10.HGS International hiring For Technical Support profile !
Interview Dates: 4th, 6th & 7thFebruary| Timing: 10.00 AM to 03.00 PM
Roles & Responsibilities:
Resolving customer issues over call (Voice Process)
Skills Required:
Good ENGLISH communications skills and fluency in one South Indian language
Qualification: Graduate or Post Graduate in any discipline including BE & B tech can apply
Contact Person: Deepa | 7019499284
Salary Offered : 2,30,000 to 2,80,000 (Basis Relevant Experience)
Experience: Freshers or relevant experience in BPO upto2 years
Interview Rounds:
1. HR Round
2. Online Assessment
3. Operations Round
4. Client Round
Interview Address :
Hinduja Global Solutions, Novel Tech Park (NTP), 4th Floor, Behind Trident Hundai Showroom, Kudlu Gate, Hosur Main Road, Bangalore - 560068
*We have multiple branches of HGS, kindly ensure that you reach the right branch of HGS
**Kindly excuse us if the profile does not match your requirement. Please forward the same to those who might be interested in the profile mentioned above.
Please mention "To meet HR Deepa" on the resume.
Warm Regards
Senior Executive-Talent Acquisition

Like any doting father, it was 55-year-old Raju O’s dream to see his daughter Rasila reaching the acme in her career, and indeed his joy knew no bounds when she made it to a prestigious company like Infosys. But an ordinary wish was to come to a premature end, when his 24-year-old daughter was murdered in cold blood in the Infosys office on Sunday evening.
The ex-serviceman, who is now a part of Kerala home guard, came to Pune to collect his daughter’s body, laying the blame squarely on the Infosys management, emphasising that a legal battle with the company was awaited.

Infosys campus in Hinjewadi Murder Victim Father

“The police are saying that the security guard was harassing her. But she had complained to me earlier that her superior was harassing her and that the company was not allowing her a transfer to her desired place, Bangalore. Overall, after her death I feel that there is a problem with the management of the company. I hold the company responsible for the death of my daughter,” Raju told Pune Mirror.

Infosys campus in Hinjewadi Murder Victim Father

The emotional father recalled how three days ago his daughter complained of harassment at the hands of her senior, who allegedly was instrumental in stalling transfer to Bengaluru from Pune. “If she would have moved to Bengaluru my daughter would have been alive today,” said Raju.
Rasila lost her mother when she was still an engineering student. Raju brought her up single-handedly along with his older son. “After my son shifted to Abu Dhabi, my entire focus was on Rasila. I was happy when she was selected by Infosys. I thought her career would now shape up. But she was not very comfortable in Pune,” he said.

Infosys campus in Hinjewadi Murder Victim Father

He stressed that it is the responsibility of the company to ensure that a new employee of the company is made comfortable at the workplace, which was not the case with Rasila. “When she asked for the transfer, she was told that she would get it only on medical grounds. However, since she did not have any medical issues, she did not want to give a fake certificate for the transfer,” Raju said.
He recalled her last visit to her hometown when she was happy to spend time with the family, inviting her father to visit her in Pune. “Now I cannot come to terms with the fact that the last conversation with my daughter was about how unhappy she was here. At the time, I reassured her that everything would be alright eventually,” said he.

Infosys campus in Hinjewadi Murder Victim Father

Raju also questioned how a security guard could have access to the section where IT professionals work. “Were other people involved? I cannot help thinking that way. But I am going to fight a legal battle against the company to bring justice to my daughter.”

Current Openings
Product Development Trainee

Job Location: Bangalore, India

Note: This Drive is Exclusive for CrackMNC users only Check Below how you will get entry in the venue

Duties / Responsibilities

  • ONLY 2013, 2014 & 2015 Passed outs are Eligible for the Role.
  • Knowledge on SQL is Mandatory
  • Knowledge on Informatica Power Centre or Informatica Data Quality is preferred but not mandatory.
  • This will be a Contractual Position on Adhyapana’s Payroll.
  • Shortlisted Candidates will undergo training on Informatica Power Centre or Informatica Data Quality and will be deployed onto the product development or Client Location based on their performance.
  • The Candidate will not get any stipend during the tenure as a trainee (6 months).
  • The Training location will be in Adhyapana premises Kasturi Nagar, Bangalore. After successful completion of 6 months, the candidate will work from the Client location on Adhyapana Payroll.

Documents Need to be carry on the Drive:
  • One government ID Proof
  • Printout of this job posting page of CrackMNC for the gate entry
  • 2 Copies of your Resume and mention CrackMNC.com on top of your resume for reference. 
Walkin Details
Adhyapana Consulting Pvt Ltd
217/A, 2nd Floor, KVV Samrat, East of NGEF, Outer Ring Road,
Kasturi Nagar, Bangalore-560043.
Land Mark: Beside to Maintec Technologies.

If you have any queries, kindly call @9986477933.

Hr Recruiter:

Office: 080 – 41241185

Mobile: +91-9986477933

Email: info@adhyapana.co

How to Apply:

If you are interested in the below openings, kindly send your updated to CV to hr@adhyapana.co with the Job Title as Subject i.e., Applying for “Product Development Trainee”  | Posted on CrackMNC.com

#JOB_ALERT :- Accenture - Amcat next drive on New Delhi / Bangalore and Bhubaneshwar

Image result for accenture logo pngLink for Delhi/NCR : 


Link for Bangalore : 


Link for Bhuvneshwar : 


Job Description
About Company:
Accenture is a global management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company, with 257,000 people serving clients in more than 120 countries. Combining unparalleled experience, comprehensive capabilities across all industries and business functions, and extensive research on the world’s most successful companies, Accenture collaborates with clients to help them become high-performance businesses and governments. The company generated net revenues of US$27.9 billion for the fiscal year ended Aug. 31, 2012.

Profile: Associate Software Engineer (Level 12)

Eligibility Criteria:

  • - BE/BTech (Any stream) / MCA from 2016 batch - Full time courses only
  • - Eligibility score: Minimum 60% aggregate at BE/BTech or MCA level
  • - Not more than 1 year of gap in education.
  • - No current backlogs.
  • - Should be an Indian Citizen or Bhutan or Nepal Citizen. Bhutan or Nepal nationals need to submit a Citizenship certificate or a Govt ID Card. All other foreign nationals cannot apply for this position.

 Job Location: Across India and candidates should be flexible with any location

CTC Offered: INR 3,50,000 PA

Professional Skills Requirements:

  • - Eagerness to contribute in a team-oriented environment 
  • - Ability to work creatively and analytically in a problem-solving environment 
  • - Desire to work in an information systems environment 
  • - Good communication (written and oral) and interpersonal skills

Interview Location: New Delhi / Bangalore and Bhubaneshwar
(Please Note: Interview Date and Venue will be confirmed Post registration process is over)

V. IMP- Post applying, eligible candidates will be receiving a mail containing a link to register on Accenture Portal. It is mandatory to register on the same as well in order to receive the Admit Card/Call Letter for interview process.Job Responsibilities: Software Engineering professionals work across the Service Delivery Lifecycle to analyze, design, build, test, implement and/or maintain multiple system components or applications for Accenture or ourEducation: B.Tech/B.E., MCA

Salary: 3.5 LacsIndustry: IT

#Fresher's Walkins Bangalore: 3rd feb 2017 ( GO Through all List)

#@: Read Detail carefully -> If possible call before Attending

Keep checking our  FaceBook page for all latest updates :
0. Amiti software : Testing (call based, So Do call and confirm before attending, 2016 batch allowed)
Job Description :
Excellent knowledge on Testing
Excellent experience with Oracle RDBMS and SQL queries
Excellent Communication & interpersonal Skills; Team Player.
Excellent benefits such as fully paid technical courses and certifications such as Java Certification.
Criteria: BE/ B. Tech (60% through out)
Timing: 10:00 AM to 2:00 pm
Amiti Software Technologies Pvt Ltd
68, 4th Cross, Panduranganagar, Bannerghatta Road
Bangalore - 56007
Landmark: Opp Adigas/HSBC, Near IIM-B
1. Experis IT Private Limited. : Associate Software Engineer (Call before you go for attending this )
Consider the below mentioned details for your interview,
Interview Date: : 3rd febuary 2017
Time: : 09:30am
Location: : Bangalore
Associate Software Engineer
Note : This is Training & deployment program
Mandatory instructions:
* Candidates should be 2015/2016 passed out BE/B.Tech and M. Tech graduates.
* Looking for only CSE/IT/ECE branches.
* Aggregate should be more than 65% throughout in graduation and 12th and 10th.
* Candidates should be ready to relocate anywhere in India
* Candidates should carry their PAN CARD (Original/Photocopy) and all education documents mandatory.
* Candidates should mention the contact person name as a SUSHANT in their Resume
* Candidate can reffer their freinds also
Please find the venue
Experis IT Pvt Ltd (Manpower Group)
3rd Floor, Hotel Chancery Pavilion,
Chancery Pavilion Annexe,
Residency Road, Richmond Circle,
Land Mark: Opp. Bangalore Club
Contact Person: Sushant -8067200764/ 7406706797
Rounds of interview:
1. Group Discussion
2. Aptitude Round
3. HR Discussion(Document Submission)
Sushant C
2. COLLABERA .: hiring for GOLDMAN SACHS for the post of Analysts profile. (Call based , Try at your own risk)
Drive : 3rd Feb 2017
Interview time : 9am to 11 am
Exp. Required : 0-1 yr
Education Qualification : BE/Btech , B.E/B.tech + MBA
Must have Good Communication Skills
Contact person : Gagandeep Kaur
Venue :
novel business park
3rd Floor, Triton, 13th Cross Road, Near Anepalya Circle, Anepalya, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560030
3. Siemens Technology and Services Pvt Ltd : Junior Specialist

Job Description :
*Good communication skills
*Good in Human Resource Management concepts.
*Exp : 0 yrs
*Should be flexible to work in night shifts.
Note: We are looking for the candidates who can join us immediately.
Job Location :Bangalore
Interview Location :Bangalore
ED :
B.Com - Commerce, B.B.A / B.M.S - Management
Interested candidates can walk-in on below details
Walk-in date: 03.02.2017(Friday)
Walk-in Time : 12 PM - 2:30 PM
Contact Person : Faizal/kavi
Venue :
Siemens Technology and Services Pvt Ltd
Ozone Manay Tech Park,Sy No. 56/18 & 55/9
5th Floor, B-wing, G B Palya, Hosur Road
Bangalore 560 068
Landmark Opposite Nandi Toyota.
4. Stress Consulting : Hiring for Client
B.E./B.Tech (CSE) : 2015/2016 only
5. Ascent Consulting : System Administrator profile
Direct walkin on Friday 3rd Feb
Looking for Desktop Engineers or System Administrator who has knowledge in the following :
2. Desktop exposure
3. Windows administrator.
Recruiter Name:Padmaja / 9148584812
Email Address: recruitment@ascent-online.com
Reference Id: System Administrator
Ascent Consulting Services P Ltd
#420, 100 Feet Road, 4th Block, Koramangala, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560034
6. AMAZON : TRMS Profile
For Freshers and Experienced candidates with good communication skills for below role.
Current Role : Transaction Risk Investigator
Walk-in dates : 3rd febuary to 4th February, 2017.(Monday to Saturday)
Timings: 9:30AM to 12:30PM
Job Location: Bangalore
Additional Benefits:
Transport, Night Shift Allowance, Over Time Benefits, Sodexo meal vouchers, Performance Incentives (if applicable)
Eligibility Criteria :Transaction Risk Investigator Minimum qualification is Graduation.
Compensation range: 290000 to 390000
Communication Skills:
Excellent written and spoken English skills and an ability to compose a grammatically correct, concise and accurate written response
Excellent interpersonal skills, with the ability to communicate complex transactional issues correctly and clearly to both internal and external customers
Problem Solving Skills
Demonstrated ability to work independently and make complex investigation decisions with little to no guidance
Excellent problem solving skills
Demonstrated ability to analyze problems logically
Self disciplined, diligent, proactive and detail oriented
Strong time management and organizational skills
Effectively prioritizes work time to ensure productivity and fulfills department standards for time spent
Excellent ability to determine situational needs and provide appropriate solutions
Demonstrated ability to exceed expectations with regard to performance and individual contribution
Demonstrated analytical and problem solving skills, including the ability to recognize non-obvious patterns
Demonstrated positive, results oriented attitude
Ability to effectively manage time, and individually prioritize multiple tasks of competing priority
Ability to maintain high levels of confidentiality and data security standards
Experience with Microsoft Office, including Outlook, Word, and Excel
24/7/365 availability, including willingness to work on weekends, nights and outside of the "standard" work day (as required)
Demonstrate flexibility to work overtime hours as per business requirement
Six-Sigma / Lean knowledge would be a plus..
Creteria :
Education:UG -Any Graduate - Any Specialization, Graduation Not Required
PG - Any Postgraduate, Post Graduation Not Required
Bagmane Constellation Business Park Amazon Development Centre Orion Building Doddanekkundi ORR (Opp. Soul Space Arena mall) Bengaluru Karnataka 560048, India
7. QuickMove Technology : .net Developer(Fresher's)
Requirement for asp.net.
First Round -Aptitude.
Second Round - Algorithms.
Third Round - Technical(Practical and Oral).
Fourth Round - HR Round.
Timing - 10 AM to 5 PM .
Days - Mon to Sat.
DAY 1 - Only Aptitude Round will Take place.
If you get short listed we will be informing after 2 working days from DAY 1.
DAY 2 - All the Remaining Rounds.
If any one is interested then please come and give interview
Location :
QuickMove Technologies
3rd Floor ,#5C-316 , J.B.J Complex
East of NGEF Layout , Ramamurthy Nagar Main Raod , Bangalore – 560 016
8. EMC Software and Services India Pvt Ltd : Associate
Experience: Freshers/Experienced (0-1 year)
Qualification: BA, BBA, BBM, BCom, MBA
Year of Passing: 2015, 2016 Passouts
Eligibility Criteria:
Good Communication Skills.
Flexible working in Night Shifts.
Documents Required:
Updated Resume.
Govt Photo ID Proof.
Walkin Date: 3rd February 2017
Walkin Time: 9.30 AM to 12.00 PM
Walkin Venue:
EMC Corporation,
Baghmane World Technology Park,
Tower B, 1st Floor
KR Puram Outer Ring Road,
Doddanekkundi Village,
Bangalore – 560048.
Contact Person: Naveen
9 . Team Lease Services : HR / Recruiter profile
Walk in interview dates: 3rd Feb and 4th Feb 2017 (Friday and Saturday)
Good Communication skills.
Hindi Mandatory
Any Graduate Freshers only.
Should be ready to join Immediate
Job Details:
It is for HR back end process.
Day Shift Voice and Non Voice Support.
5 days working.
Salary 10K Stipend
Interview Rounds:
1. Aptitude Test
2. Face to Face (2 rounds)
Please walk in to our office for next round of interviews.
Contact Person: Ashwini A R
Contact Number: 080- 33243046/8123460304
Team Lease Services Ltd
6th Floor BMTC Commercial Complex,
80Ft Road Koramangala
Bangalore 560 095
10. TRIGENT SOFTWARE' : L1 Support Engineer
Walk-In : 2015 / 2016 Passout : Support Engineers : From 3 February 2017
Walk-In Location : Bangalore, Karnataka
Job Location : Bangalore, Karnataka
Compensation : 2.22 LPA
Qualification - Eligibility Criteria : (Mandatory)
# BE / B.Tech (Any Stream) Any Stream from 2015 and 2016 Batch
# Should have Cleared all Semester Exams (NO Backlogs)
# BCA / B.Sc (CS) Candidates with excellent academic background can also apply
# Candidates should have excellent communication skills
# Decent knowledge related to Operating System, Hardware, Networking, etc
Desired Experience : 0 Years
Job Description :
# Fundamental Technical knowledge on system trouble shooting, few prominent knowledge areas are:-
- Microsoft Windows Operating Systems (9X, NT, 2000, XP)
- Microsoft Office
- Network Connectivity
- Printers and print Services
- E-Mail and Internet mail
- Familiar with Lotus Notes and MS Outlook email clients.
# Excellent communication skills, with neutral accent. (Voice based Support)
# Excellent written communication skills with email etiquette.
Please Note :
# Employee need to work in rotational shifts.
# Shift Duration : 10 Hours (9 Hours of Work + 1 Hour of Break)
# We follow 5 Day Work Week however weekend off may not always be on Saturday & Sundays and may fall on other week days.
Note: NO Walk-In on Saturday and Sunday.
Walk-In Time : 10.00 AM sharp
Walk-In Venue :
Trigent Software Ltd.,
# 49, Race Course Road,
Khanija Bhavan Building,
2nd Floor, East Wing,
Bangalore - 560001
Landmark: After Chalukya Hotel
Contact Person : Sripriya R
Contact Number : +91-80-22157000 (Ext: 121)
11. Ionidea : HR Trainee( Contract)
Location: Bangalore
Eligibility: MBA/PGDM
Experience : 0 - 1 Year
Job Description
1. Good written & Communication Skill. 2. Candidate should be self motivated & self starter. 3. Candidate should have a zeal to work in HR domain. 4. Aggressive & Energetic with good decision making ability. 5. Immediate Joining will be preferred.
Salary: Rs: 50,000 - 1,75,000 P.A.
Walkin Date: 03 Feb 2017
Walkin Time: 10:00 AM - 04:00 PM
Venue :
IonIdea Interactive Pvt Ltd., 38-40, EPIP Zone, Whitefield, Bangalore, Landmark- Near KTPO Bus stop.
Nalinee/Samuel 91-80-66581500
12. Prime Focus Technologies : Malayalam Translator
Designation- QC/Scripter
Location - Bangalore
Job Requirements:
* Native speaker of Malayalam(required)
* Solid command over English (required)
* Strong English writing skills (required)
* Experience and familiarity with Malayalam movies and serials
* Strong listening skills
* Good English grammar and punctuation
* Basic typing skills, speed of >45 words per minute
* Internet research skills
* Translation experience is a plus
Venue Details:
Prime Focus Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
2nd floor, Janardhan Towers,
Bilekahalli, Bannerghatta road,
Landmark: Next to Brand Factory
Opposite Rainbow Hospital
Walk-in date- 3rd Feb 2017
Timing -10:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Contact details: 9538252344 / 9538262344
13. Infinite Computer Solutions India Ltd. : HR Executive
Location: Bengaluru
3rd February from 11 AM
Job Description :
Note: Only Freshers (2016-17)
1. Qualifications- MBA in HR
2. Good Communications skills & smart
3. Handle HR Operation of India
4. Maintain daily reports.
5. Sole responsible for Joining formalities.
Infinite Computer Solutions (India) Ltd.
GEIPL-SEZ, Global Axis, Block 2(A1),
Third Floor, Plot No. 152, EPIP 2nd Stage,
Whitefield, Bangalore-560066
Land Mark- Opposite to Sathya Sai Hospital, Near SJR Exchanging building. (Gopalan Global Axis).
14. Pearson : Chat support process
Date- 3rd February ,
Starting Time: 10 AM | 10 Opening(s)
Candidate Profile:
Core Technical/Functional Competencies:
Essential: Analytical & presentation skills, excellent oral & written communication skills, Interpersonal skills, Desired: Knowledge about education industry
Education, Qualifications & Training
Essential: Graduate/PG with 0-4 years of demonstrated experience in similar function
Previous Experience
Essential: 0-3 years of Sales experience.
Preferably from a call center / BPO industry
Core Behavioural Competencies:
Essential: Accountable, Proactive, Innovative, Collaborative, Creative and Analytical
Desired: Energetic, Enthusiastic, Engaged and Self-driven
Compensation: Cab + Food Allowance + Earning potential upto 25-30k
Contact Person : Gowtham Konda / 9035629144
Venue :-
Pearson India Education Services Private Limited
No 3, Salarpuria Citadel building,1st Floor,
Hosur Main Road
Adugodi(Opp. Bosch Gate no.1)
BANGALORE,Karnataka,India 560030
15. Tech Mahindra :Technical Support
Walkin Interview on 3rd February from 11 AM
/**** Only Male candidates are eligible *******/
*Role: Technical Support Executive (Voice)
*Location: Bangalore Exp: 0-3 yrs.
*Notice Period: Preferably Immediate-skills & Eligibility
Job Description Technical Support Executive (Voice) BE/Graduate/UG (from any educational field).
*Freshers/Experienced candidates with good communication skills in English.
*Should be well-informed about Computer and its Hardware.
*Should be customer-service oriented.
*Neutral accent in communication.
*Should be proficient in typing (speed and accuracy).
*Good understanding of MS Office applications (Excel, Word, PowerPoint) or
Should have good sales skills.
*Previous work experience with a Technical Support company would be desirable but is not mandatory.
*Should be flexible to work in 24/7 Shifts.
*Should be willing to work in Voice Based process.
Timing: 09AM 12PM ( security check closes by 11:30pm pls adhere to timings)
Contact HR: Soujanya
Candidates to carry a copy of resume and a Govt. ID proof.
Carry a copy of this e-mail
Contact Person: Soujanya, Nayeem,Chaitra
Tech Mahindra Pvt Ltd45-47 KIADB Industrial Area
Building # ITC -4, 2nd Floor Reception
Electronic City Phase-2 Bangalore 560100
16. KAP Computer Solution Private Limited : Business development Executive (Insides Sales)
Interested Candidates can Walk-in to the below address and Meet Shwetha for the further rounds.
WALK-IN DATE for interview:- 3 Feb 2017 to 10 feb 2017
WALK-IN TIME :- 9am to 6pm
Job Description -
*Profile – Business development Executive
*Qualification – Graduation (Any graduates No % criteria)
*Shifts – Rotational Shifts
*Work Location – Bangalore (J.P Nagar)
*Salary – Best in Industry
*You can also refer or bring your friends with you. Do share this post to those who might be interested in this profile.
* Mention “ Shwethayadav ” on the top of your resume
Address –
Corporate Office: 1, 1st & 2nd Floor,
1st Cross, 2nd Main, 3rd Phase,
JP Nagar, Bangalore - 560078. India
Landmark-Near Jayadeva signal
For Further Details –
SHWETHAYADAV- 9738904149
17. First American India Pvt Ltd : Accounts Trainee
Qualification: BBA, BBM, BCom, MBA
Year of Passing: 2015, 2016 Passouts
Documents Required:
Updated Resume.
Govt Photo ID Proof. (Original)
Walkin Date: 3rd February 2017
Walkin Time: 10.00 AM to 1.00 PM
Walkin Venue:
First American (India) Pvt Ltd,
8th Floor, Inventor,
Contact Person: Mohammed Uzair Shaikh, 080-67013512, 91-80-67013333
18. Ocwen Financial Solutions Pvt. Ltd. - APAC : hiring for Investor Reporting
Looking for candidates with 1 to 2 years of experience in US Mortgage , good communication skills, open to work in Mid shifts.
Candidates who have already attended for this process are not eligible.
Walkin on 3rd February 2017 between 10:30 AM to 2PM.
Ocwen Financial Solutions Pvt Ltd
5th Floor, Pritech Park, Block 12,, Inside Ecospace Campus, Sarjapur, Marathhalli,, Outer Ring Road, Bellandur Village,, BANGALORE, Karnataka - 560013.
Any queries regarding qualifications and interview what's app m e : 9745060293
19. Convergys : 'Technical_Support_Associate(Voice)'.
Skills : Excellent communication.
#Interview_Date : 03rd to 10th Feb, 2017 | 11am- 4pm
There will be 4 rounds--
1st- Screen in (Basic introduction)
2nd- Technical Written Test(Questions related to Operating System)
3rd- Face to Face interview(communication skill test)
4th- Operations round(Questions related to Windows OS and Networking)
Note: If you really need a job and just want to start your carrier then go ahead and fill the form.
Convergys, 'Divya Shree Towers, #55, Bannerghata Main Road, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560029
Note: You will get Referral based on this form.
You will receive the mail(Referral) according to this form. Give your best. It doesn't mean those who are filing the form will definitely receive the Referral Mail. Selected candidates will receive the mail.
Please don't fill the form if you are not going to attend the drive.
#Eligiblity: No % criteria. Only B.E or B.Tech. (MTech or MCA are not allowed)
20. Magna Infotech : BPO / Technical Support / Customer Support
For Whom: Freshers
Qualification: Any Graduates (Including B.Com, MBA, BBM, B.Sc, MCA, BCA, BE, B.Tech)
Salary: 7K-19,500 CTC
Walk-in Date: 3rd February 2017
Magna Infotech,
No.5/4-2, SR Infotech Complex, Near Ayyappa Temple,
Tavarekere Main Road, Kormangala,
Landmark: Opposite to FORUM MALL Tavarekere Road
21. Intelenet Global Services : Associate/Senior Associate -(NonTechnical)
Walk in Hiring – Experienced and Freshers (1st feb – 4th Feb)
Job Description:
* Candidate should have Good command over spoken English.
* Computer literacy, Windows Operating Systems and internet applications
* Day Shifts and 24*7 shifts
* Attending customer queries over the phone and providing solutions.
* Resolving matters in the best interest of both the customer and the company.
* Minimum Graduation Required.
* Previous experience in Customer service profile will be an added advantage.
Experience : 0 – 1 Years
Openings: 50
Interested candidates can walkin from 3rd feb – 4th Feb between 10:30 am – 5 pm with updated resume & one id proof.
Venue Address :
Intelenet Global Services,
Novel Tech Park, #46/4, GB Palya,
Behind Hyundai Showroom,
Near Kudlu Gate, Hosur Road,
Bangalore – 560068
Recruiter Name: Sakshi Sharma
Email Address: sumithra.singh@intelenetglobal.com
Telephone: 9599177057
22. EXL Services Company Limited : Associate / Senior Associate
Education Qualification:
candidates should have possessed the minimum education Qualification in Bcom, BBA, BMS, Mcom, MBA, PGDM from the Govt Recognized University
Candidates should have the minimum Experience of 0 – 5 years in the HR Exicutive and other various Skills that required for the EXL Services Company company.
Selection Process: This selection process will Heads through the Direct walk-in interview,
Important Dates: Interested candidates can attend this walk-in interview on 3rd Feb 2017 before in time
Walk in Timings: on or before the 11:00 AM. And this walk-in interview ends at 5:00 PM
Address :
EXL Services Company Limited,
Embassy Tech Villege,
Beside New Horizon Engineering College,
Marathalli Outer Ring Road,
23. Mphasis : International Non-voice Process
Qualification : Any Graduates
Experience : Freshers
Job Description :
Candidates Have Good Communication Skills.
Walkin Date : 3rd feb to 17th Feb 2017
Walkin Time : 10:00 Am
Venue Details :
4th Floor, Block A,
Bagmane World Technology Center,
WTC 4, KR Puram, Marathahalli Outer Ring Road,
Mahadevapura, Bangalore 560 048, India
24. Indecomm Global Services : Associate/Senior Associate -(NonTechnical)
hiring for Closing and Mortgage experience:
* Should have good communication skills.
* Should have good typing skills
* Should have aptitude knowledge
*Should have closing .
* Experience with 6 months to one year in mortgage is preferred.
Walkin date : 3rd February - 10th February
Venue Details:
Indecomm Global Services
Maruti Infotech Centre
Block A, 4th Floor,
Amarjyoti Layout,Next to EGL,
Domlur, Bangalore-71
Interested candidates can send their profile to jaspreet.makhija@indecomm.net
Contact details:
25. Trigent : IT Recruiter
Experience level: 0 Yr to 3 Yrs.
Education: Any Graduation/ preferred technical background
Salary As per the industry standards.
Candidates should join immediately or with in 20 days max.
Walk-In Date: 3rd Feb 2017
Timings: 9:30 AM to 4.30 PM
Job Description:
-Posting and sourcing candidates through various - Job sites, social networking sites etc.
-Preliminary screening/short-listing the right qualitative profile against the given requirement.
-Coordinating with the SPOC to know the feedback of the candidates and improve sourcing based on the discussions.
-Conduct initial HR interviews (Telephonic) to check technical skills, communication Skills, interest levels, etc.
-Follow up on the feed backs.
-Closing the positions within the stipulated time.
-Following up with the candidate after the offer is made.
Trigent Software Ltd,
Unit II | 49 Race Course Road |Khanija Bhavan | 2nd floor | East Wing |Bangalore 56001
Contact : Rakesh
Phone: +91 (80) 22157000 Ext 161
Mob No: 9036336257
Email: rakesh_n@trigent.com
26. Ionidea ( Only Freshers ) for Data Entry Operators.
Typing Speed : Net Speed 35 WPM
Qualification : PUC, any Graduation, (No B.E & B.Tech/M.Tech/MBA)
Work Location-Bangalore,Whitefield
Data Compiling, Keying accurate information
Typing Speed :
Net Speed 35 WPM and Accuracy of 90% and above - Mandatory
Must have knowledge on Microsoft tools (Excel, word, Internet Browsing) - Mandatory
Skill sets:
1. Good Typing speed (35+)
2. Knowledge of Microsoft Excel
3. Internet Browsing.
38-40, EPIP Zone,
Whitefield, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560066
Landmark- Near KTPO Bus Stop
Walkin Date- 3rd February 2017
27. XL Dynamics India Pvt. Ltd. : HR Compliance
#Ability to prioritize a variety of tasks.
Should be flexible to take up any type of task.
Candidate should have an MBA in Human Resources.
Job Location: Navi Mumbai
Work Experience: 0 to 5 years
Education: MBA in HR
Salary Range:
Salary will not be a constraint for the right candidate and it may vary based on experience and skill set.
We are known as one of the best pay masters in the industry.
Please find below all the details for the interview process:
Date of Interview : 3rd February, 2017 to 5th February, 2017 (Sunday)
Timings: 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM
Venue :
XL Dynamics India Pvt. Ltd.
Office No. A-001, 3rd Floor,
Infinium Building, Above Fab India,
Neeladri Road, Neeladri Nagar, E-City Phase-1,
Electronic City, Bengaluru - 560100
Venue :
XL Dynamics India Pvt. Ltd.
Office No. 16, 1st Floor,
Arya Hub Mall, ITPL
Whitefield Main Road,
Hope Farm Circle,
Whitefield, Bengaluru - 560066
28. People Logic : Recruitment Executive
Hiring freshers for IT/Non IT Recruiter Requirement
Interview Schedule:
3rd Feb -2017 to 4-Feb-2017(Monday & Tuesday)
Time: Between 10:00 AM and 5:00 PM.
Job Description
- Responsible for sourcing candidates in a specific technology/Domain area
- Own the complete accountability of delivering recruitment services on time & achieve the set
target on a quarterly basis
- Form relationships, perform headhunting and generate profiles to meet set targets
- Expected to fulfill requirements taken up and with superior client & candidate satisfaction
- Perform search on Portals, Online tech groups, attend tech seminars and from
necessary relationships in the specific technology area
- 2016 pass out MBA or Similar Professional Degree
- Excellent drive and execution skills, Negotiation skills and Technology understanding
- Good learn ability, ability to research and understand the business process
- Excellent search skills and ability to form good relationships with candidates
- Ability to grasp new technologies and document the same for future use
Venue :
People Logic Business Solutions Pvt Ltd,
First Floor, Wings of Eagles, SS Commercial Estate
Nagavarapalya, CV Raman Nagar, Bangalore - 560093
P: 08043402205
Contact : Saiveni
29. Indegene Private Limited
Walk-in for Bds/mds/ph.d Freshers from 3rd Feb 17 at Indegene
Job Description:
Develop content for various deliverables meeting quality requirements as per client satisfaction metrics, with active guidance from the manager
Responsible to develop content as per the timelines assigned
Responsible to follow the best practices in the department regarding - processes, communication (internal & external), project management, documentation and technical requirements like - language, grammar, stylization, content search, summarizing, data conflicts and referencing
Participate in assigned training programs and work on assignments as per requirement
Participate in client calls as per project requirements
Compliance to quality, confidentiality and security:
Adhere and follow quality systems, processes and policies
Comply to training and specifications
If interested, please walk in to the below venue:
Date : 3rd Feb 2017
Timings : 10.00 am to 1.00 pm
Interview Venue:
Indegene Private Limited
Manyata Embassy Business Park
3rd Floor, Aspen Block, G4, Nagawara
Outer Ring Road, Bangalore - 560 045
Phone Number : 080-4674-4567
30. IBM : Technical Support Associate
Job Location : Bangalore, Karnataka
Desired Experience : 0 to 3 Years
Key Skills :
# Technical Support, IT Help Desk, International Voice, International BPO, Call Center, Customer Support, Good Communication Skills, US Shifts, Service Desk
Job Description :
# The work of transforming IBM continues, and much remains to be done we strive persistently towards doing something that is truly essential. We are changing how we work with our clients, how we collaborate, how we co-create and are proud that IBM is leading this transformation globally.
# As IBM is entering a new era in technology and business, we are looking for candidates who are ready to be part of this transformation If you are ready, then the road to your career advancement begins at IBM.
# We are seeking [Technical Support Associate] and are keen to invite you to join us at IBM for a professional discussion. You will come with (0-3) years of experience, good technical skills and fluency in English.
In this role you will be :
# Involved in Providing Voice and E-Mail Technical Help Desk Services support to IBM Internal End Users and External Commercial Account End Users across NA, EMEA and AP.
# Handling inbound calls / emails / chats resolving technical issues for end users.
# Proficient in Connectivity troubleshooting, TCP/IP, Dial-up, Token Ring, Ethernet, LAN/WAN.
# Proficient in Understanding of operating systems, Windows 2000/NT/XP configuration options and troubleshooting.
# The dress code for the day is business formals or smart casuals.
# As we have no constraints to carrying a pen-drive onto the premises, we would request to refrain from carrying a laptop with you for security reasons. Your cooperation in this matter is much appreciated.
# Candidates without meeting given eligibility criteria - Please do NOT apply.
# Please do not carry bags / back packs as they are not allowed inside the IBM premises.
# Walkin's will not be held on declared govt holidays.
Walk-In Date(s) : On 3rd and 4th February 2017
Walk-In Time : 11 AM to 2 PM only
Walk-In Venue :
IBM India,
D Block, Embassy Golf Links,
Behind Dell, Koramangala,
IBM India,
D1 Block, Manyata Embassy Business Park,
Nagawara Outer Ring Road, Rachenahalli,
Contact Person : SAM / Nisha
Contact Number : +91-40-417774001
31. Artech Infosystems : Associate Recruiter
Hiring Freshers(2015/2016) from any stream/graduation for US IT Recruitment
Salary: 18,000 per month
Shift: Night Shift(7.00 PM to 4.00AM/ 9.00PM to 6.00AM)
Work Days: Mon to Fri.
Edu. Qual: Any Degree(UG/PG) NO ARREARS.
CONTACT NO: (+91) 7349049242
Job Description:
Responsible for Sourcing profiles through various Job Portals like Dice, Monster, carrier Builder.
Meeting daily & Weekly targets by submitting quality candidate for our clients various vertical Projects
Building good relationship and reputation with each candidate for long term association
Formatting resumes according to clients requirement.
Sending daily performance report to the Account manager
Desired Skills:
Bachelor's Degree in any stream.
Good Communication skills
Sending daily performance report to the Account manager.
Positive attitude, flexible, aggressive, good communication skills
Venue :
Cyber Park, 1st Floor, Block B, Plot No. 76 & 77, Electronic City Phase 1, Doddathogur, Hosur Road, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560100
Phone: 080 4908 3500
32. Hinduja Global Solutions : Technical & Customer Support Executives
Roles & Responsibilities:
Resolving customer issues over call (Voice Process)
Skills Required:
Good ENGLISH communications skills and fluency in one South Indian language
Qualification: Graduate or Post Graduate in any discipline including BE & B tech can apply
Contact Person: Aparajita | 9035059605
Experience: Freshers or relevant experience in BPO upto2 years
Interview Dates: 3rd February - 4th February 2017
Interview Timing: 10.00 AM to 03.00 PM
Interview Rounds:
1. HR Round
2. Online Assessment
3. Operations Round
4. Client Round
Interview Address :
Hinduja Global Solutions, Novel Tech Park (NTP), 4th Floor, Behind Trident Hundai Showroom, Kudlu Gate, Hosur Main Road, Bangalore - 560068
Please mention "To meet HR Aparajita" on the resume.
Aparajita | 9035059605
33. Vee Technologies : AR Caller Trainee (International Voice process) - Medical Billing Process
Walkin on Feb 3rd to Feb 10th
Qualification: Any Graduates
Working Time: 5.30Pm to 2.30am (Only Night Shift)
Working Days: 5 Days (Monday to Friday)
2 Way Cab facility will be provided
Vee Technologies Pvt.Ltd
71-sona Towers,Miller's road,
Near vikram hospital,Bengaluru,
Karnataka - 560052
Interested Candidates Kindly call to 9443238706 (or) Send your updated profile to ramesh.m@veetechnologies.com
34. Optrum Technologies : Business Development Executive
Looking for MBA- Sales & Marketing fresh candidates.
Job Role: Domestic Market/International Market - Generate leads, email marketing, cold calling, participate in daily sales meeting, individual contributor, result oriented, passion towards sales career etc.
Cut of Scores: 60% throughout
Batch: 2015 or 2016
Location: Bangalore
Interview Procedure: 2 rounds - face to face
CTC: 1.2 LPA – 2.4 LPA (Based on Interview)
Website: http://www.optrumtech.com/
Please Drop your Resume/CV : careers@optrumtech.com
Walkin Date & Time : Friday 3rd Feb 2017 at 4:00 PM - 7:00 PM
#1320, Sai Krishna Arcade, 2nd FloorB, 24th Main, Sector2, HSR Layout, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India – 560102

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