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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Capgemini Interview Experience

#Capgemini  #Interview_Experience

The interview process held at Capgemini's Office in Bellandur.
Interviewers were quite supportive but they thoroughly scanned all the technical skills that we've mentioned in our Resume.

My Experience :
1. Introduce yourself.
2. Some cross questions from your introduction itself..
3. Questions related to major and minor projects. Why you choose this project? What were the technologies you've used ?
4. Questions related to Sql like Joins, Create table and Show, Normalisation.
5. Some Data structures basic questions. He didn't asked me to write the code, just the logic.
6. Some basic C programs and Oops concepts definition.
7. And in the end, Do you have any questions for us? Why capgemini?

Guyz no need to worry about the TR round..just focus what you have mentioned in your resume.. prepare your academic project in such a way that you can explain them in effective way..
Prepare Mysql basic queries and differences between some commands and clauses.

#Suggestion : Get ready for situation based questions. Do not put everything in your resume. Just add those skills in which you are well prepared.

Don't panic at all..just answer each and every question in confident manner..

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