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Saturday, February 4, 2017

Capgemini Selection process coduct by CoCubes | Candidate Experience

1) Aptitude round:

  • -> Cocubes conducted this process.
  • -> 16 questions from quantitative aptitude.
  • -> 16 questions from logical reasoning.
  • -> Total time allotted for combined both 50 minutes.
  • -> No negative marking but "sectional cutoff is here".

1. Make 13 questions from both sections accurate.
2. Many people told they have made all correct but still they were not selected. I made 26 accurate.
2) Essay writing:

  • -> My topic was online shopping.
  • -> Word limit 240.
  • -> Time half an hour.


  • 1. Make the essay in around 240 words.
  • 2. Give a space after full stop and also capitalize the next word after full stop.
  • 3. Give a space after comma.
  • 4. Never write any spelling wrong. Double check that.
  • 5. It is main criteria to eliminate.

Result came out of 350 students from our college only 42 were selected. I too was selected for next round.

3) Technical round: (My stream CSE)

  • -> 5 panels were there.
  • -> Panel 2 and 3 were asking HR questions in tech round too (It's luck).
  • -> My panel was panel 4.

1. Introduction.

2. Asked about my projects.
- What was that about.
- How I hosted the website?
- Why PHP?
- Why bootstrap?
- Any other language through it could have been made?

3. To write two programs.
a) String reversal.
b) To search duplicate characters in a string.

4. Language used for android and IOS?
He was happy and recommended me to HR. But strange thing was that everyone was given a chance to go through HR round.

4) HR round:
He was a very cool person.

  • 1) Intro.
  • 2) Why should I hire you?
  • 3) Strength and weakness.
  • 4) Topology and its type?
  • 5) Tell few search engines name.
  • 6) 5 GK questions. I was able to give 2 answer correct.

1) Keep smiling.
2) Be confident.
3) Practice all the questions before.

Things needed for placements:-
1) Good communication skills. (Improve by reading newspaper and by youtube tutorials)
2) Good knowledge of C (basic programs), Java (basics), Data Structures (minimum-> sorting and linked lists) and (DBMS or networking or software Engineering).
3) Luck and have faith in god.

Results came 19 out of 42 selected. I am one of them. Sharing this for all you lovely people here.

Remember never lose hope. After each and every failure try to improve yourself. Focus why were you rejected by last company. Remove those errors. Be optimistic and keep working. Be strong after each and every rejection. One day will come when you will be a winner.

Best of Luck friends and brothers

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