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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

IBM Placement Papers | Latest January 2017 drive Candidate Experience


I came to Bangalore on 20 aug 2016.I attended more than 25 interviews but sometimes i rejected in apti, Sometimes in technical, Sometimes in hr.I had loosen my hope, feeling so much frustrated so much depressed like i will go home without any job. But after my long struggle finally got the chance to be a part of IBM.

This Drive was held on 24 JAN 2017 @ Jain university,Bangalore.It was a two days process.
First day was online test & second day interview.
My personal suggestion pls focus more on clearing the online test bcoz the cut-off is approx 70%.If u cleared your aptitude test then u r 80-90 % IBMER. But u have to do very hard labour.

Without hard labour u can't be IBMER.

Now I going to discuss how to crack online test.

To crack online test you have to solve CrackMNC, m4maths, india bix. You will get 80-90% similar.
This is more than sufficient. and for all update about IBM Drive visit CrackMNC.com on daily Basis so you will aware about upcoming drive of IBM.

Online test consists of four sections with no negative marking:-(only system calculator is allowed)

1)series problem.:-18 questions-each question have time limits of 2 min 15 sec.

2)aptitude problem-18 questions-each question have time limits of 2 min 15sec.

3) english communication test.20 questions-22 min.In this there will overall time limit.online watch will be not there.so u have to see in ur own watch.

4)java coding.1 practise questions-no time limit.1 to execute java program consists of 45 min.

1)Series Problem:-
For basics first of solve all CrackMNC series problems.After understanding the concepts then solve
Now dre is confusion that how many ques we have to solve from m4maths. Actually it a series of ibm. It is more scoring than the aptitude problems.So its little conceptual.Also there is time limit for each ques. 2 min.15 sec.After every 2 min15 sec your page will expired & if u r not able to submit 3 answer, your test will be get locked & u can't proceed further.So practise as much as u can.So that only watching the ques u will tell, this will the ans.Now about how much questions you have to solved from m4maths. In m4maths dre r two section:-solved & unsolved questions.for solved questions:solve all the solved questions.it consists of 19-20 pages.for unsolved questions:-solve upto 20 pages.this is more than sufficient.Now u will be confident in series problems.Now give online test on:-testpot.com. See where you exist.

Mine Series questions:-

(1)-20 (2) 84 (3)14 (4)20(5)124(6)74(7)10/13(8)2(9)5(10)9.5(11)1/24(12)35(13)62(14)2(15)8(16)6(17)16(18)100
in this section i have solved 17/18 series correct bcoz this is the only where u score more.

2)aptitude problem:-
if you have solved m4maths & CrackMNC what i discussed earlier u will get 5-6 ques similar.also if u have practise that much then u can easily solve max apti ques.The level of the ques is juzz very easy-medium level.only understand the problems & start calculations as fast u can.easily crack this section. bt try to solve at least 10-12 apti ques.i have solved 12/18.

3)English Communication test:-this is the most scoring also.In this section u will get 90% ques similar.if u go through the all English questions 2-4 times. juzz remember the ans by understanding the questions.this is very easy section to score high.

4)Java coding:-only one program u have to execute.there will two test case.you have to run the test case.the format of code will be given. juzz u have to write the logic.For java coding,just study string concept of java very well.
Mine program was to W.A.P to remove all the vowels from the string.

This is all about online test.If u cleared online test then u r 90% IBMER.

Now the next day process is interview round.The interview will be either tr or hr depends upon ur luck.only one round after the online test.In interview they mainly check your communication skill,confident & always keep smiling on your face.never be nervous.just u have to speak as many as many u can.My interview starts @ 5:30 pm.
Mine was hr round.so i m going to discuss my interview experience.

me:-May I come in sir.
hr:-yes come in.
me:-hello sir,good eveng by shaking the hand.
hr:-good eveng,pls have a sit.
so how r u??
me:-fine sir,with keep smiling on my face.
hr:-so what is your name.
me:-sawan kumar.Then he checked the details in his lapy.
Hr:-so sawan,let me analyse your resume.Now i m going to discuss what the Hr asked me.not answering HR ques bcoz everyone have their own answer.
1 ques:-introduce yourself
2 ques:-if google will offer u more than ibm then u will leave ibm.??
3 ques:-when u r going to leave ibm??
4 ques:-In which location do you want to work?
5 ques:-do you have passport??
6 ques:-for how many years u will work for ibm??
7 ques:-tell me the worst scenerio u faced n how u managed it.
8 ques:-tell me what things u sacrificed for achieving your aim.
9 ques:-are you ready to work 24*7 & ready to relocate??
10 ques:-what are your strengths??
11 ques:-what are your weakness n how do u overcome it??
12 ques:-tell me the innovative thngs u have done.
13 ques:-how you managed the situation??
14 ques:-why ur marks in 10th is not so mu6 competitive..??
15 ques:-do you have any questions for me??

these are all about my interview exp.All the Best guys.Good luck.Do hard labour one day will come that will urs day. juzz keep patience.

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