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Friday, December 16, 2016

Intel Placement Papers

#INTEL_Interview_Pattern (Shared by one of my Frnd) :

1 Round :
Had an initial Hacker rank challenge and problems were on Linked Lists ( Sort and Merge Two Linked list ) and bit manipulation ( 2 Problems ) and few questions on OS

2 Round : 
Questions from Data Structures
1. Find pairs with given sum such that pair elements lie in different BSTs
2 .Basic questions from Linked list
3. Backtracking ( Why we needed it with example )
4. Dynamic programming explanation with real time example
5  How to find Longest sub sequence such that difference between adjacent is one
6. Implement queue from two Stack
7. Basic questions from Stack

3 Round : 
Project Discussion one hour

4 Round : 
OS basic questions and Networking ( Subnet Mask )
Linux networking common commands
Database Transactions ACID properties

5 Round : 
Puzzle round ( Asked 2-3 Puzzle -- Interviewer was not accepting correct ans but we have try to get optimum solution
One I Remember : " You have two normal U.S. coins that add up to 35 cents. One of the coins is not a quarter. What are the two coins?"

6 Round : 
HR Round ( Tell me about yourself types )

#GoT Selected in Intel as Software Eng.

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