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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Small tips which can help to increase your chances of getting more calls and crack interviews

As year is going to end soon and I can understand your plight being another Jobless once.

These are small tips which can help you to increase your chances of getting more calls and crack interviews.

√ Don't hesitate in attending drives although you'r not eligible for that.(Some companies are very strict ,but for some companies it’s piece of cake,gradually you will come to know these things. Anyway you don't have anything to loose right ,many times confessing in HR round works perfectly fine.
Just don't try in IBM , tech m , wipro ,cts, infosys,
After selection just ping me on my fb https://facebook.com/divasnikhra for further advice.

√ Keep multiple resume with you ,if you’re rejected by one interview panel then if possible try to sit in second one.(for more guidance ping me)

√ Spread your contacts as much as you can this is going to help you in getting genuine calls. Visit companies, talk to employee, take thr phone number or mail id. Remember one thing the more you sweat in practice,less you bleed in war.

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√ Here is one interesting way to answer in technical rounds :- It is common observation that interviewer picks up the technical term from your answer itself for his next question.Trap the interviewer ,while answering vomit the technical term which you had mastered already & keep doing this repeatedly and believe me it work like charm.
For example: What is new features in HTML5?
SO you might know many thing but not confident about each features so tell interviews like canvas, semantics and all. Now interviewer second question would be canvas for sure.

√ s a fresher you don't have real projects and your college project is the one from which interviewer is going to ask max questions.
If you have prepared your final year project and basics of technology then you’re done. Don’t be nervous, stay confident not overconfident. If you’re rejected just check where you’re lacking and prepare those parts. But, if you have prepared your final year project and technology basics, I don’t think you need to attend even second Interview.
As 90% of us simply copy paste our college project and don’t have much practical knowledge so in that case replace your college project with the technology you are comfortable with because in college you might not have much idea about technologies but after 5 or 6 months of struggle you must be good in something tech like java or testing or .net.
Scenario: There are 2 guys’ names A and B. Both went for interview. A knows Java very well but his college project is in .net . Now, Interviewer asked many Java questions and Mr. A answered very well but when interviewer started asking college project then Mr. A didn’t answered well so all his knowledge goes into vein.
B knows .net very well but his college project is in Java. While building resume Mr. B changed his project to some .net so that both his technology and project should be in sync. Now interviewer started asking question from .net and as his project was in .net as well, interview went very well and Mr. B got selected.
Summary: Be in sync, your project and your technology should be in sync, simply download any random project from google and replace it in case not matching.

√ Reach early for the interviews probability of getting selected is high during starting time than in the end.

√ HRs see a freshers as a fresh clay, which could be molded to suit the company environment. Show them you are that, rather than a hard seasoned pot. Keep your options open, like working hours, location etc. unless absolute necessary. Understand that, it is important to kick start your career, rather than looking for comforts.

√ No interviewer really cares about your family history. Seriously, delete that part from your answer to "tell me about yourself".

√Talk about how you acquired a particular talent, rather than telling the interviewer that you're good at x,y and z.
For example, instead of telling him that you're great at photoshop, give him a story of how you became a photoshopper. Build a story around it. Such as, "Early on from my childhood, I was fascinated by colors. I had a gift of looking at simple mono-colored items and make it radiant using paint. This trait in me got me several accolades in my school. With more exposure in my college, I was introduced to photoshop and the result is in front of you :)". All these ideas convey to the interviewer that you're not just blindly running in the rat race but you have a yearning to learn stuff.
Make a story around your answers which could help to engage interviewer more.

√ Some candidates think, this is language skill. Sorry to disappoint, but communication is not always about language. It’s neither about your American accent nor Shakespearean English. Of course you need the basic skill to talk in English, but nothing more.
The three key elements of good communication are
Listen – Actively listen to what the interviewer is asking. DO NOT interrupt the question or answer before question is complete.
Absorb – Understand the meaning and context of the question. If you do not, don’t hesitate to ask. Remember, no question is stupid.

Tip: Some candidates, who are not comfortable asking “Can you please repeat?” or “Can you please elaborate?”, can do this an alternate way. Explain the question back to interviewer as you understand & get confirmation. E.g. Q: “What are your outside interests?” You: “So you asking about any of my hobbies and interests other than in academics... right?”
Answer clear and loud– Once you get the question, answer in clear words, short and to the point and of course loud. Murmuring under your breath is often frustrating for the interviewer.

√ Dress conservatively for the interview. Select your clothes the night before. Make sure your clothes and shoes are in impeccable condition. This preparation not only makes an excellent first impression, it also boosts your confidence.

√ Read daily. Period.

√ Do something that scares you. Get out from your comfort zone, set bigger goals, and do it. You’re reading this right now because someone else once thought that the personal computer was possible.

√ Stop blaming. Start telling yourself this: “I’m responsible for everything that happens to me.” And stop pushing the responsibility to someone else. Think about how you can deliver more value to your employer if you think you’re not being appreciated.

√Take small steps. Rome, The Great Wall of China and Batman all weren't built in a day. Fun fact, The Great Wall of China's first section (a very small chunk of it) took over 20 years to build. As we've seen it today, it took over 2,000 years to build, rebuild and expand the wall. You don't become a martial arts expert, intelligent in the sciences and fearless over night. You take the small steps you can to build habits and develop a snowball effect of improvement.
For example: If you are not good in apti, start working on small small problems and that will give you confidence and then move to hard problems.

√ Don't quit. Even if we are not getting selected, someone else is getting a job from that drive. Be happy for the joy their father and mother will feel. You'll feel positive by thinking this way.”
I was among top 15 among 1000s of people at a drive of one company. They hired only 2 people. Now, what was my fault??

√ Keep reminding yourself that it is a matter of time that you get a job. Brush up your fundamentals, do some projects on your own, work on your communication skills, feel positive, do positive self talk and don't hurt yourself.

√ Life is a mirror. Smile. If you wake up every day angry, or depressed, or sad, and keep waiting for life to fix it for you, it’s never going to happen. You get back what you offer the world.
Hope new year fulfill your dream and get you placed in your dream company.

Best of luck

Cheers for life

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