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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Aptean Placement papers and Patterns

#Aptean_Placement papers and Patterns : Must follow | Shared by placed guy

Interview Details – I applied trough Freshersworld, Initial rounds were in a college.

Total Number of Rounds = 5

Round 1: Aptitude You have to be quick, online exam for 22 mins and 50 questions to be solved.

Round 2: Technical Written 24 questions to be done in 90 mins. Those 24 questions covers almost of 12 core subjects of Computers.

Round 3: Tech F2F (almost after 1 month) @ Company office. Since the profile is for Testing(QA) all the stuff related to testing was asked. Prefer indiabix.com for preparation.

Round 4: Techno-Managerial F2F Same as the previous round but in depth. Cover your basics well and be good on them.

Round 5: HR Completely HR, no tech at all, positive and confident attitude will make you in.

Interview Question :-

Round 1: Not that tough yet time is gold in this round. 640 members wrote only 180+ cleared.

Round 2: OS, CN, DBMS, Threading, C & Java code snippets, DAA, Algorithms, Data Structures, Expecting outputs and error of some code or algorithms. After a 8 days they announced results and the website only 59 members cleared.

Round 3: Be careful with what you mention on resume, first they will ask all about ur resume, acads, projects, achievements. Then testing questions comes, blackbox, whitebox, models, methods, CMMI levels, diif tools. Be confident and tell what ever you know related to questions.

Round 4: Try to impress, be confident, show them you got some stuff in you, and convey what ever you know, good positive attitude.

Round 5: Be cool and positive and talk to them confidently.
Shared by another placed guys.

Interview Details – 

1st round: #online aptitude - was very easy, basic questions on percentage and general arithmatic. Had verbal and loigcal questions. 22 mins 50 questions answered all. cleared

2nd round: technical written, 24 questions, one and a half hour. Had code snippets, data structures questions on queue, stack, bfs, dfs, tree traversal, binary search, quicksort. waiting for the results!

Interview Question – technical round had one question on cache memory.
Shared by another placed Guys

Interview Details – There are five rounds..

1-Online Aptitude - There are average aptitude question but you need to be quick because time is less.
There are 45- 50 question and time is 30 min.

2-Written Technical - There are 24 question in this round and time for this round is 1 hour 30 min. Average question from O.S., Database and networking ,all details about the question is already there you only have to calculate the answer(No need of much more Knowledge on these subject).

3-Technical Interview - In this round they will ask from c, java and other basic subjects and this round will be little tough and time duration for this round is 1 hour and 30 min.

4-Techno-Managerial Interview - In this round they will ask about you and give you a single program to make in any language and ask you for improving it. Time duration for this round is about 1 hour.

5-HR Interview - positive attitude is enough to clear this round.


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