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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Top Most Interview Killing Tips for Capgemini

Capgemini Interview tips for the job-seekers please go through it and do not miss any single line make sure to use this tips to crack the Capgemini Interview Process.

About Company: Capgemini is a one of the most famous and fastest growing IT company in the world. Basically Capgemini is an French Multinational management Consulting corporation company. Capgemini’s headquarters are in Paris,France. Capgemini is world largest consulting technology as well as outsourcing companies.The CEO of Capgemini is Paul Hermelin since from Dec 2001.The total employee of Capgemini are approximately 180,000+ in almost 40+ countries.Recently Capgemini acquired IGate global solutions.The main operations of Capgemini will be in North and SA(South America) and Northern Europe and Asia Pacific as well as Southern Europe .Capgemini is serving world-wide those services are Consulting,Technology and Outsourcing as well as Local Professional Services.

Company Services : Consulting,Technology and Outsourcing,Management and etc these are the main services of Capgemini.

Employee Voice At Capgemini:

Pros: I can proudly say that,we can learn good technical stuff in Capgemini. Company is providing nice work culture,we can feel more job security in CG, no politics in work environment,we can found many technical peoples in our premises,CG is having good Infra, peoples care you more if your good at technical, some time good appraisal CG is having nice cafeteria,CG is good option for freshers because freshers training is awesome to learn more to earn more, enjoy GYM & other indoor sports.

Cons: For Promotions in Cg,need to wait at least for 3/4-years. In CG on site opportunity is depends on the projects you are involving in. Appraisals are also not up-to the mark.

Qualification Criteria:
  • 60% throughout academics(Class X , XII and Graduation).
  • Education gap should be not more than one 1-year(You have to check before applying).

On-Campus Package: 1st 6-months 2.4 Lac/Year(Probationary period) and later it goes to 3.03 Lac/Year.

Off-Campus Package:Off campus candidates will get a package of 2.4LPA and it remains for a year till next increment to 3.05LPA.
Yeah i know most of the candidates are waiting for the tips to crack an Capgemini  Interview,I strongly believe in swami Vivekananda’s words they are “when we are learning we have to learn like a servant than automatically we will be fit as master” So before learning Capgemini Interview tips first we must has to concentrate on Company profile.Once our profile is matching with the company services then we can apply some tips and tricks to crack the IT companies.

Capgmeini Interview Process:-
  • Online Aptitude Test
  • Online Written English-Test(Essay)
  • Technical Round
  • HR
How to crack CG online Aptitude Test:
Before going to fight with your enemies first you must has to enter in to the battle-field so guys work hard for what you want because it your’s desire thing won’t come to you without a fight or hard-work. You have to strong and know that you can do anything if you put your mind on it and fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight but finally never stop fighting and never give up Totally 32 Questions,Duration is 50minutes. Coming to capgemini online aptitude test,Most of the candidates are failing to clear the written exam of CG and IT companies are following 60:100 formula,It means that they are terminating 60 Candidates out of 100 candidates.So carefully follow my instruction to clear an online-apti-round.Do not blindly read all the aptitude questions in every book.just follow me that’s enough to clear an Written in CG

Capgemini online aptitude test is conducted by Cocubes : Cocubes is an hiring platform for the most IT companies,CG is also conducting exam with the help of Cocubes. So go to google and explore some sample papers of cocubes for CG company.Definitely you will get comfortable with those.

Now concentrate on Sections of written
  • 16-Questions from Quantitative Aptitude(QA).
  • 16-Questions from Reasoning.(LR)
Topics to Cover for Quantitative Sections: This is the most dangerous section for the candidates so to make it easy concentrate on specified topics and the section consist the questions that are based on the topics such as puzzles, graphs, charts, tables,profit loss, time speed, time work, ratio proportions and etc.we can say that, the section’s difficulty level varies from moderate to difficult.So practice more questions from specified topics and give less time for another topics. Practice as many questions as you feel to comfortable.Most of selected candidates are suggested that RS.Agarwal book is enough to practice the quantitative section.
Topics to Cover for Logical-Reasoning: This section checks the reasoning skills of the candidates.It consists of the questions from age,syllogisms,blood-relations,directions,and some tricky questions and etc topics.Refer Rs.Agarwal reasoning book to understand the LR questions.This section is totally depends on your mind so feel comfortable do concentrate the questions with all your mind.Never give a chance to enter the unknown thoughts because Logical section you will feel multiple answers for the question.So cool and be with your mind in the exam.Definitely you will tick most correct answers. Practices also matter,give some time to practice the LR questions also but Quantitative-apti is most important than LR.
Note: Its important to every one to clear this test with sectional cut-off to attend the for further rounds.No negative marking for the written test.

*Note: Company reserves the right to make changes in the written exam but in 2016 some on-campus experiences i shared with you.

How to Crack an Essay Writing In Capgemini :
Essay in English-Duration-30min: Do not worry more about essay writing in English because you need some basic English skills to clear this round. I’m gonna tell you one example please do follow in the exam.CG given me write about Google,hmm so first take one rough paper and write that ” What,Why,Pros,Cons” this four will tell you about your essay,Now start writing the essay do not forget to keep in mind your topic theme.What is Google? write that google is a search engine and it’s providing many features to the users blah,blah like that you have to write at-least 80 words about google,Next one Why google ? Now assume your topic theme and write like google is for the solutions of all the problems,it’s been giving instant ideas blah,blah write 80 words about it,Next coming to Pros write at-least 4 Pros and Coming to Cons write 2 or 2+ Cons in your essay. Now do not end up with that words write one more thing because it’s play a key role in your selection its conclusion,write how to get benefited with the topic and how to get overcome its Cons.That’s it but make sure to follow specified order and essay should be more-than 300+ words.

How to Clear an Technical Round in Capgemini:
if you cleared the above two rounds means you are almost 90% confirm your place in IT companies because MNC companies are hiring for future purpose they won’t check in-depth of technical skills in the candidates so do not worry about TR round in MNC and do not neglect also. First of all make sure to have an idea about your academic project and prepare well with the S/W life cycle methodologies.What are the project functionalities and what software/tools you were used in your projects and what is your role in your project.Just have some clear idea
about your project after that,Basics of C,Java questions with the examples.Technical interview may ask you about “what is inheritance ?” you are not suppose to tell only the definition of it explain him with the one sample example if possible relate your definition with the real-world entities because if your relating with your answers with real-world entities then they are more chances to clear an TR round.Most of the candidates are saying that “I don’t know programming then how to clear TR” don’t worry about all programming just practice some FAQ of programming questions that’s enough to clear an TR round.Most of the time Capgemini recruiters show the interest to ask about your academic projects.So work on your project detailed to crack an Capgemini Interview Process.

How to Clear HR round in Capgmini:
Successfully if you were clear the above 3 rounds means you are one step far for your dream job with capgemini. Coming to HR round most of the candidates are complain that i don’t have English speaking skills i never spoke with anyone in English then how can i clear the HR round like that but guys believe me just one question will give you a job in HR round it’s “Tell me about yourself” please i’m suggesting you to write one brief introduction about yourself on the paper and practice an many times as you feel comfortable.Only one question will declare your future so do not neglect on this question because you must has to start with this question,Tell the answer loudly and clearly by maintain eye-contact with the HR person because first impression is the best impression for your further questions also.If you are good at telling stories you can chit chat with the HR person if not just answer his/her questions and do not speak unknown things because if you accidentally told something means you must has to explain those things also so be-careful with HR person answer their question with smartness.I hope you will practice the specified question twice in a day to clear Capgemini Interview process

Conclusion: Concentrate on written exam because if you are unable to clear an written-exam then you can’t taste the other rounds of an Capgemini Interview.

Note: Just reference our article and make sure to practice some previous Capgemini Interview sample papers/questions  which are available in google before going to attend the Capgemini Interview.

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