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Friday, November 25, 2016

Capgemini Placement Paper (Candidate Experience) through cocubes

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Hi guys, I am sharing my Capgemini interview and written process of Capgemini it might be helpful for other job seekers (0.25 negative marking was there for every wrong answer and each section they have individual cut off so have to clear in all three sections and duration of exam was 90 min.

1st : Written test conducted by Cocubes it contains 3 section (English +Reasoning + Maths 25 questions each).

1st: English error correction, idioms, synonyms, antonym were there and some fill in the blanks on articles and there were 2 passages it was easy. (I didn't prepared for this section but if you want to do then follow Indiabix) as per my knowledge cutoff here for this was 18+.

2nd: Reasoning : in this two question on flow chart followed by 8-10 questions, syllogism, statement and conclusion, statement and assumption, 2 questions from series, 2 question from blood relation, 2 questions from coding and decoding. RS agarwal (verbal and nonverbal) is more than enough it was ok ok in term of difficulty level. As per my knowledge cutoff here for this was 18+.

3rd: Maths : Number system, trigonometry, area, triangle, volume, age, profit loss, pie chart, Arithmetic propagation, boat problem, time and distance, (in short have to do all chapters of RS agarwal cannot leave even a single chapter) it was tough section in comparison to above two, time management is required here. As per my knowledge cutoff here for this was 14+.

After written test they announced the results and next round was GD and then technical followed by HR on next day.

In GD topic was is IT industry influencing our culture (it was for almost 50-55 min) there were 11 member in our group 4 cleared it and those people (CapG guys) were very very good in picking candidates in GD (tips: focus on your body language, communication skills, be calm even if anyone goes against you don't fight or respond just focus on your points and don't loss your grip on that (because it's not debate), innovation, valid points and facts if you are sure about any recent survey or such it can help you, most important point conclusion must be there in your mind to wrap all things in last one minute, don't divert from the topic, try to make eye contact with other member never look toward HR or the panel, if you can remember name its + point for you, try to speak at least 2, 3 times (as our was very long GD so 2, 3 time was not sufficient but for most of the time it works in favor if GD duration is 15 min).

After clearing the GD we were asked to go for lunch and then they have decided to take only one round Technical-cum-HR round.

Tech-Cum-HR: he asked me to tell anything that is not mention in resume as my resume was only one page so I had many things to speak up on, after this he asked me about project and technology and here starts the cross questions and I was confident about my concepts he tried to prove me wrong then he asked oops concept in details with real life example, I told everything then he asked about internship and training and what was my role there then he asked my minor project again cross questions it was on java so it covered JDBC, SQL, Servlets and front end I explained everything then he asked me about testing as I mention it there in resume I told him and explained it in simple words and clearly then he asked my favorite subject and in which I scored maximum C, Java, compiler design then asked me everything about compiler inner implementation, working, functionality then he asked about pointers and pros and cons of pointers in C, asked difference in c and java and strictly told me that don't say things that you have read in your books just tell where you find difference as I did project on both I explained and then question on pre processor directives and how does function work in C.

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