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Friday, November 25, 2016

Top Most Premium SAP Labs Interview Tips For Freshers

SAP Labs Interview Tips for the freshers as well as experienced candidates,I’m gonna describe each and every possibility to be placed in the SAP Labs.So do not skip any line in this article,If you do then you are going to miss some SAP Labs Interview Tips which are helpful in your SAP Labs Interview.

About Company: SAP Labs is a well known product based software company.Basically it’s an German multinational software corporation and it will make enterprise software to manage the business operations as well as customer relations.SAP Labs is founded in 1972-year by Dietmar-Hopp with 4 more people.The companies headquarters are present in Walldorf,Germany.SAP Labs is serving the customers and clients across the globe.The key-people behind the company is Hasso Plattner(Chairman of the Company) and Bill McDermott(CEO of the Company).SAP have regional offices in 130+ countries and The company have 293,500 customers in 190+ countries across the world.The total employees working in SAP is 76,986 as of on 2015.SAP is the 3rd largest software and programming company in the world as of on 2016 and the company is operates in 6 geographic regions including Europe,China,US,Canada and etc.The SAP company will be more focus on 25 industries and 6 industry sectors such as process industries,discrete industries and many more.SAP Labs have an R&D locations which will develop and research as well as improve the SAP core products and the main 4 SAP Labs are located in Germany,India,China and US.

SAP Labs Offices Across India: SAP Labs offices are located in   Bangalore(Karnataka),Gurgaon(Haryana),and the third location is Pune(Maharashtra).

SAP Labs Services and Products: Enterprise Software services and The products are CRM,ERP,PLM(Product Life-cycle Management) SCM(Supply Chain Management),SRM(Supplier Relationship Management),Business Solutions,Industry Solutions,Platform and Frameworks.

Employee Voice At SAP Labs:

Pros & Benefits:
  • Flexible working hours for the employees,You can come and leave at anytime as long as you finish your work.
  • Company will allow to work from home once a week as a policy.You can get more also with your manager permission
  • Employees who are working for the company continuously for 5-yrs or if you have been the employee for more than 2-year then you are eligible to take the 2-years Sabbatical leave(leave for entrepreneurship or start-up).
  • Free food for the employees Breakfast,Lunch,and dinner,Non-veg is thrice a week
  • Free shuttle services to the all employees
  • In-case of death of an employee,their family members can entitled to financial benefit from the company.Employees also can request for financial help for very high medical expenses.
  • Maternity policy also applicable to the women as 6-months paid leaves and Men get 3-weeks of Paternity leave
  • Employee can receive voucher worth 5000 per each new born/adopted child in their family
    On Employee Birthday he will receive 2000 worth voucher from amazon or you can donate to the charities also
  • For Wedding employees will get 5000 worth voucher
  • We can see that Challenging work environment in the company and everyone around you are some of the best minds of the industry as a competitive person so you will felt motivated.
Cons: Oops Most of the company employees said that “No cons,we have been enjoying at SAP Labs for many years”.

Qualification Criteria:
  • Candidate must be have good academic records from 10th class on-wards.
  • Degree: B.E/B.Tech/MCA/M.Tech completed candidates
  • Good Communication and Technical skills

On-Campus Package: Around 6 LPA for the freshers

Off-Campus Package: Same as On-Campus package
SAP Labs do hire freshers from off-campus as well as on-campus and through referral drive also.Now a days they are hiring through some consultancy,the SAP Labs Interview is involved in few stages,I’m gonna discuss each and every step of SAP Labs and we will try to explore tips also in our today’s article.SAP Labs is a product based company,it will be doing innovation on their own products and some times service base company also may seek the help of SAP company.Even though ABAP is always been kind of legend in SAP kingdom,Till to now SAP has been released many products and variety of technologies.which have changed the way users and clients/customers.We can say that SAP HANA.SAP Fiori-UX/UI5 is some popular technologies in SAP.Freshers will have many opportunities and areas to choose their work and career in SAP.At SAP you will definitely have enough work and you won’t be idle for more time.One more interest thing is you can change your team after 2-years.Now a days many were doing SAP course so i would like to explore the career opportunity after completion of SAP Certification,If there is one opening means approximately hundreds of people will be in queue for the opportunity,So i’m not regretting to do the course,
you can do the course but my suggestion is if you are good enough at financial background just go ahead with SAP Certification,it will be helpful to get the job with SAP. One more thing is it’s all about individual interest one who pursue the career in SAP.In SAP we have many modules and areas you should have to pick right module which will suits to your skills.Most of the time SAP will be preferred the candidates who did the certification from reputed institutes or organizations.

SAP Labs Selection Process:
  • Online Test
  • Technical-Round-1
  • Technical-Round-2
  • Managerial Round
  • HR Interview

How to Clear SAP Labs Online Test:  I already discussed in our previous Tech-Manhindra-Interview post that,If we clear the Written exam then we have many chances to select for the company.Coming to SAP Labs online test  this test is conducted by mettl.com and the test is divided into following sections
  • Psychometric Test
  • Aptitude (Quantitative/Logical) Test
  • Technical Aptitude Test
  • Design Aptitude Test
  • Coding Test
The total duration of the test is for 105 minutes and there is no particular order to attempt the sections.You can move in between the different sections and questions at any-point of time.
You have an option to change your marked answers also.

Psychometric Section: In Psychometric section you have 10-minutes of time.You have to complete this section before going to further section.In this section you may get several questions to test your personal/behavioral skills they may ask the same question more than once in a tricky manner,So be-careful because if you end up giving different answers to the same question means your likelihood of getting through may decrease drastically so before going to answer the question first read the question twice then put an answer.This test is only to check the candidate personality and behavior so  you need not to prepare well for this,you just need common-sense while answering the questions

Aptitude Section: In this section most of the time they are not focus on normal questions they we are find in quantitative aptitude books such as time&work and number system,profit&loss problems.They will give the questions like logical reasoning dominates,In one word we can say that puzzle type questions with basic aptitude.There are little to no quantitative aptitude questions.So prepare puzzle type aptitude questions and do not neglect the quantitative also but try to more focus on seating arrangements,coding/decoding puzzle type questions.

Technical Section: In technical-section you may get 5-10 questions,few questions will be objective and one or two questions had a code which we supposed to debug it.You can easily answer the technical section objective questions which are from software engineering/C aptitude/OOP/Data Structures.Coming to debug program we had an option to view the programming languages such as C,C++,Java,C# and we have to select the programming language and we need to debug the problem given.Most of the candidates said that it’s simple C programming questions and DBMS questions.So my suggestion is to prepare well with basic programming skills and DBMS concepts as well as go through the OS and Computer-Networks because they may put few questions from these subjects as well.

Design Section: This section is pretty simple,they will give you an image and asking the questions related to an image,such as how many different human faces do you see in the given sample picture etc.So need not to worry about this round,with basic common-sense you can put the right answer.If you want to practice questions on this section then google it.

Coding Section: In coding round you will get 2 questions.You have choice to attempt these questions in C,C++,Java or C# programming language.You will have some questions as Find the GCD ?String Palindrome,Swapping without using Temp Variable? like that, Attend the coding section first because this section have more weighting than other.If you clear the programs then you can do some aptitude as well to clear the online test.If you are strong at quantitative then do all the questions and come back to the coding section.But you must be strong in Coding or Quantitative to clear the test.
Note: Be clear with the basic programming and DBMS concepts as well as aptitude to clear an Online test of SAP Labs Interview.

Technical-Rounds: Online shortlisted candidates will call for an technical interview.In technical round they will focus on Core Java,DBMS and Data Structure questions.Make sure to know each and everything that you have mentioned in your resume and in technical they may ask some puzzles also so be prepare to face the puzzles and some general questions related to concepts of inheritance,classes,objects.The questions are not difficult and not easy also they will observe the confidence and eye-contact while you answer the questions.Just practice FAQ’s of JAVA and DBMS concepts and some basic programming questions to clear SAP Labs Interview.

Managerial Round: In this section you may expect tricky questions such as “Why should Our company hire you and Tell me your unique skills ?”, “If you get 2 offers from two various companies,Whom should you prefer ? “,”How can you handle multiple projects at a time ?” like that
tricky questions you may expect in this section.Need not to worry about this section because i hope you are good at replying these type of questions.Just practice few Interview questions before going to an SAP Labs Interview.

HR Round: As i discussed in Tech-Mahindra-Interview same questions you may expect in HR round of SAP Labs,such as “Tell me about yourself”,Hobbies,if you mentioned anything related to presentations they may ask you about that.So just answer the questions which they asked, do not smart to answer innovative especially in SAP Labs Interview HR round.

Important Note: Never say SAP to anyone who is taking the interviews,Always say that ‘S’ ‘A’ ‘P’ to them because they are very particular about this thing,they may reject you also.
Note: I shared some experience based on on-campus/Off-campus so make sure to read all the above sections and be prepare well for SAP Labs Interview.
Official Job & Updates Of SAP Labs: Click Here

All the very best & Good luck for SAP Labs Interview

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