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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Top 10 Interview Tips For The Fresher To Clear IT Companies

Top 10 Interview Tips For The Fresher to crack the MNC,IT Companies,So keep in mind the below Tips For The Fresher and do follow the same.

Before an Interview do the following tips

1.Do research on company: Most of the time candidates are preparing for aptitude,technical related things but they are not spending couple of minutes about the company details.So guys learn the company history,the mission and vision of the company and do search on recent activities of the company,If possible make sure to look at the company web-site once.

2.Clean up your Social Media: Every one things that,Recruiters won’t care about social media activities and etc of candidates, but now-a-days recruiters are focusing on the candidates social media activities also,So please remove photos,links and text that might be viewed as irreverent/inappropriate to others.

3.Listen to your voice mail message: We must has to make sure that our outgoing message is clear,concise and it’s not off-putting to any potential employers.It means that no:-” Hey,it’s David,I’m only right,I know what to do and etc words are not entertained in an interview.

4.Customize your resume: We are familiar with “first impression is the best impression” statement.So make sure to carry multiple resumes with you and do not mention irrelevant skills which you don’t know,Include all your experiences such as internship/project details in concise manner.Assume and make sure to prepare all the scenarios which you are going to face in an interviews,Most of the time interviewers will focus on your resume skills and mentioned things in the resume.
5.Practice,practice,practice: Before going to an interview,rehearse answers to standard interview questions which are commonly known as FAQ’s of interview,such as “Tell me about yourself”,”” what are your weakness”,”what are your strengths”,”what position you are expecting after working 2-years in our company”,”how do you face multiple projects effectively in a given time”.Just practice more questions before going to attend an interview.

On the day of an Interview

1.Arrive early: we are eager to apply for the company requirements but we are not showing same eagerness to attend an interview,my sincere suggestion is make sure to reach an interview venue as soon as early, because business people are do not like to be kept waiting or to wait,and it shows that disrespect to them so we have to reach an interview location as early as possible.

2.Dress like you mean business: most of us think that,is this matter ? in an interviews,Yes it will matter,So gents can wear formal dress and polished shoes which are simple and natural and women can wear comfortable dresses in simply way.

3.Turn your phone off: If you are carrying mobiles and electronics devices so please make sure to turn off it,because interviewer thinks that,if candidates are unable to handle mobile phones then how can they handle projects in the company.So freshers try to switch-off your mobile phones before going to facing an interview.

4.Voice pitch: Do not hesitate to answer the question asked by an interviewer but make sure to maintain voice tone clear and medium-pitch,because your voice says that how much confident you are.
5.Connect with people: After arriving/departing an interview make sure to wish an interviewer in smile-manner,make direct eye-contact and offer a firm handshake to an interviewer.

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