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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

CGI latest drive candidate experience Nov 2016

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#CGI Drive experience
Friends i am sharing my experience....with CGI ....I got a interview call from elitmus ....
Total 5 rounds are there..
2-Group Discussion
3-technical interview 1
4-technical interview 2
5 -HR
1.Aptitude---25 question in 30 min(NO -ve marking)
friends there are different versions .mine was A which include---- 2 very easy arrangement question
-----5 question based on closet test (see indiabix for this)
----- 2 question based on sentence improvement
------quant ques i am sharing...
----The ratio of cost price to the marked price of an article is 5 : 6. If the ratio of the profit percentage on selling the article to the discount allow ed on it is 6:5 what is the
profit percentage?
A. 10%
B. 11%
C. 12%
D. 13%
---When 12133 and 14156 are divided by a certain three digit number,the three digit remainder is the same in each case. Find the divisor ?
A 169
B 289
C 365
D None
--- A ,B, C can do a piece of work in 8,12,24 days. A and B work for 2 days with half efficiency.. than how much time will C take to finish the remaining work ?
A 16
B 18
C 19
D none
----14x+21y=C then
A C must be multiple of 7
B C must be multiple of 3
--375 is exactly divisible by
A 11! B 12! C 13! D 15!
--no of parallelogram that can be made with 7 horizontal and 7 vertical parallel lines...
A 441 B 484 C 444 D None
****some question i dont remember

#NOTE-this is only version A , in version B there were question from data interpretation (2 ques).
2nd round- (Group discussion)
for those who feel shy or have a fear of GD...Frndz this round is not a rejection round .they shortlisted 12 out of 15 candidate for the next round. so be confident and speak . you will get a chance to speak for sure.those who were rejected were shouting in the room so take care.
TOPIC- 500 1000 Demonetization ..very hot topic so prepare advance
3rd round( first technical interview)
que 1-tell me about yourself
que 2-draw your project architecture
que 3 u know DB ....what is DCL?
que 4 what is difference bw DROP DELETE and TRUNCATE ?
que 5 what is polymorphism
que 6 wht is IaaS PaaS SaaS( mentioned in my resume so asked)
que 7 what is difference bw client server architecture and web application ? explain with example!
#NOTE i was the 3rd last candidate so he was also tired.
4th round (technical round 2)
actually it was my luck that every1 was willing to go home . n my interviewer was taking 3 interviews at a time. he had given A program to each 1 to write and monitoring
que 1- do u know C and C++???
que 2 what is linked list?
que 3 WAP to take only character (A-Z and a-z) from user and if
any thing else then show some message that it is not charcter?
i was writing the program and at the same time i heard my name that you r thorough this round. and they gave me some form n docs to fill and submit.
5th round (HR)
que 1- tell me about your self
que 2 - tell me about final year project and role
que 3 - what is your location preference
que 4 - what do you know about CGI ?
we will update you ........n now i am waiting for the result.....!!!

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