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Friday, November 25, 2016

Microland placement paper

#Microland placement paper through CIT college off-campus !!

#Candidate experience


It was on campus held at Cambridge institute of technology. First we had pre placement talk and during that the company person asked few questions wrt to company and general question and people who answered were directly allowed to give the next round (skipping GD).

We had a batch of 10 in GD and it may depend upon the crowd too. For us instead of GD it was more like an extempore. He gave us a topic and fair chance to speak .They were basically checking your ability to speak (make use of real life examples) and very few were rejected in this round.
The next round was communication round. General questions were asked in this round Tell me something about yourself, your background and why do you want to work with micro land, what all you know about microland their achievements in the past? And things written on resume about your skills. For eg : if you have mentioned you are flexible. They might ask you how you are flexible.(make sure you go through the company website and their latest achievements) Then the next round was technical starting with your intro moving on to things you have written on your resume. For me it was fully on networking because I have mentioned it on my resume. Many people were rejected in this round.
The last round was HR round (piece of cake) Just your general intro and all those HR questions and little bit about the company. Be confident in this round and you will be selected.


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