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Friday, November 25, 2016

Tech Mahindra Interview Tips And Tricks For The Freshers

Tech Mahindra Interview tips and tricks for all the job-seekers those who are going to attend the Tech Mahindra Interview soon.Let me discuss all Tech Mahindra Interview tips with you so that you will feel easy with Tech Mahindra Interview process.

About Company: Tech Mahindra is an Indian multinational provider of IT,Networking technologies solutions,as well as BPO to the telecommunications industry.Tech Mahindra was founded in 1986 by Anand Mahindra.It’s headquarters are present in Pune(Maharashtra),India. Tech Mahindra is a part of Mahindra Group.Techmahindra is a 4.30$Billions company which is having 105000+ employees across the world(almost 51+ countries).TechM is providing services to the customers including fortune 500 companies. TechM is one of the Fab 50 company in the Asia.In India TechM has been ranked as #5 for IT(Software services)firms and 111 rank in the fortune India 500 list as of on 2012.TechM have 800+ active clients across the globe as of on 2016. TechM is merged with Mahindra Satyam on 2012.

Tech-Mahindra Offices Across India:  Ahmadabad, Bangalore(Karnataka), Bhubaneswar, Chandigarh, Chennai(Tamilnadu), Gurgaon(Haryana), Hyderabad(AP), Kolkata, Mumbai(Maharasthra), Noida(UP),Nagpur, Pune(Maharasthra) and Visakhapatnam(AP)

Tech-Mahindra Services: Data Center(DC),End-User-Computing and Networks-Security(NS) and IT-Infrastructure-Operation-Management as well as Infrastructure-Consulting-Services

Employee Voice At TechM:

Tech Mahindra is really fun to start as fresher,We Had lot of good time in training.In working environment we will get Exciting,Motivating and good team dynamics,good culture as well as good company values.Seniors are very helping nature,and development environment is very good at TechM and one more thing we will get good work life balance and good benefits to the full time employees.In techM everyone given chance to apply for H1B lottery and those whose name comes in lottery will able to go US.TechM have Excellent Infrastructure.People are very nice in working environment.

In TechM employee growth becomes limited after few years,Company will take lots of initiatives decisions but the problem is they are not able to implement fully, can not reap benefits of these initiatives if you are ask for release, you will have to sacrifice the year’s appraisal and finally hike is less as compare to other companies.everything will be depends on projects what you get. Very less exposure to freshers in Techm. Less visibility. In techM i find more people try to compete with people instead of the work.

Qualification Criteria:
  • Candidates from BE/BTech/ME/MTech/MCA/MBA/BSC/BCA
  • Percentage should be 60% and above through-out your academic back-ground
  • Between the courses more than 1 year gap is not entertained
On-Campus Package:In training/the first 6 months of probation period, it will be 2.47 LPA. Then it will increase in between 3.07 LPA. to 3.25 LPA. Tech-mahindra bond is for 2 years for freshers.

Off-Campus Package:Almost Off-Campus package also same as On-Campus package.
Most of the Selected Candidates said that it’s really easy to crack the Tech-Mahindra Interview process campus placement, just candidate must have to be good in time management as well as good in problem solving skills and communication skills.Candidates has to more concentrate on accuracy and time. Candidate has to solve more number of questions in given time. TechM questions are not tough as you expected they are just basic questions.As i said earlier in the Capgemini-Interview process,Only practice is the mantra behind to crack any company exam.I’m recommend you to first look at some previous question papers of Techm and understand the topics from which questions are appear in the exam(You need not to be worry i will discuss which topics you have to concentrate more for written exam).Once you get a basic idea from the previous papers then you can start preparing those topics intensively and the difficulty of the problems in each topics should be like a crescendo and helpful to you.

Tech Mahindra Interview Process:
  • Online Written Test
  • Essay Writing
  • Technical Round
  • HR interview
How to Clear Tech-Mahindra Online Written Test? :
170 questions, 80 minutes(it may vary according to the company decision). You must has to keep your mind and time in proper way to think.Written exam is the most precious for the job-hunters and I am not afriad anyone here mentioning it as elimination Round, I am just trying to convey that written test where half of the students get eliminated in all the companies because it’s a easy task to pick the few candidates for their needs. TechM written test has 2 rounds(as per 2015-16 pattern) am discussing with you it may change according to the year also.Written Test which consist of Quantitative Aptitude, Logical questions and English Grammar questions and the essay writing round. mostly the Quantitative Aptitude sections questions will be focus on Ratio&Proportions,Partnerships,Percentages, Time&Work, Speed&Distance, as well as from Probability so you can refer RS Agarwal book to practice the QA questions.Next the Logical section questions will be from Analogy,Directions& Distance,Blood Relations,and Seating Arrangements,Ranking and Sequences questions.Keep your focus on solving both questions equally because sectional cut-off may matter.
Important Note: Only English is enough to crack the Techm Written because frequently they will ask 80 question from English portion which are from Antonym,synonym,prepositions,article,sentence-corrections,jumbled paragraph,50 questions from quantitative round and reasoning,This 50 questions are easy to solve even no need to prepare expert level,Rs Agarval book is enough. Just remember that make your typing speed good and accurate because after clearing the online exam you have write an English essay without making an error in 2 paragraphs.

How to clear Tech Mahindra English Essay ?:
So guys points to remember while writing the essay writing,they will use a computerized software for an essay writing round, So please do follow the very little things to clear it,The test is very much similar to MS-Word correction scheme. So don’t be smart to use difficulty words just try avoiding misspelling the dictionary words.Guys remember and follow the below mentioned kind of ending and starting a sentence- in the essay round Hi, I am JobGot . I love to be working in Jobgot. observe the space I included after I terminating the first sentence. The most important thing is decreases the count of grammatical errors in the essay.The duration of essay is 10 minutes so just try writing a minimum of 200–250 words.

Keep This Also in Mind while writing Essay:
  • Keep your thoughts clear and use simple words
  • Make sure to avoid Grammatical mistakes.
  • Please Don’t make things complex.

How to clear Tech Mahidra Technical Round ?:
As i discussed in Capgemini-Interview Process same is applicable to TechM also,Technical interview in TechM is not so much tough to clear, You just need some basic ideas of your branch.
go through some puzzles and if you are problem solver then the puzzle just take a bit time to solve,
don’t argue that you are a very good programmer in-front of interviewer, they will ask you some programming questions/data structures and basics of C language,You can expect straight forward questions like finding the palindrome number/Armstrong number/Sorting and etc.in Data structures they will ask simple linked lists questions such as insertion,deletion and etc. practice few questions that’s enough, Have the idea about binary tree, and you may expect some questions from searching and sorting.Most of the time they will ask you about your academic projects and internship you have done and mentioned in your resume.Guys just be confident and work well with things you mentioned in the resume. answer the questions quickly and fluently. Don’t be aggressive with answers act a bit zombie if you are not sure about the answer.and if you don’t know the answer exactly then just say that I’m unable to recollect the answer or you can say that you don’t know the answers and don not try bluffing the Technical Interviewer.

How to Face Tech-Mahindra HR Round ?:
Earlier as i discussed in Capgemini-Interview same as here they will ask about yourself and hobbies and some tricky questions.Do not be smart with HR because they may catch you at point of time just answer obediently and make sure to get good impression with the HR person.

Once You selected The following hierarchy will be followed by the company :
  • U1- fresher, Associate software engineer
  • U2- after one year since the date of joining you will promote to Software engineer
  • U3- it takes another 2–5 years senior software engineer.
  • U4 – Tech Lead
  • P1A- Project Manager for Technical
  • P1B – Project Manager for Management
  • P2A – Program Manager for Technical
  • P2B – Program Manager for Management
Note: Company reserves the right to make changes in the written exam but in 2016 some on-campus experiences i shared with you.
Note: Guys if you are good at communication skills and better academics in college and high schools then it will play an advantage in your interview.if you don’t have good academics, still you can make it through by your confidence and skills in the Tech Mahindra Interview.So my tip is to stay confident and be calm and composed throughout your the Tech Mahindra Interview.
Tech-Mahindra Official Careers Page: Click Here

All The Very Best For Tech Mahindra Interview

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