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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Tech Mahindra Interiew Experience FEB 2017


Here I am sharing my experience with Tech M that was held on 18th Feb in CIT Bangalore.
There were 3 rounds -
  • 1. Aptitude & Story
  • 2. Technical
  • 3. HR
Round 1 :- Aptitude & Story

there will b some sections Quant(11 Questions),Non-verbal reasoning(5 ques),Verbal reasoning(21 ques),Comprehension(3-4 ques),logical reasoning(11-14 ques),
U need to clear all the sections .
if u'll clear the apti then u will b redirected to the story writing page,
here u need to write an imaginary story based on the image shown on ur screen.
here u need to remember one thing tht don't make any grammatical error and spell mistake except this u can do anything with ur story ...sounds funny but its true,there is no need to write a sensible story. HR can ask u about ur story till then u can think good and sensible story.

Round 2 :- Technical

This was the most easy n best technical interview of my life,he asked me about my project (m frm ECE) i told him,he was very polite and decent person so i felt very comfortable and confident . I asked me 2 more ques to make JAVA program on print a name and sum of 2 nos . Then he sent me for HR round.

Round 3 :- HR

I faced a worst HR interview of my lyf. He asked me about me,my family back ground n goals . I told him everything. Then he asked me about my passion and its implementation in my lyf. I told him.
then he said he was nt convinced......And some more conversation .
Then he told me to leave fr the day, cz results will b declare by mail.

Guys b confident and positive.

Hope this will help u.

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