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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

IBM Interview Experience


Hello guys,first of all I would like to thanx whole CrackMNC Team for such an immense support that a job seeker seek's for.One thing I would like to tell is that it's not after how much time you get placed, But its all about whether u got placed or not. So be always hopeful.

As you all might be knowing the pattern of IBM . 18 series, 18 Aptitude, 22 English and 1 coding Round.
For preparation of all this sections you can refer to the all the Candidate Experienced and Placement Papers of CrackMNC.com only.A lot of question you can encounter same and for English and Coding it will be exactly same. Further you can just refer to m4maths. Just concentrate on this Round,especially on the Aptitude and series because if you cracked it, means you are 90% in.

They take just 1 round after it that is managerial round.I m putting the questions that thy asked.

1)Introduce your self
2)what was your role in your project
3)which database you used in your project and its version
4)what all operations you know to perform on a table(just the operations)
5)one puzzle related to a bridge i.e 4 persons are there with only 1 torch.At a time max 2 people can go through the bridge(min can be 1 also).'A' takes 1 min ,'B' takes 2 min,'C' takes 5 min and 'D' takes 10 min.So find out the min time that all the 4 will be on the other side
6)suppose you work here and your TL wants you to put some specific code in the project but you have more better code than him than who's code will you put in the project.
7)why IBM and Why Should I hire U
8)Suppose you are having a very tight schedule(even food also you are having at your desk only) and in your team 2 persons are not doing the work properly and you have to complete the work by the weekend than how will u help them to complete the work
9)Do u have any question to ask

After that I had my bio-metric and yesterday I got the EOI.

For 2 persons they took the interview in Hindi only but it totally depends on them and your luck.

#Note: The blocking period of the people who have cleared the 1st round (series,apti ...) is of 3 months and those who have not cleared it is of 1 year.

Hope this exp will help u All..


All the Best

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