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Monday, March 27, 2017

Vmoksha Technologies Placement Papers | Candidate Experience

This is in regard of my today's interview experience in Vmoksha Technologies for Embedded Trainee profile @HSR Layout, Agara, Bengaluru

This recruitment drive was purely for Embedded Systems domain, which was CLEARLY mentioned in d job postings. Despite of which many candidates came to attend just by seeing 3 keywords in JD, namely #Java #C #C++; ignoring other important skill requirements. Even d recruiter told us very clearly that they must have read the JD carefully n then shown up there, as a result, he told them to LEAVE...They were really frustrated at this. But whom to blame??? So, it's my suggestion to fellow job seekers out there that please read d JD seriously, understand it, then decide whether your capable enough to go or not...because by doing so lame thing u r wasting your precious time only & then afterwards badmouthing about the company saying "They should mention it clearly..etc...etc...etc.."

Now, coming to some important points about this company. Please read it carefully, so that from next time no fresher will b in dilemma just like me, as I was today.

(1). The reporting time was 10:00 AM. After 10:30, they won't allow any one. So always be on time, they're not gonna listen to any of your excuses.
(2). There will be Three rounds, namely :

  • Online written Test of Embedded Technical, 
  • F2F Technical interview, 
  • System programming

(3). They've very strict T&Cs which they'll announce before starting #first round. Once u agree on their T&Cs and attend at-least 1st round, you can't quit in between before completion of all rounds, neither you can reject their offer if u are selected. Failing in which, otherwise, they'll take strict actions against u.
(4). During your system programming round, you've to fill all your necessary details in their database which is directly connected to the #NASSCOM, which means your details will b registered with NASSCOM & your #selection, #rejection or, #blacklisted (in case u r selected but u won't join) status of the interview will b reflected there.
(5). There's a bond period for 2 years which will b legal bond through jurisdiction & u can only break the bond if u go to court to file a case.
(6). Training duration will be of #6 months during which they will assign you to live projects right from day 1, most probably with the #IOT team & will pay u a stipend of #Rs5000/month. After training your employment will b made permanent based on your assessments & performance during training. Salary will b hiked to #Rs1.8 lacs/annum, based on your rating on a scale of 5.
(7). They'll keep your #original documents for 1 year (or may be 2, as I won't exactly remember the same).
After all this sh*t, they'll tell u to take 10 mins time to think n discuss with your friends, family & well-wishers, before starting round 1. If not interested, then they can leave before round 1. So guys n girls who are aspiring to make a career in Embedded Systems domain, plz understand these things about this company & then go for interview.
This is one of the worst & most strictly limited T&Cs I've ever heard from a start-up company. For more info, refer to Google & Glassdoor reviews.

Thanx for reading such a long post but I felt it important to convey, as many people tend to take wrong decisions in such scenarios. So think wisely before u act...

Best of luck

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