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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Cast Software Placement Papers

Image result for Cast SoftwareCast_Software Placement Papers

1st round : 
Offline written which includes aptitude, logical reasoning and verbal questions and 5-10 questions from C and core java , Level of questions is medium, total number of questions 30-45.

2nd Round:
Technical interview 1st technical interview is based on the technical skills which you have mentioned in your resume, prepare all the technical skills which u have mentioned in ur resume, at least 1 questions from all the skills which u have mentioned, prepare core java well as this job opportunity is for java.

3rd Round:
2nd Technical : specific to the technology, prepare core java well , prepare some programs , they can ask u some programs to write, prepare opps concept , prepare your college project well, prepare few points about the company also.

4th Round :
Managerial Round: few personal questions related to your hobbies, related to your personal interest , about the your college project.

5th Round: 
HR : personal interview + prepare few points about the company.

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