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Saturday, April 22, 2017

MindTree Placement Paper through Elitmus

#Mindtree_Placement_papers through eLitmus

#MindTree Placement papers : Conducted through eLitmus.

Shared by placed guy..
First day : First round was algorithm n coding round.
in that they asked 2 questions...in which we had to write algorithm and after that we will be asked to write a programming code in c or c++ or in java. its our choice.

The questions were 
1. write an algorithm for palindrome.
2. write an algorithm to show whether the certain series of input obeys Pythagorean triplet or not .
even if u don't perform well here....go through the ausns...logic behind the execution....and programming method wen u go home.

2nd day :- Technical and HR round.

Here is the overall process went on....
Hr- hello krishnamohan rao....common take your seat.
Me- Gud mrng sir. Thank u.
Hr- How was ur day....had ur lunch?
Me- Thats very fine sir. 
Hr- pls introduce urself..
Me- Told.
Hr- By seeing my algorithm paper.....he asked some ausns like...can u explain the logic behind the program??
wat are the other methods?
Me- told abt logic in palindrome n pythogorean triplet.
Hr- well....that was nice presentation.
Me- Thank u sir.
Hr- explain abt ur project?
Me- explained very confidently.
Hr- u r very good at ur academics n u had given a neat explaination on ur project.
y dont u go for ur core side?
Me- Thank u for ur complements sir....
actually am very much interested in both em embedded systsms n in programming languages.
But the embedded system itself is a conbination of both hardware n software.
so i hope i will do well....by having prpgramming knowledge a far better.
The interest matters .......the cse ian can take few days to get trained wen compared to me. but i will give an equal output in a best way.
Hr- smiled.
wat is the diff btn table n view....
Me- explained.
Hr- givd some validations on online train reservation systems.
Hr-do u knw sql??
Me- no sir.
Hr- can u write c program for linear search..
Me- wrote n explained.
Hr- write program for fibonacci series?
Me- wrote n explained.
Hr- thats fine.
wat is ur flng if i selected u for mindtree?
Me- felt happy n shared my opinion.
Hr- Do u have any ausns for me..
Me- wats the diff u noticed in mindtrees growth btn ur fresher mind and experienced mind.
Hr- explained by taking an example of a tree frm its journey from seed to tree.
Me- That was a great explaination. i will always keep this in my mind.
Hr- Thank u krishnamohan. pls wait in the seminar hall....and result will be declared soon.
Me- sure sir....n thank u so much. am very glad to meet such a wonderful n experienced person like u. its pleasure talking to u sir.
thank u.
After 5.30 they declared the results n out of 300 60-70 were selected n am one among them.
Hoping this may help u guys.
Stay bold n stay confident. u will be succeeded.

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