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Saturday, March 18, 2017

IBM interview experience

#IBM interview experience 

Date - 24th Jan ( First round ) 

4th Feb TR+HR Bangalore location

It was a referral drive

First round was on 24th Jan at Jain university 

My batch timing was 11 am

But due to management problem I could give my test at 5 pm

There were 4 sections in first round 
1. Number series ( 18 questions 2.15 min for each question) 
Just go through previous question papers and m4maths
Try to solve in mind as much as you can bcoz we have only 2.15 min for each question

2. Aptitude ( 18 questions 2.15 min for each question) 
Focus on following topics
Profit n loss
Ratio and proportion
Pipes and cistern
Problems on ages , train
Time and distance
Time and work
First go through previous question papers and try to solve it
Solve all aptitude section from CraackMNC and go through indiabix to understand concepts of other topics

3. English assessment test 
It was the easiest section in first round
All questions were repeated except few questions
Go through previous question papers and verify each and every question on Internet

4. Java coding 
Only one program we have to do in 45 min
It was a easy one
For reference go through Bjs material
Mine was to convert in lower case
After that I got the first round result on 31st Jan. Few got on that day itself.

I went on 4th Feb for second round ( TR + HR ) at Manyata tech park

There were 5 panel to take our interview 
If you can clear first round then easily you can clear HR too
Just speak with confidence and don't lie ( if you want to lie then speak it confidently. Don't take a pause while speaking )

Mention only those things in resume which you know perfectly
HR was very good, friendly, experience person and smart also
Me : May I come in sir ?
HR : Yes, Come in
Me : Good morning sir
HR : Good afternoon
Me : I repeated, it's morning sir
He checked my resume
HR : so you are basically from Maharashtra, then why do you came here ?
Me : told
HR : Cross questions on my previous answer
Me : told
HR : Do you know Mr. ___ , he is working in the IBM
Me : no sir, I don't know him
HR : asked me about my project
Me : told
HR : 7-8 more questions on project
( like who was the main in project ?, who choose this project, working, who was the external ?, from which college he came, his name ? )
Me : told
HR : What do know about IBM ?
Me : While telling the answer he stopped me in the middle and asked some cross questions
( he wanted to check whether I know the correct info or not )
HR : so you bi hearted this answer
Me : no sir ( somehow I managed that answer )
HR : What you will do in the IBM ?
Me : told
HR : cross question on my previous answer
Me : told
HR : In which area do you want to work in technical field ?
Me : told
HR : Cross question on previous answer
Me : told
HR : how do you feel when you will enter in the IBM at first day ? How do you control that emotions ? What you will do on that day ?
Me : told
HR : What do you like to do ?
Me : told, I like to write poems
( As I had mentioned in my resume in a hobby section )
HR : In which language
Me : Marathi, Hindi
HR : He asked me to say one poem which I wrote
Me : told
HR : Do you have any question?
Me : I asked a question
( always ask a question if they give a change to ask )
HR : told me the answer
HR : ok you can go now
Me : thank you sir, nice to meet you, have a nice day ( with smile )

And finally yesterday I got offer later

Thanks to all CrackMNC team

Thank you soooo much for your efforts Divas Nikhra and all other admins and CrackMNC members who are really doing great work

I hope this info will be helpful to you all in your preparation

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