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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Embedded Companies List Acorss India

#Embedded Companies List Acorss India


#Note:- Read this Description then Start searching for jobs

As per as my concern if you want to work in Embedded domain, you have to grow your knowledge in core electronics domain , Now lets talk about to Embedded Systems. For Knowing how An Embedded System works you have to know certain things and go step by step.

1). Learn C programming thoroughly(Bit-wise Operator/Call by value/Call by reference/Pointer/Array/Function/Structure/Dynamic Memory Allocation).
2). Learn Electronics (Electronic Devices and Circuit Theory) (PDF you can find in web) and Digital Electronics.
3). Learn Micro-controller from basic to higher version (AT89c51/Arduino/ARM/STM32F427).
4). Learn Communication Protocol(I2C/SPI/UART/CAN).
5). Get practical hands on experience in tools(KEIL uVision, AVR Studio, Arduino,STm32 Cube, Proteus) , where you will know how to write, debug and dumped a code in micro-controller.
6). Build some DIY kits(Sensor Shield/GSM shield/Ultrasonic Sensor).
Now Lets come to the Linux part. Different websites are there for learning. But its upto u how you are grabbing.
Steps to be followed:

  • Learn basic Linux command(pwd/ls/mkdir/fprintf/fscanf/fopen/fclose)
  • Learn Signal/Alarm/wait/sleep cooammand
  • Learn IPC deeply(Pipe/Named Pipe/Shared Memory/Message Queue)
  • Learn Thread and process (how to create thread, process and communication beetween them ).
  • Semaphore and mutex.
  • Socket Programming(create/bind/accept/listen/read/write/close)
  • After completion of this , then go to driver part.
  • Less theory and do coding.
  • I hope Definitely it will help.

So Here is the Embedded Companies List (MNCs Included)-->>
1. Yuktix Technologies Private Limited
2. Einfochips
4. Dexcel Designs
5. Jasmin Infotech Private Limited
6. Automotive Infotronics
7. Robosoft systems
8. Mistral solutions
9. Renault Nissan Automotive India Private Limited
10. Sasken communication technologies ltd
11. ETAS automotive
12. Rockwell well India
13. Tata Elxsi
14. Siemens
15. KPIT Cummins Info systems
16. L&T InfoTech
17. Ashok Leyland
18. General Motors
19. Cisco Systems India Pvt Ltd
20. John Deere India pvt ltd
21. Robert Bosch engineering and business solutions limited
22. Visteon Corporation
23. Delphi automotive
24. Freescale
25. Texas Instruments
27. LG Electronics
28. Motorola
29. Philips
30. Adormi
31. Asteria
32. iWave Systems Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
33. Indo Fuji
34. Procsys
35. Sattva etech
36. Pathpartner Technologies
37. Cerium Systems
38. Kuberre systems
39. Collabera
40. Tecvulcan
41. Centum electronics
42. Asmaitha Wireless Pvt Ltd
43. CS communications & systems
44. Logic fruit technologies
45. Celerix Technologies
46. Oxys-tech
47. Continental
48. Aurasemi
49. Masamb Electronics Systems
50. Tessolve
51. Novelic
52. Cosmic Circuits
53. Arf-design
54. Perfectus
55. Lucid Imaging
56. Embedded Technology Labs
57. Park Controls & Communications pvt Ltd
58. Samsung Research India
59. Nvidia
60. Qualcomm
61. Symphony teleca
62. Broadcomm
63. Huawei
64. Ericsson
65. Toshiba
66. ARM
67. Maxim
68. Accord Software Systems
69. SanDisk
70. DevSys Embedded Technologies Pvt Ltd
71. Ittiam Systems
72. Indocen Electronics Systems Pvt. Ltd.
73. MAPYN Technologies
74. Maven Systems Pvt. Ltd.
75. Dynalog (India) Limited
76. NavStik
77. SoftDEL Systems
78. GVC Systems Pvt Ltd
79. STB & DTV Design Services
80. GlobalEdge - Intelligence of Things
81. Tevatron Technologies
82. Variscite
83. Intrinsyc
84. Kontron
85. Phytec
86. Adlink
87. Digi
88. Advantech

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