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Friday, December 2, 2016

SAP Placement papersTECHNICAL ROUND & HR

#SAP Placement papers :- TECHNICAL ROUND & HR ..!

Round 1- Online test - 4 sections Section 1 - Aptitude Questions Section 2 - Essay Writing Section 3 - Software Design MCQ Section 4 - 2 coding questions (One simple,one above average)

Round 2 - Technical Round (45 min)

Round 3 - Technical Round (1 hour)

Round 4 - Mangerial Round (35 min)

Round 5 - HR Round (25 min)

TECHNIAL ROund interview question related :- Interview Questions
Questions on DBMS, OS, Networks and DS and Algos Mostly questions were from ER model, Normalisation, Indexing,hashing, Process Sync etc Simple DS questions - Find missing and repeating no. in an array, binary search tree , etc
MORE INFo about TECHNIcAL rounds :-

Round #1: Technical.
The interviewer was looking like he was in early 30's. He started by asking to introduce myself. He went through my resume and asked how much will I rate myself in C and C++ in a scale of 10, I said 6-7.He asked the following questions:
1. What is a class and object in C++.Explain by taking an example.
2. What is static and use of it? Give a real life example where you would use it?
3. What are public, private called in C++( ans :Access Specifiers) , What is the use of them? For whom would it be useful users or developers?
4. What is difference between authorization and authentication?
5. Abstraction and encapsulation?
6. How is Encapsulation implemented and an example?
7. What is use of inheritance?
8. Write a program to find second largest number in an array?

Note: I just wrote a code to first find the maximum element and make it zero then again find the max from remaining(which would give second largest number).
He asked whether this is the best solution , I Said No, this is the first solution that would strike anyone and we can improve its time and space complexity.
9. Then he asked about time and space complexity?
10. Finally any questions for me?
He said it was good to have you and I answered most of the questions , the thing is that you don't need to have the exact answer its about how you get to a solution and how you think you can improve yourself Thank you.
Results were announced within 15 mins. And here comes the shocking moment, I was called by the HR she asked how was your interview and I said good, she said but we are sorry you didn't clear the first round, it was a shocker for me, I controlled myself and after taking two steps I heard a voice, it was the HR she said just wait a moment. I thought she would return me my resume :p , then after 10 minutes she came back and said I am really sorry there was a small mistake you are through to the next round.
Oh my god what was that, even the same thing happened to one more guy with me.
After all those drama, second round started in 15 mins.

Round #2: Technical.
The interviewer introduced himself , he was working with SAP for 13 years and was about 50, The moment I saw him, I became nervous. He said I don't want to ask anything about programming as you have answered good in the first round and got good score. He asked to introduce myself , then asked if I have any other offer, I said yes, then he asked then y do u want to join SAP, I explained.
He started with a puzzle:
1. There are 10 balls out of which one ball is heavier and all other balls are of equal weight , how many min measurements are required to find the heavier one?
2. Again a puzzle on weights, There are 25 machines producing 1 kg weights , suddenly a machine corrupted and started producing weights measuring 999 grams,Find the machine with a single measurement?
3. Have u worked with any database?
4. What is mySql?
5. What are triggers. How to use them?
6. Why do we need a foreign key when we have a primary key?
7. What is index in SQL?
8. What is use of joins?
9. Explain your projects?
10. Last question as usual any question for me? I asked two, he said thanks and I left.

Round #3: Managerial.
The interviewer introduced himself and congratulated me for clearing two rounds. Asked me to introduce myself, then my qualities. I said I always want to find newer ways of implementing things , he asked me to give some examples about it , I explained one from my project and the other one from my first round regarding the program for finding the second largest example, he was very impressed. Asked about my projects and other things apart from academics. Asked whether I have any offers.
What I know about SAP, why SAP?
He gave me a pattern, it was a pentagon , then 2nd one was two pentagons whose vertices were connected, every line between two points would be considered as a connection. How many connections would be there in the 75th pattern. I tried to solve and came to a recursive solution within 5 mins( Ans: 5(n)+number of connections in [n-1]th pattern).
He said this a recursive solution , how can you find without using a system , I explained him that all things we do are on system and clients would need a program for such a question and this would work fine, he was very much impressed.
He said he will choose a number between 1 to 200 , You have to write down a set of questions asking them u have to tell me the number and note that the same question should work if I change the range from 1000-2000.
I started thinking , then I thought a binary search would work in this case, I wrote related questions and said it's a binary search he asked me to write a code for it, I wrote. He asked how would I adjust to Bangalore as I am from other city I explained. Then he asked me to ask any questions.
I got the result within 5mins and was asked to go for final round.

Round# 4: HR.
Interviewer introduced himself, he was about 35, asked me to introduce myself, and explain me about my projects, after that he asked whether ever worked within a team, I answered everything.
What are my interested areas,mI said cloud computing, Big data and IoT, he asked me to explain. Asked whether I have any other offers, I said yes then y I would prefer SAP. I explained him, he asked me about my family, will I able to move to Bangalore? He did not say I was selected but from his words I got that.
Finally he said we have an offer to you, and explained all benefits, pay and all. I said thank you sir, he asked me to chose preferred joining date and asked if I had any query and I asked few and said thank you.

Small Suggestion:
Its not about the answer its all about how you approach the problem may it be a program or a puzzle. Be confident, tell them if you don't know a particular question, make sure you tell them your approach, given an opportunity to ask questions at the end, always ask a few, this would show your interest to the interviewer.

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