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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Accenture Placement Papers Through eLitmus

Click here for Accenture Placement Papers Through Amcat

#ACCENTURE_PLACEMENT_PAPERS Through eLitmus : 14th Feb'16 !

#NOTE : Guys : Most of Concentrate on your resume & Your communication.....!!

As many guy's also having interview through eLitmus so you can follow this :

There will be only two round tech + HR.! Must follow this all ques
damn sure u all will be placed for sure..@ all d best. guys

@Shared by placed guy.!
Associate Software Engineer Interview
i had applied through Elitums and received the call for direct interview Tech nd HR in New Delhi.

Technical Interview:
1st question was 'Introduce yourself' ^as expected, I introduced myself started from my name,educational qualification B.Tech(IIIT Jabalpur), area of interest,interest to work in Software field and then came to my basic education then family background that's all.
2nd Ques: Then recruiter asked about my projects(Top 2 from resume). I explained.
3rd Ques: Write a HTML code that represent the header,footer and divisions in browser(very simple).i designed.
4th Question: Design a database and explain the keys with the example? I created Company database and explained Primary Key, Foreign Key, Super Key etc.
5th Ques: Write the connection string of JDBC API (that is part of my project)? I wrote full code and explained step by step.
6th Ques: What is polymorphism? I explained and ask him to explain further i.e. Compile Time and Run Time Polymorphism, He replied- No, its ok.
7th Ques: what is Stack and Queue? i answered and started to implement in link list.He interrupted me in-between and said- its ok.
Then interviewer told me that its done.Thank you.
I came out and wait for 5 minutes and asked to go 4 HR round.

HR Interview:
1st Ques: as expected 'Tell me about yourself'.
2nd Ques: What have you done something different in your course? i explained about my B.Tech Project.
3rd: I noticed that you have good technical skill, Do you want to be the part of Accenture Technology services i.e Software Engineering.? I replied- 'Yes Sir' I have good exercise in java language and Databases and enthusiastic to work as a Software Engineer.
Again he asked that where do u want 2 see urself after 5 years? I replied that I would like 2 achieve a good position like project manager or HOD of any Software Department.
then he asked many questions like Location preference, Gap in study and reason, relocation, night shifts, bond policy etc.

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