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Friday, December 2, 2016

SAP Online Test patterns

#SAP Online Test patterns :- Hope it will help u guys..!
#SAP new placement papers. SAP on line written test pattern, SAP test procedure.

Check more details here : 


#SAP Online Test Details:- Online test of 1 hr 30 mins.

It consisted of 5 sections:-
#Total time given was 1 hr and 30 minutes. There was no negative marking.

1.) Aptitude:- (10 questions) 1 mark each question.
Main topics:-

  • - Geometry-Questions related to circle and triangle (Little Bit tough).
  • - Pipes and Cisterns
  • - Probability
  • - Time and Work,Time Speed and Distance

2.) Logical reasoning:- (10 questions).1 mark each question
  • -Blood Relation- 4 to 5 questions.
  • -Direction
  • -Coding & decoding

3.) Verbal:- (11 questions).Essay-10 marks & 1 marks questions.
- An essay of not more than 300 words had to be written and it carried 10 marks.

  • -Future of Nokia.
  • -Competitive exams in india.
  • -Potholes of India
  • -Aam Aadmi Party and many mores....

1 marks question:-
  • - Identify error in sentence.3 to 4 questions
  • - Jumbled sentences.-4 to 5 questions
  • - Synonyms and Antonyms.1 to 2 questions
4.) Technical:-(10 questions).1 marks questions.
  • -Very basic and simple questions from c and dbms.
  • -Error Detection in Programs.

5.) Coding Section :- 1 question of 20 marks.(Real Time Programming)
Some Programs asked by me and my frnds :-
--->Bleak Numbers
In Mathematics each number has one special number, which it supports, chosen as follows. It counts the number of ones in its own binary representation, and adds this count to itself to obtain the value of the number it supports. That is, if j(m) means the number of ones in the binary representation of m, then m supports m+j(m). For example, the number eight (1000 in binary) supports nine, whereas nine supports eleven.
However, in this way not all the numbers get supported; some are left without support, and we call these numbers bleak. For example since one supports two, two supports three and three supports five, there is no number less than four, which would support four, so four is bleak.
Your task is for a given number recognize if it is bleak or supported by some number.
OLD Patterns :-
Written test: 90 mins (no calculator allowed). Consisted of following sections: (106 questions total).

  • 1) Psychometry (60 questions)
  • 2) Quantitative Aptitude.
  • 3) Logical Reasoning.
  • 4) Computer science.
  • 5) Verbal ability.
  • 6) 2 Programs.
Aptitude, Logical, Verbal were general questions. There was too less time to even read the questions.
Computer science consisted mainly of DBMS, OS and Output questions in C/C++.
There were two programs, out of which at least one should run, for you to clear the exam
Q1. We had to design a street, according to some constraints. (40 marks)
Q2. Find sum of digits.
Eg: input: 15
Output: 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+1+2+3+4+5+6

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