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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Accenture Placement Papers Through Amcat

Click here for Accenture Placement Papers Through ELitmus

Shared by some placed guy....

#Accenture Placement Papers Through Amcat

As i had posted earlier i got placed in #Accenture well guys i would like to share my experience

There was only #one round for the process
It was tech & HR combined..

There were 5 candidates in each group for interview process. So u have to utilize ur chances well.

It doesn't matter if u r not from cs/it branch. if u r appearing for the interview u should know basics of c/c++
for cs/it guys prepare ur project and DBMS well

In the end its not like there was any specific extempore round.. they gave us a topic and asked our point of view. also its not a Gd round. we were asked individually to put our points.

Communication skill and confidence is very important
interview lasted for about 20 mins

Now mind it..it may seem like easy as there is only one round, but 2/5 were selected in my group and the scenario for other groups was similar.

Shared by placed guy..

PI and HR was dated on 30th aug, and reporting time was 8.30 ,there was not much crowd till 10,it was like approx 300 to 400,, and i had my frst round at 10 a.m.
we were all divided into 12 to 14 panels each consisting of 5 to 10 candidates, and to my panel mine was the 2nd group.
when we entrd the cabin for a interview (it was 5 is to 2 ),, there was one hr person and one technical person..
they simply gave us each a individual topic to speak on (extempo). each was asked to talk for few mins,, after tht each of us had some exchange of ideas based on that topic. byas!! they told us to wait outside ,,and after 15 mins they declared the results...
after that i went again to that roo to ask about the further rounds,then the hr told they already had a look in to our Amcat scores so no need of Technics...
this was almost familier with all other panels, but some of the panels wre dere who were asking technical question as well along with Gd;s..,, rejection ration was less in the morning but as the day goes off the ration realy increased a lot....
finally : for the job seekers,, give your amcat very srsly ,score above 90 at least in logical.. to avoid technical and to have a cake walk..

ACCENTURE is only looking for candidates who can communicate,, a master of English fluency in not even is reqd.. a trier will get a place for sure.. p.s. if thr is any extempo round,, plz whatever topic they throws at u,, grab it and say wht ever u like,, dnt chnge the topic or else u ll b cancelled may b u "SHAKIRA" in speaking, and they ll give u 1 min to thnk upon,, dnt think strt saying something den think while u speak..
it was all wht i experienced last day,, the day begun with so much tension ,,but it all got over by 10.15,, it was a cake walk,,

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