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Monday, November 28, 2016

First American Placement papers :- Must follow 29th Nov @SJBIT college

#First_American_Placement papers :- Must follow! 29th Nov @SJBIT college!
Guys recently one CrackMNC user got placed in same company...So whoever going to attend interview on 29th nov..Please prepare well and attend ! #simply dont attend!

Know your strength area and attempt that first.
I did technical followed by numerical's and then english.
Time management is the key.
Cutoff will be around 30 to 35.

Speak confidently. Dont think whether you are stammering or not.. whether you are repeating someones point or not. Dont interrupt when someone else is speaking,I made this mistake and got warned. just give your points and thats it.. you are through .
Technical: Revise your CV at-least 5 times. remove unnecessary things. dont write C,C++,java and all other programming languages just becz you know it. I would suggest write only C,C++ cz unnecessarily you are giving the interviewer to ask you more questions. Since this company prefers .NET ,it will be an added advantage if you have done .NET based internships or projects.prepare in detail about your projects,cover everything.You will be also expected to code in this round. while writing code.. dont just rush to code when given a question. ask the interviewer about the maximum input and other constraints... ask whether you should put exceptions or not.. these small things will create a good impression.

He will give you many scenarios.. think and then give your answer.Be confident.They also see whether you follow the latest technologies or not.. what i mean by this is... my HR asked me whether i have worked or atleast seen the latest versions of ASP.NET 5 and 6. he asked me this coz earlier I did a project on ASP.NET MVC 4.Be calm and you will be through.
All the best to ppl who are going to SJBIT tomorrow for First American.

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