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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Siemens Interview Experience Shared by one Placed Guy

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Hi Guys Today I had the interview in Siemens So I am writing my experience here hope it will help you guys 

Today's experience in #Siemens

Only one round (test)

It contains three parts
  • Numeric(apti) -- all the questions were tabular data interpretion
  • Verbal-- passage with almost 3 para you have to read the para and find the suitable answer
  • Reasoning-- It was a kind of reasoning you can say. we have to find the next possible sequence of the image given.

Important -- dont waste time because only 75 secound per question then question will auto terminate. I have missed some 4-5 questions due to this. 

All the best for the rest.

They were not allowing those who have less than 70 % and also checking the call letter

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