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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Suggetion for 2014 and 2015 Passout batch

#REPOST #Just_for_your_HELP :-
#Suggestion_for_ALL OLD Batches guys !! 2014 & 2015 batch !
Friends........daily we are getting message ...m from 2014 & 2015 batch ..lost all hope..!! No hope for me..............Going to quit Job search !!
#FOR 2015 Batch : People Don't worry at all because still Companies going to hire you people .....can say you will get opportunity till next year or say until 2017 batch coming here!
Now Most of MNC's + Other companies will hire 2015 batch along with 2016 batch ! So don't frustrate please and start as FRESH with giving your 100% Effort ! Hope all are experienced now about how to clear interview...where you lacking n all ...! So try to put some extra effort and start as FRESH !
IF you people think about to quit .......then Ok quit it ...but what next yar ??
Its just 1 word for you " Quit " .but parallel many people still trust on your struggle, your LIFE.....and it is our FAMILY our Parents!
Leave Kon kya bol raha...But trust me our FAMILY never gonna tell you ki...... beta bahot ho gaya ..vapas aa jao !!
OUR FAMILY always here to support and Help for all problems!
You just need to Concentrate on your destination ...!! Leave the frustration and work for your Goal .! I know we are dreaming every day .....not all but some of us fulfilling our dream everyday because we need to wait for our perfect DAY !!
here Many people Just comparing seeking life with Accenture,IBM,TCS,Wipro,Tech M and few More IT MNC opening ...........but no one here to think about other MNC's JO JOB seekers ko hire karta hai Not any batch or any good % people!!
Some MNC's having own Policy so they r not going to change policy for older batch or say less % people ..............Doesn't meant that we need to stop .......
Amazon, Metric Stream, Paladion Network, Mobily Infotech, AirPush and like that hell lot of companies Present in Bangalore where we can create JOB opportunity !!
2014 & 2015 batch guys .........Never and ever think to quit....and Never & ever think for any fake jobs like BACKDOOR and all.............
I know creating JOB opportunity is also tough here because we don't have any IT Contacts...........but we can create many referral contacts by own ......!!
2014 People straight forward suggestion : Just be perfect in any one IT profile and search job showing Experience.......Parallel you can as fresher's too !! but here you need to play with your skill....!
2015 People still you are fresher's and apart from MNC's some other Unknown still calling you guys .!!
Suggestion for all JOB-Seekers :- Don't think about rejection .....Just think where you guy's lacking exactly ....Daily try to Improve your weak areas !
Daily work hard for Improving your technical skill , communication skill your interpersonal skills!!
Yar Bs lage raho...........agar RONA aa rha ho to Just try to cry whole day whole night but still keep on Improving yourself !!
IF you guy's don't have any alternate option except Jobs then keep it ON!
#Just for real time Example : My close friends searched job for 1 year 2 year.............but everyone got JOB and settled too.!!!
We are YOUNG people yar......This is perfect time to decide about LIFE.!
#IF you are looking in IT jobs then Please work hard for your all poor areas !!
#Only_mantra_for_getting_job : Don't fool yourself , work hard and give your Best always ........!

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