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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Now need to give 110% in order to get job in next 2 or 3 month

As October is going to end and now you have to be smart and give your 110% in order to get job in next 2 or 3 month.
√ Don't hesitate in attending drives although you'r not eligible for that.(Some companies are very strict ,but for some companies it’s piece of cake), gradually you will come to know these things. Anyway you don't have anything to loose right.

√ Keep multiple resume with you ,if you’re rejected by one interview panel then if possible try to sit in second one.
For example: Keep 3 type of resume,
1. Original
2. 70% throughout
3. 80% thought

So while attending any walk-in if company simply change the criteria just because of number of head counts are more, you can show them as you have resume and can easily attend the interview.
Spread your contacts as much as you can this is going to help you in getting genuine calls. Visit companies, talk to employee, and ask for phone number or mail id. Remember one thing the more you sweat in practice, less you bleed in war.

Startups list--------------

√ I have met people who are not visited even a single company just because they have less mark.
Guys, Please increase your percentage as per criteria and attend the drives.
Lets create a scenario. There are 2 person name as A and B and both have less % in academics.
Person A think he is not eligible in any of the drive and curse himself why he not studied properly in past.Always think to join some course so that he could be good in technical. But never ever go to any drive to attend the interview.
Person B think it is ok what happened in past let it be there and let me focus on my present if I came to Bangalore then I ll take the job anyhow. He try in each and every drive by faking %. Got rejected in most of them but now confidence enough after attending 15 interviews to crack any interview if get any genuine call.
Now a company started off-campus, A and B both went to the drive. For A this is first drive and for B it is 16th drive. A got rejected in 1st round and B cleared all the round and got selected.
So, Try to attend most the interview I have seen many guys got placed in mncs as well who has less percentage as no one knows what will happen when.

How to convince HR——————

√ Biggest Myth in Bangalore: After reaching Bangalore station just check out which technology is in trend and join the course from second day. As a fresher do you really think you need to be expert in testing/java/.net to crack interview, guys no one expecting you to write a program to launch a rocket they just expect you to be good in logical and analytical skills.
I know there are many institute included so called placement tag and that is eye catching for you guys but have you ever visited or talk to ex guys how many people actually got placed.
Ohk, let say they have called some companies so are you sure would you able to clear initial rounds i. e apti and gd and that is out of more than 3000 guys.
Don't simple follow rat race, think logically. You still have time and MNCs are hiring so better concentrate on your aptitude and communication instead focusing more on technical if you know C also thn that would be more then enough to crack any of MNC technical rounds. For technical skills checkout the job postings, list out the key skills required by recruiters and start your preparation for those skills. As a fresher nobody expect you to be a pro on any given skill yet you must have basic knowledge.

√ Learn to give answers to useless fellows (eg. relatives, neighbors, friends etc.) who are more concerned about your job then you are.

√ Now after 6 or 7 month of job search, Your parents will say a lot of things which they don’t mean actually. Never ever in your life disrespect them. They are the ones who have spend their hard earned money on you. Learn to listen as they are the only ones who really care about you.

√ You are the one responsible for this situation and you are the one who will have to work your way out of it. Don’t blame anybody else for your failure. Work hard, prove yourself and get out of this situation.

√ If you follow this one simple fact, the only person to compare yourself with is the person you were yesterday, things become extremely easy on the mental front.

√ Keep reminding yourself that it is a matter of time that you get a job. Brush up your fundamentals, do some projects on your own, work on your communication skills, feel positive, do positive self talk and don't hurt yourself.

Cheers for Life!

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