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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

How to convince HR

#Many of you have less marks or decreasing percentage in your academics so how you are going to answer HR question,

CASE 1- If your grades are decreasing and you have done some extra "Presentable" things (like good projects)which adds up to your resume, you can highlight them to overshadow your grades.
Try to make small small projects like,
1.Todo List
2. Calculator with UI
3. Snake and Ladder Game
4. Android unlock Pattern
5. Google Map API
6. Facebook Search API
7. Notepad
and add up in your resume.

CASE 2 -If you have done something not needed by interviewer's firm, highlight on how you utilized the time preparing for the technical/whatever field you are in and how active you are in extra/management activities, and thus you are here sitting in front of the guy.
For example: My CG is 6.7/10, which actually still puts me in the top half of my batch. It appears slightly low compared to my percentages in X and XII, but that is mainly because I used the time in college to develop myself in other ways. As an example, I used to be an introvert while in school. However, in college, I consciously took part in every debate and public speaking event in order to overcome my fear of public speaking. I even won many prizes in inter-university debating contests.

CASE 3- You haven't done anything, still you are selected for an interview, So grades shouldn't be a judging criteria for your intelligence, giving assurance to him somehow, that you do things which appeals to you with full sincerity and should be given a chance.

All the best

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