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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

ATTRA INFOTECH Placement papers shared by placed guy

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My Interview Experience at ATTRA INFOTECH, Bangalore
I want to share my Interview Experience with ATTRA INFOTECH, Bangalore. It might be helpful for others who will be attending the interview in the upcoming drives
I applied the job through 'Freshers World' for the role 'Associate Engineer', with 2.84 LPA, and the Job location is mentioned Pune/Hyderabad at the Job description page
There will be 3 years Service Agreement, if disputed to be compensated 2 Lakhs
Initially I got a Mail from Freshers World on 04 Nov regarding Online Test (Test from Home).Test comprises of 60 questions and Test duration would be 60 minutes. I performed it well.
The next day i.e on 05 NOV I got the Interview Call Letter for further rounds which will be on 06 Nov at Attra itself
They have mentioned in the mail that there will be Group Discussion+Technical Interview'S' (Face to Face). So there will be 2 Technical Rounds (Programming Round & Technical Round) which most of us doesn’t notice in the Recruitment Process
Round1: Group Discussion
On 06 NOV I reached Attra 5 min before the actual Reporting time 9:30AM. There was hardly 25 members around. My GD topic was "Love Marriage vs Arranged Marriage".
Out of 25 they have selected 20 Candidates. The key point is to Talk confidently and Talk within the topic, donot go outside the topic. They will select U for sure if u have atleast spoken once in Discussion without any fear. The only reason for being rejected in this round might be U Havent spoke anything or U might be very very poor in communication. Even if u managed for some extent, u can easily through this round. Then the lady ‘Rishika Christopher’ who have taken us the GD asked us to attend for the Programming Round tomorrow (07 Nov) at 11:00 AM in the Canteen 4th floor.
Later I came to know that there was one more batch who came for the GD at 10:30 AM. Their GD topic was "Freedom to choose the Religion. Is it Right/Wrong". All the candidates got selected in that batch. So chance of being rejected in this round was too low.
Round 2: Programming Round
On 07 Nov I reached the company 10 min before the actual reporting time 11:00 AM. There was around 60+ members who have got selected in the GD and came for the Programming round. They made us to sit 2 members in one table (Small Table that comprises of 4 chairs) and the programming round (Written Test) started at 11:30 AM. There will be 6 questions and the duration would be 120min as of clearly mentioned on the top of the Question Paper. Questions are
1. Write a program to Multiply two matrices of dimension 2*2
(10 Marks)
2. Write a program to find duplicate words in a sentence
(10 Marks)
3. Write a program to find out sum of each digit in the given number using Recursion Logic. For example, if the number is 259, then the sum should be 2+5+9=16
(10 Marks)
4. What is a Design Pattern in programming language and explain atleast 3 Patterns in details
(10 Marks)
5. Write test cases for the below functions in WhatsApp application
a. Add a contact to WhatsApp
b. Send a message
(15 Marks)
6. Consider a Hotel Management application which will store rooms, prices, employees and salaries details. Design database tables for the above application and write queries for the below statements.
a. To find out on which date hotel got the most amount in a month
b. To find out the number of available rooms (Deluxe, AC and Non-AC) on a specific date.
(20 Marks)
Most of them are searching the questions in the Google and many of them are copying too. But no need of all those extra efforts. Just Write Whatever you know. Even if u know 2 questions write them well. But Do not try to write Irrelevant answers. They will consider this answer sheets in the next rounds if u had selected in this programming round. So Write whatever appropriate answers which u should be capable of explaining the same answers in the next Technical Round.
I think it was around 12:30PM, All of sudden the lady ‘Rishika Christopher’ came and told us there is only 5min left. As the Employees have to eat their Lunch in the Canteen itself which we are writing the test at the time, so she told that they have reduced the test to 1 hour. I hardly managed to write only 3 questions within that hour as i have written it very slowly thinking that there was one more hour. She told to us to leave for the day and the candidates who got selected will be getting mails from them. I haven’t kept any hopes for the further rounds since i have attempted only 3 and the people around me told that they have attempted all the 6 questions.
Surprsingly I got a mail from Freshers World to come for the interview for the next round Technical Round (Face to Face). I was really surprised.
Round3: Technical Interview (Face to Face)
On 08 Nov, I reached Attra 10 min before the actual reporting time 10:30AM. There were only 13 members around who got selected in the programming round and came for the technical round.
They told us to wait for sometime. One more fresh batch came for the GD Round but this time they all are from Elitmus. It was around 11:00AM, they told us to wait in the canteen 4th floor and the interview will be started soon. Then it was around 1PM, again they have called us to the 2nd floor and made us sit in the waiting hall and they were calling us randomly.
I went to the Interview Room and the interviewer asked me to sit. The very first question he asked me was “Do u know the Job Location” and i replied “yes sir, Pune/Hyderabad”. He told me that the job location will be in Pune, Are u willing to go there. I replied “Yes sir, It will ok but if it was hyd it will be very fine as i was from Andharapradesh”. Then he told me “No, It was Pune and u have to sign for a 3 years service agreement and the Job role might be the Developer/tester/ even Tech support that depends upon the project and u should be ready to work in the night shifts also”. I Said OK. Then he kept the Answer sheet on the table which i wrote yesterday and he told that he will be giving 15min time to correct if they are any mistakes. If have corrected a few and he asked me to explain the entire answer sheet which i have written. I was going on explaining, and i committed a mistake in the FOR loop which i made it in a hurry yesterday and i explained the same thing over there but he is not supposed to listen and he told that he will not consider that question. One more thing, i have written one question in brief.. and he told that “the company will expect only short n sweet then why u have choosen that lengthy way”... n many more things he have shown me wrong and finally he said u can leave for the day and return the visitor tag..
If u really want to clear the Technical Face-to-Face Interview of Attra, u should be very accurate and u should have good programming skills.
The Reason why i have shared every moment of interview with u people is that i have searched for the Interview experience of Attra and Interview questions the previous day before attending it but i haven’t got any appropriate results from any of the source.
This might be helpful before attending the ATTRA INFOTECH interview. All the Best..

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