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Sunday, November 6, 2016

Software engineer who started with very less salary now he is earning huge | Shared by one of CrackMNC regular visitor

Well, I can’t really say that I earn huge now, but from where I started, u can say that the difference is huge.
It all started in 2012. The year I passed out from a college in Bangalore (affiliated to VTU) with 52%.
No surprises here, I couldn’t get a job for that kind of a percentage for next 6 months but somehow on recommendation from my uncle who works for a product based MNC (which happens to be the client of my first company), I got a job in this small company who basically outsource their employees on contract basis.
After an informal interview, I was asked to join QSpiders and get a testing course done and join the company on 13th Feb 2013. Then I was asked to work on testing and I was leaning a lot but salary - NIL. This went on for 3 months. 8–10 hrs work per day and in the end no pay.
It was on the morning of May 31st 2013 when I was handed with my offer letter which had a mentioned salary of Rs8000 per month and on the evening of same day, I received a credit of Rs7697 into my newly opened salary account.
In a frame of 6 months, I managed to do fair job and ended up with a couple of appreciations from the manager of the team in my client company and my salary was increased to a straight double i.e. Rs 16000 per month (2L P.A). Then with the annual appraisal it went up to around 22500 per month (3L P.A) with me having a total of 1.5 years of experience.
By then I had a decent knowledge of how things work in IT and was knowledgeable with the entire testing process and Python. That was when I decided to give a few interviews.
On first week on November 2014, I had offers from company H and company N with CTC’s of 7L and 7.5L P.A respectively. On Dec 8th I joined to a testing team in company N and man the credit of Rs49000 for the month of December felt amazing back then.
Then again made quiet a good progress in this company and was promoted to the next job grade and was moved to the development team.

Now I am a developer with designation R & D Engineer, working for company N with a package of 10L P.A and yes from no salary to 10L P.A in about 3.5 years, the difference is huge. 

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