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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Just for Motivation

#Just_for_Motivation :- I know everyone heard but still

#Rakh hosala vo manjar bhi aaega, Pyase ke paas chal ke samandar bhi aayega.. 
#Thak kar na Beth a manzil k musafir.! Manzil bhi milegi aur milne ka maza bhi aayga.!

#Guys ...everyday some people sharing struggle history about their approach for getting job !
you can feel it as yar mera kab lagega and all ...But Sabka Job ek bar me lag jata to JOB opening or Job search kon karega ?

#Everyone having few problems for getting interview call, for cracking interviews !

#No doubt for getting interview call we are struggling doesn't mean openings are closed n all ...#Opening are coming going everyday here .....#What you need to do is YOU JUST need to " Be prepared for cracking interviews" !

#yes its my problem our CrackMNC problem for not able to share sufficient JOB info....#but if you are not able to crack interviews THEN its your problems ....#you Need to work-out for all poor's areas ! YOU need to perfect yourself So one good / genuine opportunity will be enough for cracking any interviews !

#Attend 100-200 or 300 walkins / Interviews ..but if you are not learning from REJECTION means you are just losing interest to find IT jobs !

#Opportunities you will get one or another day ..but IF you people not attending interview with proper preparation means you are simply losing one by one golden Opportunities !
TRUST me guys your 100% preparation will lead you to provide 100% golden job opportunities !

#Dont search Job blindly ....Because in IT world after getting job also you need to prove yourself every time !

#Be a perfect job seeker's and search job with dedication, Passion!

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