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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Amazon placement papers for testing profile

#Amazon_placement_papers for testing profile !

Interview process :-
  • 1. GD 
  • 2. Online / written test
  • 3. Technical 
  • 4. HR !

First go through this link THEN Follow below candidate exp


========== Candidate 1 experience ========
**********Amazon Device Associate********

I want to share my interview experience at Amazon today for the position of Device Associate.
I didn’t receive any call letter though I applied for it but I asked my friend to send me the call letter and faked it and went to attend the drive, I was very nervous because this was my first time where I faked the call letter and when I reached there my heartbeat was very fast I thought they will come to know that I have a fake call letter and will send me back but honestly nothing like that happened and I gave
first round written which consist of 40 questions ( reasoning + logical + verbal ) and cleared that
.The next round was technical where he asked me about introduction ,my project in detail and then he asked me whether I know android or not I said I don’t know and then he asked Are u interested ? And I said yes I’m interested to learn, later he asked me what all apps I use and asked me to write test cases for Whatsapp ( If a upgraded new version is released how will I test it ) at least 10 test cases and asked me to explain each test case . Then he asked me write test cases for Skype and later he asked me a troubleshooting question. For eg if we are on a video conversation but I can’t see the other person’s video what are the possible reason why I can’t see the video and how to troubleshoot it. After that he asked suppose you have to test a website and you are given username and password what are possible test data? I answered and he asked me to wait outside and after couple of hours I had my 2nd technical round where he asked me a test case for my phone and then moved with a scenario question for eg There is Diwali sale going on for some xyz app and you selected the cloth and moved on to payment using net banking but the order declined what is problem here? Later he asked me to write palindrome program with string reverse function and after that without string reverse and without using array comparison. And the last question was write a program to divide two number without using / Or mod function.

============= Candidate 2 experience============

1. GD round :- You know how you need to prepare/ how you need to perform in GD right ? its kind of "extempore" round ! so communicate well !

2. Online / written test ;-
Aptitude and reasoning 20 questions ... topics are basic permutation combination, probability ,C questions
Amazon on line coding questions 2 print the left view of a binary trees .Que will be like :-
> . Search for a value in a given BST.
> Return the number of distinct pair of elements in a given array that add up to a given number.
After on line exam amazons placement procedure next section

3. Technical Round :-
#Amazon Face to Face interview technical interview :-
In this section questions related to binary tree with nodes having garbage values is given and an array is given..
A skeleton of a binary tree with nodes having garbage values is given and an array is given. Had to fill up the binary tree skeleton with the values in array such that the resulting tree is a BST.
Solution: sort the array, enter the values in an in-order fashion (A long discussion on which sorting algorithm is the best and why? We ended up discussing how merge sort can be optimized, just �optimized�, not like reducing the order of time or space complexity). Then told me to write the merge-sort function for the discussed solution for merge-sort such that say I am a developer, I can�t test on a machine, and this class will be used by a million number of users.

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