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Sunday, September 11, 2016

List of Fake Companies in Bangalore 2016

Fake Companies List 2016 By TCS IBM – WWW.CrackMNC.COM
#Aware_of_these_companies And do not apply for any type of jobs.
1. Accent-e-Technology
2. Accentric Global
3. Adroit Solutions
4. Afxisi Technology Services P Ltd., formerly (Diginet Technologies)
5. AigleSoft
6. Algorithm Computers
8. Altra Systems
9. Amked Technologies
10. Ample Technologies
11. Anchor IT Solutions
12. Aniga Technologies
13. Answer Think Solutions
14. Answerland IT Univ
15. Aspentech Global Solutions
16. Atlantics Solutions Private Limited
17. AV Systems
18. Axial Software Solutions
19. Axiom Tech Solutions
20. Axis Systems Pvt. Ltd
21. B Software
22. Basil Solutions
23. Bein Soft Technologies Pvt Ltd
24. Binary Infotech Pvt. Ltd
25. Bridge consulting firm
26. Business Consulting
27. Buttress Technologies Private Limited
28. C - Wave Technologies
29. Candor Technologies
30. Cavinsys Technologies Pvt Ltd
31. Centen Information Systems
32. Centric Software Technology
33. Charli Solutions (P) Limited
34. Cherubs Software Solutions
35. CK Technologies
36. Clara Technologies
37. Complete Object Solutions
38. Convex Technologies
39. Copious IT Services
40. Coreshell Technologies
41. CRC Sofware Solutions
42. Crest
43. Croma Soft
44. Cross Road Logistics Pvt Ltd
45. CS Informatics
46. Cubic System
47. Cygate Software and Consulting
48. Cynex Global
49. Cynosoft
50. DVInfo Soft Private Limited
51. Dallinsoft India Pvt Ltd
52. Data comp services Alchemy solutions
53. Data Core Systems
54. Davin Technologies Private Limited
55. Delight Information Technologies
56. Denis Soft Technologies
57. Dexter Matrix
58. DG Microsys Consultancy Services
59. Diac Spaa Technologies
60. Digitech Solution Limited
61. Dream Soft Solutation
62. Dreamware Infotech
63. Dyamica India Private Limited
64. EE Infoware
65. Edge IT Services Pvt Ltd
66. Eicon Technologies
67. Eigen Values Technologies (P)Ltd
68. Eiko Infotech Private Limited
69. Elbrus Global
70. Embedded Galaxy
71. Emporis Technologies
72. E-Net Systems India P.Ltd
73. Enopia Solutions
74. eQwest Software Solutions
75. ERP Business Solutions
76. ERP Solutions Asia
77. Esec Technology Solutions
78. Esoft Factory
79. ESoftex Solutions
80. E-Velociti Software Solutions
81. Exert Infotech
82. Express Estates Advertising
83. Eyeris IT Software Solutions
84. First Media India Pvt Ltd
85. Flash Infotech Pvt Ltd
86. Flash Infotech Pvt Ltd
87. Flexicon Technologies
88. Four Way Commitment Services
89. Frolics information Technologies Beacon Software Technologies
90. Future Focus Technologies
91. Future Infotech
92. Future point technologies
93. Global Care Solutions
94. Global tech solutions
95. Globus system
96. Grab Technologies
97. GSN Technologies
99. Helix Technologies
100.High Tech Lead
101.Hindustan Software Pvt Ltd
102.I - Litera Technologies
103.I Global Infotech
104.i Tech manage Pvt. Ltd.
105.IES Consulting
106.Incore Technology Pvt Ltd
107.Influx Soft Solutions
108.Info Labs
109.Infonite Software Solutions
110.Infoserv india
111.Innovative Search Consultancy Services
112.Innovators India Digital Tech (P) Ltd
113.Instance Software Solutions
115.Inventive Consultancy Service
116.IPromax Technoologies
117.I-Square Innovations
118.IT Esteem Solutions
119.iTest Soft.
120.ITRT Solutions Private Limited
121.Jplan Infotech Pvt. Ltd
122.JVS Infotech Pvt Ltd
123.K Software Technologies Limited(Currently Known as TouchPoint)
124.K Systems Limited
125.Kadari Technologies
126.Krestsoft Technologies
127.Kreya Infosys
128.KS Software Technology
129.Kumars Infotech
130.K-Van Solutions Pvt Ltd
131.Leo Info Tech Pvt.Ltd
132.Logind Technologie
133.Lotus-Pink Capital Services Pvt Ltd
134.M/S Axil Informatics Pvt Ltd
135.M/s Ceacon Informatics
136.M/s Core Labs Bangalore
137.M/S Cusat Systems
138.M/s Global I Max Technologies / M/s Flash Info Tech Pvt Ltd / Mindsoft India Pvt
Ltd. / gMindsoft India
139.M/s Sinertel Solutions / M/s Ram Soft Solutions / M/s Saptree Technology
140.M/S Software Technology Solutions
141.M/s Yare Technologies pvt Ltd.
142.M/s. Avestaa Solutions Pvt. Ltd
143.M/s. Cinova Software Solutions
144.M/s. Deltacore Infotech
145.M/s. Diginet Software Consultancy Services / M/s. Diginet Software Communications
146.M/s. Jasper IT Solutions / Omega Software Solutions / Ms. Softpearl.com / Zeno Tech
147.M/s. McAdish Technologies
148.M/s. Skube Software Solutions
149.Maa - Yoke Technologies
150.Macrocon Technologies
151.Magazine Networks India Pvt Ltd
152.Mansoft Microsystem
153.MAO Technologies Pvt Ltd.
154.Marselviz Technologies
155.Mass Information Technology
156.Master Mind InfoTech
157.Maythas Software solutions
158.Megara IT Solutions
159.Meotex Solutions
160.Merak Global Solutions
161.Merit Computers
163.Microbase Technologies
164.Microcon International Pvt Ltd
165.Milieu Solutions
166.Minmax Infosystems Pvt. Ltd
167.MK Multivision
168.Mosiac Technologies.
170.Naat Technologies/Naat Consulting Pvt Ltd
171.Nector Source
172.Needs(FSO Airtel) Shop
174.Netsoft Microsoft
175.Nipsys Private Limited
176.Noble Soft Solutions Private Limited
177.Nutech Software Solutions Pvt Ltd
178.NXXIT Technologies
179.Nyku Systems
180.Octrant Technologies
181.Ocxium Technologies (IVector Technologies)
182.Opengates Bpo Services Pvt (Leadon - System HR Pvt Ltd)
183.Opensols Infottech Pvt Ltd
184.Orange Technologies
185.Ozone Technologies
186.Perchsoft Technologies
187.Petranics solutions Pvt Ltd
189.Poineer IT
190.Power Alpha Consulting / AB Solutions
192.PrimeNet Technologies
193.Professional Softech
194.Prosix Softron Pvt. Ltd
195.Protonix Solutions
196.Proxis Business Solution / Neotecra India Pvt Ltd
197.Q - Sol Technologies
198.Qualiband Technologies
199.Quesoft Solutions
200.R M Infotech Pvt. Ltd
201.K. Computers
202.Ramstun Technologies
203.Raython Technologies Private Limit
204.Real soft technologies
205.Recon Software Solutions
206.Rehoboth S/W Technology
207.Reox Soft
208.Reox Soft Pvt Ltd
209.Rex Sui Servcies Private Limited
210.Ridge Info Solutions
211.Saguna Soft Technologies Private Limited
212.Salegen Outsourcing Services
213.Sansen Technologies Inc
214.Scalar Info / Scalar Info Solutions
215.Seer Global Techno Solutions
216.Seismic Technologies
217.Semantic Solutions (India) Pvt Ltd.
218.Servcustomer Technologies
219.Shams Software Solutions
220.Sheeba Computers
221.Shrine Solutions India Pvt Ltd
222.Shriya Solutions Pvt Ltd
223.Shrushti Infoserve Engineering Pvt Ltd
225.Simple Solution
226.Sinergee Software Service
227.Skoruz Technologies Pvt.Ltd
228.Soft Art Consulting
229.Soft Link Solutions
230.Softeam Solutions
231.Softech Global Solution
232.Softech Global Solutions
233.Softpro Software Professionals Private Ltd
234.Sonus Software Solutions
235.Spatial Technology Services
237.Sprint Technologies
238.Standard Life Sciences
239.Stream Systems
240.Sumo Soft Private Limited
241.Sunshine Technology
242.Swiistech Solutions
243.Swisstech Solutions
244.Symphany Services
245.Synecta Technologies
246.Syntyce Solutions
247.Sysame Solutions Private Limited.
249.Systel Infos
251.Sysworks Infotech - Covenant IT Solutions
252.Tangent Infotech Pvt Ltd
253.Tangent IT Solutions
254.Tangent Soft / Vidatha Infotech
255.Target Customer Care
256.Tech Biz Soft Pvt Ltd
257.Tech Pro Infotech
258.Tech Rayan
259.Tech Recipe
260.Tech Trends
261.Tech Wave Info Solutions
262.Techno Spine Solutions
263.Teckno Net Solutions
264.Tengent Soft
265.Textron IT Services
266.Transcend Technology Orbit
267.Trikia Pharma
268.Tritech Solutions Pvt Ltd
270.Tryocen / Tryocen Software Pvt Ltd
271.Uresco Private Limited
272.Unit India Systems
273.UWIN Global Services
274.V B Design Automation Software Private Ltd
275.V Solutions
276.Vallika Technologies
277.VC eCall Solutions
278.Vebtel Infoway
279.Vee Serve Smart Service
281.Vertual Technologies
282.Vgnana Technologies
283.Vidatha Info Tech
284.View Software Technologies
285.Vintage solutions
286.Vision Solutions
287.Voxel Technologies
288.Voyageri Solutions Pvt Ltd
289.Vyom Technosoft Pvt Ltd
290.Walence Consulting
291.Welsch Infosystems Private Limited
292.Whitespace Technologies
293.Willdel Infomatics
294.Wisdom technologies
295.Xis Technology Pvt Ltd
296.Xorient Technologies Pvt Ltd
297.Yokework Technologies/I Vector/Ocxium Technologies/Slash infotech Networkz
298.Zenxa Technologies
299.Zersa Technologies
300.Zoetic Software Inc


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