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Saturday, September 17, 2016

IBM latest drive candidate experiance

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#IBM_latest_Placement_patterns :- Recently shared by one placed candidate !
Shared here by one member :-
Got placed in IBM recently.. I prepared specificaly for IBM in three days only.. So Here are some important points for IBM written test and interview..
Solve all the series questions as much you can from mathsm4.com and india bix plus Question papers posted in BJS.. If you solve 95% series question correctly there then you will get through ist round.. Aptitude questions were very easy but calculative so use calculator.. Some logical questions based on situation were there nd they were bit lengthy to read but very very easy so try to read that also. Main part of ist round are series question so prepare well for series questions.
Timer is 2:15 min for every ques so it will be safe side if you mark the answer nd click next when 10sec are left.
For second round- Read format of business letter and mail, tenses rules,active passive.. it is very easy to crack if you just read only basic of these part for one hour only.. you will be able to do most of the questions correctly.. And solve papers posted in BJS..
Interview- prepare well about ur project. Rest of the things will be easy. And Just be confident.
Note: There were some students who solved all english ques correctly in a very short time as they knew the qestions already because many of the questions were repeated in english but they were rejected.(over cutoff).
So be careful.

Placement paper for IBM:

IBM English Assessment last year Paper:

IBM Aptitude last year paper:

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