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Saturday, September 17, 2016

ROBERT BOSCH Placement Papers

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#ROBERT_BOSCH_Placement_papers : Through Careernet ( only 2016 batch Electronics freshers ) -18th Sep !
Candidate exp :-
Aptitude test.
There were 60 questions 60 minutes, 35 technical and 25 general aptitude (Right answer 1 mark, Wrong answer .25 -ve marks).
General aptitude section includes questions from verbal, two questions from find the meaning of the given word (something like that), Passage (3 questions), and remaining from time and work, percentage, averages, boats and streams, speed and distance (they took all the worksheets back, that was given during the aptitude test, so I can't remember the exact questions).
Technical section includes the questions from 555-TIMERS (2 questions), 4-5 questions from digital (like convert from hexadecimal to binary, counter sequence, RS latch), 2 questions from control systems (to find the transfer function, to find the k value), 8051 questions (RAM memory size, about DRAM, Time required to execute instructions), closed loop and open loop stability and questions from op-amps, questions from O S (some basic questions no need to worry too much), 5 questions from C programming (finding the output of the program).
Guys my suggestion here is that if you are finding verbal part difficult just leave that part, because it may come for 2 to 3 marks, don't waste your time on this. Passage was not that much easy but okay. Then aptitude was bit difficult for me because of the shortage of the time.
IndiaBix aptitude problems are sufficient to solve these aptitude problems.
Technical interview:
It lasted for more than one hour. I was very much scared, When I entered the room I was totally confused what to say and what not to say and I said something something. The interviewer understood this and he told me to relax, and he gave me some water and he told me about the marks pattern, In that sheet marks were distributed like this,
1. Your technical knowledge.
2. Your problem solving skill.
3. Your approach towards the problem.
4. Your interest towards the subject.
After a break of 2 minutes he started the interview again. These are the questions.
1. Tell me about your project.
(You need to know each and every bit of your project, I was fully prepared for those questions, why you have used this components only, what are the advantages, about the microcontroller that I have used, its memory size, is there any better versions of your projects available in the market then what are the advantages, limitations. Guys please know the cost of each and every component in your project).
Definitely there are some questions that you will face for the first time in the interview. (so its better to find all the possible questions by yourself and try to read all the related topics).
2. Difference b/w RAM and ROM.
4. What is an interrupt?
5. Types of interrupts in 8051.
6. How are the interrupts classified in 8051?
7. Tell me about the RESET interrupt.
8. What is a FILTER.
9. Different types of filter.
10. He told me draw circuits of both.
11. He gave me rectangular waveform and asked me to find the output from both high pass and low pass filter. (I said, I don't know the exact waveform but I will try).
12. What is AM?
13. What is FM?
14. Difference between AM and FM?
15. If I give you option to choose the modulation which modulation will you prefer and why?
16. Which one has more disadvantages AM or FM ?
17. Applications of AM and FM.
18. What are sensors? (I said some answer then he told me to define it in a technical terms. Again I said something).
19. Define digital and analog sensor and the difference b/w digital and analog sensor.
20. Suppose if the outside temperature is varying from 50'c to 25'c, how will you measure ? (First I said some answer and then I said I will use thermometer and based on the mercury level I will scale the output. Then he was convinced).
Then he said, Rate yourself for C out of 10. Since I was not strong in C I rated myself 5.
Then he started.
1. What are the storage classes in c?
2. Explain each and every storage class.
3. How the program will be executed ?
I said something about the lexical phase and then I said I don't know. He told me about the object file but again I said don't know.
4. He said ok. Tell me the logic to swap two numbers without using the temp.
5. He told me to write the c program for Fibonacci series and explain.
Guys they will check each and every factor that I mentioned above. Don't tell unnecessary things there, be confident, when they ask you to rate yourself please be honest don't be over confident. If you are very strong in C then also rate yourself 8 or 9 not as 10.
There are some questions which he did not ask me but those are also equally important.
1. Zener diode (avalanche and zener breakdown).
2. Forward and reverse characteristics of Diode.
3. Depletion region of diode.
4. Transistor (Common base and Common Emitter).
5. Architecture of 8051.
6. Interrupts in 8051.
7. Difference b/w RISC and CISC.
8. Astable and Monostable multivibrators.
10. Concept of Virtual ground in op-amps.
You can find basic electronics concepts in BOYLESTAD book or DAVID A. BELL book (but don't read each and every topic in that book, its not necessary).
For the C aptitude you can go for "Test your skills in C" by Yashavanth P. Kanetkar.
For the C concepts go for this website.
If you are not able to cover all these topics, that's ok but whatever you will read, you should be perfect, thats it.
HR round.
I was expecting the questions like why Bosch, what are your strengths and weaknesses. Like that.
But I did not get even a single question like that instead the question were like this.
1. Why you have joined XYZ college (XYZ means my college name!) ?
2. What made you to choose electronics ?
3. You are from the PCMB background and how come you have chosen electronics in engineering?
4. Tell me about your Family.
5. You have not done any internships, why? (I thought I was trapped, Then I said "sir During my vacations I was writing Articles on electronics and I have published my articles on the internet, I have provided the link in my resume". Then he was convinced. ).
Prepare the answer for these types of questions.
6. What is your goal in life ?
I started answering but he interrupted me and said "Don't tell about your passion for work". But again I said my passion to work in Bosch, I don't know whether he understood or not!
7. Do you have any questions?
Guys this is where most of us go wrong don't say "NO", Instead ask about your carrier in the company or some questions related to that.
Then he gave me the handshake (Handshake should be firm, remember.
The results were out on the same day at 11:20 PM, and I was very happy that My friends and I got selected to our dream company.
Finally guys. ALL THE BEST. Definitely you will get your dream company.


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