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Friday, September 16, 2016

Tips for Resume and Technical Rounds

  1.  The mail id used in the resumes should look like professional mail ids’ – No cool, no rock  should be the part of mail id. Kindly avoid these words while creating mail Id.
  2.  The Resume should clearly contain your Objective, Education, Project, Awards and  Achievements. Achievements and awards makes your profile heavy as compare to others. Like  Event Organizer, precipitated in Cricket tournament, Won some tournament, etc.
  3.  While carrying your resume for the technical round, only specify whatever you know. Like  you know Java then only specify Java in the resume. Don’t add C or C++ if you don’t have  much idea on the other languages.
  4.  If you are good at any specific topic or carrying good percentage or you want that recruiter  should read that content from resume. Bold those lines, No one like to search in the resume.
  5.  Most important is the project – While describing the project, you should be aware of each and  every topic covered in the project. Reason behind the project playing the most important role  in recruitment is the person who is taking your technical might be from different background  and is not aware of Java and you are good at Java. Then that person will ask the concepts used  in the project and will try to mix the questions with his or her experience and would judge on  whatever answers you give.
  6.  Read the project 100 times and cover all the topics and concepts of the project. It’s the most  important aspect between you being jobless and carrying the offer.
  7.  Be specific while giving the answers don’t try to fool the technical person.


Kindly comment if you need any more help, feel free to ask :)

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