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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Wipro_Placement_papers :- Must follow ! 19th OCT

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______ ________________Candidate exp ______________________
Aptitude contains four sections.
1. Verbal ability (25 questions 35 min).
2. Quantitative aptitude (15 questions 15 min).
3. Logical reasoning (15 questions 15 min).
4. Technical section (programming) (15 questions 15 min).
Time management is important. Otherwise, we can't complete. Each section has 50% cut off. After the test, a message will be displayed on screen whether we are selected for the next round.
If we are selected for the test we can proceed to the essay writing round. Only 65 students got selected for essay writing.
* 25 min and one question. Minimum 100 words and maximum 300 words. Computer will be valuing for spelling and grammar mistakes. But it will read by our interviewer when we go for both technical and HR. So be careful while writing. Everyone cleared essay round.
Next was Technical round. Since I am an Electronics student, questions from my core subject were asked.
1. Tell me about yourself.
2. Databases in C.
3. Explain your project.
4. RF id.
5. Bluetooth.
6. Different communication systems.
7. AM and FM.
9. GSM.
10. The difference between 4G and 3G.
11. OOP concepts in CPP.
12. Write a program to check number is palindrome and program for Fibonacci series.
13. Half duplex and full duplex communication system.
14. Transponder and transducer.
15. If there is a conflict in idea between your team member what you will do?
16. Why you came for this IT job being an electronics engineer?
17. Strength and weakness.
TR was tough for me.Confidently say no if you don't know the answer.I even borrowed water from my interviewer.
Next was HR round:
1. Tell me about yourself.
2. What topic did you get for essay writing? Explain what you wrote. (They will be reading
and comparing what you wrote and now what are you saying)
3. The difference between confidence and overconfidence.
4. Do you like working in solo or in a team?
5. Strengths and weakness.
HR was easy.
WIPRO recruitment was three step process which started with the APTITUDE TEST.
It includes: Quantitative Aptitude, Verbal Reasoning, Logical Reasoning & General questions on Computer programming & Debugging (MCQ's).
If you clear these 4 sections you are prompted to an essay writing section (300 words max).
Essay is particularly a confirmation & has nothing to do with the screening for Technical round (a 15-20 minute interview)
All those who have attempted the Essay writing section are called for the Technical Interview which is difficult. Less than half of the students were selected from this round.
Generally, they ask questions from Networks, OS, Database & hardly any question from your areas of interest. Also Searching & Sorting are very important (writing their codes).
The shortlisted students from Technical interview are called for HR interview which is a normal conversation with general HR Questions.

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