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Friday, October 14, 2016

Ernst & Young placement Paper (Candidate Experience)

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#Ernst_and_Young_Placement_Papers & patterns : Must follow !
#NOTE :- Please follow all below links and this candidate exp !
Candidate ex :-
There were a total of 6 rounds of Interviews for me -
1. Written test for testing English Communication skills(even for Software engineer position :) ) - It had objective questions with multiple answer options covering - Synonyms, Antonyms, Nearest in meaning of a phrase etc. Then there was a long essay type of question. You are given any topic from - politics/economy/finance etc and you need to write your views on that topic.
2. Technical written Test - Multiple answer options questions on the technical subject. I had it for core Java. Neither too simple nor too difficult. Questions that covered almost all topics of Core Java.
3. HR round - Basically questions were related to the package, working hours etc..
4. Technical Interview - Tricky. Taken by a Tech Lead. I was asked to write some code snippet on the board. I think it is to test whether you have really done some serious coding yourself or not. Many questions on the syntax of a declaration, Collections etc..
5. Managerial Interview - Technical but not as technical as the 3rd round. General concepts of Java, OOPs, coding, debugging, testing etc... basically I think about all the phases of a project.
6. Interview/meeting with the Director - very short. General questions about past employer, reason for change, flexibility in terms of work in the new organization etc..!


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