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Monday, October 10, 2016

How to get Employee Referral By LinkedIn

#How_to_get_Employee_Referral_By_LinkedIn :-
I will explain you how to use "#LINKEDIN" and contact with HR directly. Why do you want to request each company employee for reference in his/her company if you have the direct contact with HR. Below images are with step number. Kindly read the step and see the images for better understanding.
1. SignIn/register to https://www.linkedin.com 

2. Click on Edit profile link. Create your profile with proper information and valid professional profile picture. Save this page

3. Click on search box and type the company name your are looking with word "hr" like (companyname,hr)(accenture,hr)
4. Now click on the search button

5. Now you will get the all Accenture hr's contact information

6. Now click on "Connect" button.
7. Now connect button name will change to "Invite Sent".

8. Now wait till he/she will accept your invitation.

9. Once he/she will accept your invitation then one notification will come that he/she is now connected.
10. Now go to "My Network"--> Connections page

11. Scroll down

12. Click on link "sort by recently added"-->Recently added

13. Now Recently added connections will come in this page
14. Click on "message" link. One pop-up will come. Now type message like this:---->
Thankyou for accepting my request. Please let me know if there is any suitable opportunity in your known for "give your skill here".
Please let me know the email id where can I forward my profile.
My Technical Skills:-
"Give your technical skill here"
Your name

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