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Saturday, October 15, 2016

EMC latest drive Candidate Experience Shared by placed guy

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Finally i got placed in EMC and got joining date too...A special thanks to CrackMNC Website !!!😊and admin are doing great job
Thank u so much Divas Nikhra Sir
My inteview experience


Round 1- Jam session ,can choose any topic his is mass elimination round in every batch thy select only 3 to 6..

Round 2- mcq questions
basic quests frm os,networking. in OS lik LRU  and sme ques on raid levels
time duration: 20 mins
then essay writing they will give 5 topics
Need to choose one topic
1 . social networking
2. Recent technologies in IT
3. E-commerce
and i donno remaining two topics conc on essay,more chances fr clearing.

Round 3- Case study
based on raid levels they will give sample sum, need to understand and solve not tht tough

Round 4- Technical face2face
they mainly ask quests from the case study
they will ask to explain the solution written by us.
and few quests from resume

Round 5- Managerial
i had 2 interviewers focused on my project and completely resume

Round 6- HR round
basic hr quest
why emc?
is it okay to sign 2 yrs bond?
where u see yourself in 5 years?

Totally 6 Rounds
will tell the results on next day
shortlisted ppl wil get mail
try to give yur best in al the rounds becoz they will select candidates based on ranking i.e how we performed on all the rounds.
so all the best to everyone
and job searching is nt easy at al..need to hard work find the negative and try to rectify it
In this journey i got new friends through this group.
i thank my family,friends, bjs,mra groups and CrackMNC for helping me alot
wenever i get doubts, i will ask to Divas Nikhra Sr (Admin of CrackMNC) and get amazing replies from people..i thank u guys for helping me
i cme to bangalore on aug 1
the toughest part in job search is checking mails i used to check mails lik mad i refresh every 15mins..
bt learnt many things in this 2 month
which help me to learn even more
i keep myself motivated
don lose hope ever
42hertz -out in technical (amcat)
Amagi media labs- technical out(amcat)
Adobe through fresherworld got rejected in technical
Epicor- cleared
donno abt my results
Byjus- got selected bt didnt join due to non technical profile
Bookmyshow-still the rounds are going
IBM- i attende twice, bt couldnt clear
Hp-out in online test
Reliance jio-cleared bt location prblm couldnt shift to mumbai
Leadsquare- online test, written test, technial thn didnt get my results
Nokia- cleared written,out in technical becz i was scared, i realized thats my weak point
Kongsberg - cleared written ,cleared technical f2f ,cleared managerial, i gave hr interview
bt i was not selected
zoho- i was sick so couldnt attend 2nd round
and so many companies i don even remember
and finally
13th oct-EMC (MY DAY)
and yesterday i got date of joining
learn from failures, never accept the failure in life
and thanks alot again.

Share your interview experience with us and get free #paytm gift voucher click here for sharing your experience

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