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Monday, January 2, 2017

Tata-ELXSI placement papers

#Tata-ELXSI placement papers : Must follow.
Shared by placed guy...Hope it will help u people.
1 written test.
2 technical interview.
3 hr interview.
it was off campus here at ddu nadiad and it was for computer , EC and electronics...on first day there were written test . in that there were 4 section and there was NO Negative marking and about 50% Sectional cutoff in written test,
1,English section 20 questions and 20 min.
it was easy means if you know basics of articals then no need to worry.
2,Aptitude section 20 q. and 25min.
it was of simple calculations , cube problems , and 5 logical reasoning it was medium
3,Calculation section 25 q. and 25 min.
it was simplest q. like @=0 and $=1 and then covert 25 into binary and represent it with this symbols
then 1233465 1233465 1233466 find out odd one .
So it was very easy...........
4,technical section 30 q. and 30 min.
In this there were separate papers for CS AND EC. i am from CS so in this there were q. from c ,c++ ,networking ,few from operating system,and many from data structures.. so be well prepare for data structures and networking .....
they declared result at 4:30 and the technical interview of about 30 students was on that day itself. while for other 35 it was on next day morning.....
only one member was there on starting he told me to give resume
then told me to list out subjects i studied ..
then he asked many q. from networking means what are uses of networking?
what is sub net ? about class of ip address...
then asked from c and c++ means diff. between structure and union ?
from array and linked list ....some from pointers ...
and at last he asked from operating sys. but i told him about my project so he didnt asked much from os.
and finally one mem told me that you are selected for HR round and you have to be present on tom. morning 9 .
HR interview
Mostly they dont discard people from this round because the technical was very tough so be confident and tell any thing means weather it is true or false .IN my interview there was one mem who asked me in a very good way that i was very relax
she asked describe your self...
About your family...
strengths and weakness ..
in this tell some weakness and also tell how you are improving it ..
about tata elxsi..

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