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Sunday, January 8, 2017

IBM Java Round Pattern | Latest Candidate Experience 03 JAN 2017

#IBM_Java Round pattern :- Latest candidate Exp

JAVA Program
(********** 1 program to each student in 45 min ***************)

i) WAP to print next to last word of a sentence
ii)WAP to remove the vowels from the input string
iii) WAP to convert uppercase to lowercase and vice versa of a given string or sentence
iv) WAP to print the reverse
v) WAP to print the desired character from a string or search a char in a string
These five questions i collected from the students sitting next to me in the test mine was first one so i know the exact way as it was asked.......

1:-- all the program are from string and array or list combination so go for this topic and try to remember maximum no of string methods

2:-- You will have to pass two test cases so use scanner for input.

3:-- ****************

This is very important #Note because half of the student were out of race due to this problem and its #got_locked_problem even i am one of them so here is the rule-----
U have to answer all the questions whether its right or wrong
If u dont submit 3 answer in any of the round u will be locked so don't just try but submit each and every question within 2 min 15 second..

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