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Sunday, June 21, 2015

IBM 2015 Placement Paper (English Assesment)

Q. Which is in the correct sense??
(A)This child, who was misdiagnosed, thrive by spirit.
(B)This child, who was misdiagnosed, thrives by spirit.
(C)This child, who was misdiagnosed, thrived by spirit.

Q. What does sexist language means?
(A)Language indicating towards woman
(B)Information conveyed as being a male
(C)language indicating difference between man and woman

Q. It is considered a breach of etiquette ta have documents signed by administrative assistant
ANS: False

Q. Sign by blue ink is authentic if done by blue ink TRUE or FALSE

Q. Introduction should be added
(A) before brainstorm
(B) same time of body of letter
(C) at end of letter

Q. "Eclosure(3)" means the letter with 3 other documents.True Or False

Q. What is the error in the sentence?
"She is a good babysitter. Qualified,professional and fun."
(A)Dangling Modifier
(B)Run-on Sentence

Q. Which is the correct way to end a business letter?
(D)Both B and C

Q. Which is the correct use of pronoun ??
(a) Each executive
(b) Few Of the executive
(c) One Of the Executive
(d) All Of the above

Q. Which is correct?
(a) Dear President Smith;
(b) Dear Mr Smith;
(c) Dear Mr Smith:

Q.In formal document prepared for meeting should contain
1. Purpose of document
2. User expection from the document
3. Brief details n content about document
4. All of these
ANS: 3

Q. In formal email personal introduction should be done.
1. After the body of letter
2. Within body of letter
3. At the start of body of letter
ANS: 3

Q. In formal letter for better understanding
1. Repeat ideas with picture and all
2. repeat important ideas
3. Refrain from repeating ideas
4. One and two
ANS: 3

Q. In email we use gender-neutral language then what is sexist language ???

Q. Correct form of English:
a) Samuel was with Susan and I
b) Samuel was with Susan and me
c) Samuel was with I and Susan
d) Samuel was with me and Susan
e) None of these

Q. Find the active voice sentence below...
1)The car has driven by him
2)He cleaned the car
3)It will be more complex algorithm
ANS: 2

Q. The short form of mail to write regarding changing lunch hours,Which of the following options the form contains?
1)Specific details
2)Context and problem
3)Regarding lunch hours
5)all the above
ANS: 3

Q)The coachy my best friend play with me everyday. Write the sentence using comma at appropriate

Q)Is that emotions used in formal emails ?? True/ false

Q Should you include work experiences at religious organizations in a resume?
ANS: Yes, but do not give the place-name or denomination. (Wright on Target pg 153)

Q How does one address a judge?
ANS: Form of address: The Honorable Judge John Doe Salutation: Dear Judge Doe (Real Good
Grammar, Too)

Q When sending a hard copy of a business letter, how does one indicate the presence of an
electronic copy having been sent as well?
A Note this either in the postcript or in the text. (Real Good Grammar, Too)

Q In the inside address of a business letter, does the person's name and title go on the same line?

Q Does one capitalize all of the words in “To our customer” in the salutation line of a business
A No, capitalize only the word “To.” (Webster’s Secretarial Handbook)

Q In a business letter, where does one place the heading?
A Place the heading flush with the left margin and above the date (Holt Handbook)

Q What is the best salutation for a business letter if the writer does not know the identity of the
person receiving the letter?
A Use "Dear Sir or Madam." (Secretary's Handbook)

Q Does one staple a three-page business letter?
A Put page numbers on pages two and three, but do not staple. (Millward Handbook and Lurlene,
Bus. Dept. sec'y)

Q Do two signatures on a business letter go side-by-side or one on top of the other?

Q What is the correct salutation in a letter to the President of the U.S.?
A You may use either "Mr. President" or "Dear Mr. President." (Real Good Grammar, Too)

Q In a memorandum which refers to chairpersons, should "chairpersons" be capitalized?
A No, only capitalize before a name. (Guide to Grammar & Usage)

Q Does the identification number come before or after an enclosure notation in a business letter?
A it comes before.

Q If I am addressing a business letter to an unknown (male or female, title) person, what other
salutation can I use besides "Dear Madam or Sir"?
A Use any one of the following: "Gentlepeople," "Gentlepersons," "Dear People" or "Ladies and
Gentlemen." (Webster’s Secretarial Handbook 149)


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